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  • ANZAI Tohru ID: 9000005512476

    Articles in CiNii:98

    • Biological Characteristics of Emericella nidulans Isolated from Horse Guttural Pouch Mycosis (1999)
    • 馬伝染性子宮炎 (1997)
    • 腺疫 (1997)
  • ANZAI Tohru ID: 9000253284837

    Articles in CiNii:4

    • 馬衛生の現状と課題 : 馬伝染性子宮炎清浄化事業を通じて (学会創立40周年特別企画号) -- (日本家畜衛生学会創立40周年記念 家畜衛生フォーラム2014 フォーラムテーマ「家畜衛生の過去、現在そして未来」 要旨集) (2014)
    • Evaluation of a Monoclonal Antibody-Based Colony Blot Test for Rapid Identification of Virulent Rhodococcus equi. (1994)
    • Humoral Antibody Response to the Antigens of Virulent Rhodococcus equi in Foals. (1994)
  • ANZAI Tohru ID: 9000254369939

    Epizootic Research Station, Equine Research Institute, Japan Racing Association, (1994 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Prevalence of Virulence Plasmids in Environmental Isolates of Rhodococcus equi from Horse-Breeding Farms in Hokkaido. (1994)
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