Wenham, Leslie Peter


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Wenham, L. P. (Leslie Peter)

Wenham, Peter

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  • Roger Strickland of Richmond : a Jacobite gentleman, 1680-1749

    by L.P. Wenham

    North Yorkshire County Council 1982 North Yorkshire County Record Office publications no. 30

    Available at 2 libraries

  • The Romano-British cemetery at Trentholme Drive, York

    by Leslie P. Wenham, with contributions by E. Birley ... [et al.]; with a report on the skeletal remains by Roger Warwick and a dental report by Colin Cooke and T. Charles Rowbotham

    Her Majesty's Stationery Office 1968 Ministry of Works Archaeological reports no. 5

    Available at 1 libraries

  • Letters of James Tate

    edited by L.P. Wenham

    Printed for the Society 1966 Record series (Yorkshire Archaeological Society) v. 128

    Available at 2 libraries

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