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    • Association of pre-pregnancy body mass index and perceived body size with gestational weight gain in Japanese pregnant women (2017)
    • Relationship between Indicators Measured by 31P-magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Near-infrared Spectroscopy after Decreased Muscle and Vessel Function (2013)
    • Blood volume and oxygenation monitoring in muscle and brown adipose tissue using near-infrared (2015)
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    • Safety of the batteries and power units used in insulin pumps: A pilot cross-sectional study by the Association for the Study of Innovative Diabetes Treatment in Japan (2018)
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    Division of Preventive Medicine, Clinical Research Institute, National Hospital Organization, Kyoto Medical Center (2019 from CiNii)

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    • Maslinic acid derived from olive fruit in combination with resistance training improves muscle mass and mobility functions in the elderly (2019)
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