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  • Yamada Akiko ID: 9000007084270

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Two Landscapes from Manfred--A Process of Byron′s Healing (1997)
  • Yamada Akiko ID: 9000018964166

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • On the Uses of the Words "Will" and "Inhuman" in D.H. Lawrence : a Study of The Woman Who Rode Away and The Princess(Part 1) (2012)
  • Yamada Akiko ID: 9000019129315

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • On the Uses of the Words "Will" and "Inhuman" in D.H. Lawrence : a Study of The Woman Who Rode Away and The Princess (Part 2) (2012)
  • Yamada Akiko ID: 9000241441140

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • A Study of The Virgin and the Gipsy : D. H. Lawrence's Essential Attitude Towards Christianity (2013)
  • Akiko YAMADA ID: 9000241720844

    Articles in CiNii:1

  • Akiko YAMADA ID: 9000241720977

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • A clinical survey on thin young women and an approach to improve their physiques : The organization of the project team on this theme (2007)
  • Akiko Yamada ID: 9000397831573

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • A study on twelve hours resting metabolic rate of cross-country slier : Comparison between pre-training and post-training (2006)
  • TANIGUCHI YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000389560991

    Department of Agricultural Innovation for Sustainability (2019 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:102

    • Effect of various kinds of protease on fish sauce with salmon Oncorhynchus keta of the maturation (2003)
    • Effect of high-pressure treatment on decomposition of potato and wheat starch by α-amylase (2003)
    • Breeding of Koji-Mold Producing Excessive Acids by Protoplast Fusion (2002)
  • YAMADA AKIKO ID: 9000000928250

    Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Fukui (2005 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:2

    • Two cases of anaphylactic reaction to gelatin induced by a chloral hydrate suppository (2002)
    • Salivary-type hyperamylasemia in theophylline poisoning (2005)
  • YAMADA AKIKO ID: 9000003221952

    朝日大学附属病院臨床検査室 (1995 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:15

    • Characteristics of Several Circulatory Parameters of Middle- and Old-aged Joggers : Changes in the Noradrenaline, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure (1985)
    • Maximum oxygen consumption and anaerobic threshold in middle and old-aged joggers (1990)
    • Exercise intensity and the changes of plasma catecholamines in middle-and old-aged joggers. (1991)
  • YAMADA AKIKO ID: 9000252754886

    Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology, School of Agriculture, Ibaraki University (1996 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Short Communication. A new set of PCR primers for specific detection of the gene encoding the principal sigma factor in cyanobacteria. (1996)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000000520333

    Geographical Survey Institute (2000 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Estimated pressure source on Kozu Island volcano, South Central Japan, from GPS measurements (July 1996-August 1999) (2000)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000000881005

    Dept. Mater. Chem. Ryukoku Univ. (2002 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:2

    • Crystallization Process of Slags from Municipal Waste Ash (2002)
    • Crystallization Process of Slags from Municipal Waste Ash. (2002)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000001840559

    Division of Dermatology, Kawasaki Hospital Kawasaki Medical School (2006 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Two Cases of Merkel Cell Carcinoma Successfully Treated with Radiation Therapy (2006)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000002025663

    Department of Dermatology, Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacentical Sciences (2008 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:7

    • A novel, noninvasive diagnostic method for latent EB virus infections : Tracing the viral activities in the crust (2007)
    • A Case of Peristomal Pyoderma Gangrenosum Induced by Post Extirpation of Bladder Carcinoma Followed by Ileal Conduit Formation : Analysis of 107 Cases (2008)
    • EBウイルスとリンパ増殖症 (2008)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000002120610

    Faculty of Education and Welfare Science, Oita University (2008 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Effect of Freshwater Clam (Corbicula fluminea) Extract on Liver Function in Rats (2008)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000002334265

    大阪樟蔭女子大学 (1992 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • An Investigation of University Female Students' Treatment of Clothing (1992)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000002530516

    Articles in CiNii:14

    • 天皇准母内親王に関する一考察--その由来と下限を巡って (2003)
    • 平安中・後期における院宮年始賀礼の変遷 (2005)
    • 四条宮以降の摂関家女性院宮を巡る考察--皇嘉門院を事例として (2005)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000004125068

    Articles in CiNii:5

    • A case report of purulent pneumonia in which Pseudomonas aeruginosa was detected while treating a siamang, Hylobates syndactylus (2007)
    • A case report of seminoma in a male Asian short-clawed otter, Aonyx cinerea (2008)
    • Estimation of parturition by measurement of serum progesterone levels using a commercial enzyme-immunoassay kit in a female Indian elephant, Elephas maximus indicus (2009)
  • YAMADA Akiko ID: 9000004164455

    Sagami Chemical Research Center (1995 from CiNii)

    Articles in CiNii:1

    • Nucleotide Sequencing of Phenylalanine Dehydrogenase Gene from Bacillus badius IAM 11059 (1995)
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