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  • Asada Yukoh ID: 9000239878749

    Grad. Sch. Sci. Technol. Shizuoka Univ.:Aureo Co. Ltd. (2012 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:2

    • 4Bp22 Improved β-glucan production from Aureobasidium pullulans M-2 by medium optimization (2012)
    • 4Bp23 Improved β-(1-3)(1-6) glucan production using high-yield mutant strain of Aureobasidium pullulans M-1 (2012)
  • Asada Yukoh ID: 9000267819698

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Improved β-glucan yield using an Aureobasidium pullulans M-2 mutant strain in a 200-L pilot scale fermentor targeting industrial mass production (2013)
  • Asada Yukoh ID: 9000335193835

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • A small scale study on the effects of oral administration of the β-glucan produced by Aureobasidium pullulans on milk quality and cytokine expressions of Holstein cows, and on bacterial flora in the intestines of Japanese black calves (2012)
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