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  • KAMIGUCHI Y. ID: 9000004425946

    Articles in CiNii:14

    • Domain control technique for high density recording GMR heads (1999)
    • Hard magnetic longitudinal biasing films for GMR head with narrow track width (1998)
    • GMR Properties of NOL Specular Spin-Valves (1999)
  • Kamiguchi Y. ID: 9000003201045

    Inst.for Mater.Resa.Tohoku Univ. (1991 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:8

    • 24a-G-2 High filed Magnetization measurement of Fe/Gd artificial lattice (1991)
    • 25a-ZB-3 Critical current of the Nb based superconducting multilayered Materials (1991)
    • 3a-ZE-12 The behavior of H_<c2〓>(T) and the dimensionality of multilayer superconductors (1989)
  • Kamiguchi Y. ID: 9000257951677

    Institute for Materials Research. Tohoku Univ. (1990 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Spinflop behavior and magnetoresistance for the Fe/Gd double structured multilayer films. (1990)
  • Kamiguchi Y. ID: 9000257952413

    Toshiba Corporation, Research & Development Center (1993 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Giant MR and structure of CoFe/Cu spin-valve (1993)
  • Kamiguchi Y. ID: 9000283549801

    Toshiba Corporation, R & D Center (1994 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Giant MR of CoFe/Cu Spin-Valves. (1994)
  • Kamiguchi Yuzo ID: 9000257956098

    Corporate R & D Center, Toshiba Corporation (2002 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Magnetostriction of an Ultrathin CoFe Free Layer in a Spin-Valve film. (2002)
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