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  • 坪井 昭博 ID: 9000015244462

    Articles in CiNii:2

    • Immunotherapy targeting the Wilms' tumor 1 gene product for patients with malignant brain tumors (2009)
    • Immunotherapy targeting Wilms' tumor 1 peptide for patients with malignant brain tumors (2010)
  • 坪井 昭博 ID: 9000267850463

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • WT1 Peptide Vaccination for Malignant Tumors (2014)
  • TSUBOI Akihiro ID: 9000255866785

    The Fifth Department of Internal Medicine, The Center for Adult Diseases, Osaka (1996 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Septicemia Associated with Hematopoietic Disorders and its Features According to Respective Primary Disorders (1996)
  • Tsuboi Akihiro ID: 9000242076215

    Cancer Immunotherapy, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine (2015 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:7

    • W3-1  HLA class II拘束性WT1特異的T Cell Receptor遺伝子導入によるヘルパー活性とキラー活性を有するCD4+T細胞の作製 (2013)
    • 固形癌の腫瘍マーカーとしてのWT1遺伝子 (2000)
    • 造血器腫瘍で高発現している<i>WT1</i>遺伝子産物に対する細胞性および液性免疫反応 (2002)
  • Tsuboi Akihiro ID: 9000405687551

    Osaka Univ. Grad. Sch. Med.,Cancer Immunol. (2019 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • WT1 IgG antibody as a biomarker for WT1 peptide vaccine cancer immunotherapy (2019)
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