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  • 吉本 理沙 ID: 9000016776882

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • A policy shift by the GASB regarding SEA reporting: the background and the points of controversy (2009)
  • 吉本 理沙 ID: 9000018152544

    Articles in CiNii:2

    • The structural problems of performance measurement of local governments in Japan: a perspective on external reporting (2011)
    • Pros and Cons of Audit and Inspection by Council Members (2013)
  • 吉本 理沙 ID: 9000244020487

    Articles in CiNii:3

    • 愛知県における廃棄物処理の10年間の推移 (2012)
    • 第5章 水辺のまちづくりに向けたデータ活用の現状と課題ー柳川市の事例を参考にー (2013)
    • 平成25~27年度愛知県事業別財務諸表の推移 : 環境部、農林水産部、建設部を中心に (2017)
  • 吉本 理沙 ID: 9000402283662

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Usefulness and Barrier of Segmental Financial Statements for Budgeting : Analysis of Aichi prefecture's Segmental Tangible Fixed Asset Information from FY2013 to 2016 (2019)
  • 吉本 理沙 ID: 9000402574319

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Visualization of Local Governments' Issues regarding Facility Plan : Analysis of a Local Government's Fixed Asset Information in FY 2016 (2019)
  • Yoshimoto Risa ID: 9000380969628

    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, TOYOTA Memorial Hospital (2017 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Advantages of laparoscopic surgery in diagnosing tuberculous peritonitis: A case report (2017)
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