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  • 鬼頭 泰子 ID: 9000346917457

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    • Nursing for cancer patient families with children : ability of nurses to recognize when care is needed (2016)
  • 鬼頭 泰子 ID: 9000346988811

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    • Nursing for children of female patients with cancer in the child-rearing period and their families : a study of approach to children, maternal roles, and mother-child and family relationships (2017)
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    • A県における臨床看護師の職業経験・人生経験とストレス対処能力に関する調査 (2013)
    • Differences in the risk recognition arounds patients' beds on transferring of hemiplegic patients to portable toilets between nursing students and clinical nurses (2016)
    • The risk awareness clinical nurses on watching an elderly-patient walking along a ward hallway : Comparison between nursing student and nurse (2017)
  • 鬼頭 泰子 ID: 9000402116487

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    • A Literature Review concerning Birth Season and the Influence of Morningness-Eveningness (2019)
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