Cavafy, Constantine


Alias Name

Cavafy, C. P. (Constantine P.)

Kabaphēs, Kōnstantinos Petrou

Cavafy, Constantine P.

Kavafis, Konstantin

Cavafis, Constantinos

Kavaphēs, Kōnstantinos Petrou

Kavafis, Konstantinos Petrou

Kavafis, Constantino


Kavafis, Konstandinos

Kavaphēs, K. P. (Kōnstantinos Petrou)

Cavafis, Constantin

Καβάφης, Κ.Π.

カヴァフィス, コンスタンティノス

カヴァフィス, C・P(カヴァフィス, C・P)

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