Bodman, Nicholas Cleveland


Alias Name

pao, Ni-ku

Bodman, Nicholas C. (Cleveland)

(美)包, 擬古(ホウ, ギコ)

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  • 原始汉语与汉藏语

    (美) 包拟古著 ; 潘悟云, 冯蒸译 ; (美) 白一平 (William H.Baxter)校

    中华书局 [2009.2] 北京第2版 世界汉学论丛

    Available at 2 libraries

  • 原始漢語與漢藏語

    (美)包擬古著 ; 潘悟雲, 馮蒸譯

    中華書局 1995.6

    Available at 25 libraries

  • Spoken Amoy Hokkien

    by Nicholas Cleaveland Bodman, assisted by the staff of the Government Officers' Language School, Federation of Malaya, and many others

    Published by the authority of the Gov. Federation of Malaya 1955-1958

    v. 1 , v. 2

    Available at 5 libraries

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