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  • WAKAKI Moriaki ID: 9000019233503

    Articles in CiNii:15

    • 熱電変換特集号(III)刊行にあたって (1998)
    • 研究室紹介 光工学で活躍する研究者・技術者を養成する東海大学工学部応用理学科光工学専攻 若木研究室 (2006)
    • 私の発言 先人達が培った光学教育の灯を消すことなく,日本の科学技術を大いに発展させてほしい (2009)
  • WAKAKI Moriaki ID: 9000242855455

    Articles in CiNii:20

    • Development of Technologies to Utilize Solar Energy : Optical Technologies for Solar Furnace and Solar Cell Systems (2012)
    • Energy Harvesting by Thermoelectric Materials : Thin Film Development and Characterization (2012)
    • High Temperature Heat Source Generation with a Low Power Level Quasi-CW (continuous wave) Semiconductor Laser (2012)
  • Wakaki Moriaki ID: 1000020100993

    Articles in CiNii:106

    • Development and Practical Application of a Novel Type Two Dimensional Multi-channel Fourier Transform Spectrometer -Improvement of Resolving Power by means of Connecting Interferograms- (1995)
    • Research of optical properties of living tissue (1999)
    • Fabrication of Antireflection Structures on Single Crystalline Silicon Surface and Its Reflectance (2000)
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