Ludbrook, N. H. (Nelly Hooper)


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Ludbrook, Nelly Hooper

Ludbrook, Nell

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  • A guide to the geology and mineral resources of South Australia

    by N.H. Ludbrook

    D.J. Woolman, Govt. Printer, South Australia 1980

    Available at 2 libraries

  • Quaternary molluscs of the western part of the Eucla Basin

    by N.H. Ludbrook

    In-house reproduction Bulletin (Geological Survey of Western Australia) 125

    Available at 1 libraries

  • The pelagic tunicata . Scaphopoda

    by R.B. Seymour Sewell . by N.H. Ludbrook

    Printed by order of the trustees of the British Museum 1953-1954 The John Murray expedition,1933-34 : scientific reports v. 10, no. 1-2

    Available at 1 libraries

  • Phosphates

    prepared in association with the Mines Departments of the States and Territories ; revied by C. E. Prichard from original report by T. D. Dimmick ; production tables and graphs by N. H. Ludbrook

    Commonwealth of Australia, Ministry of National Development, Burearu of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics 1951 Mineral resources of Australia : summary report no. 29

    Available at 1 libraries

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