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  • A Legal Issue Raised in Spatial Establishment of Evacuation Zone : A International Viewpoint to the Inner and/or Outer Zone of Evacuation Zone  [in Japanese]

    AOKI Nozomi

    Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11, 2011) resulted in the serious accident of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Since this gave rise to the influential possibilities of radiation exposure, Japanese government ordered a series of evacuation instructions. This article aims to examine the significance of all the reaction related to the spatial establishment, made allowance for the fact that the radioactivity in evacuation zone entails necessarily the influence on human being as well as environment itself. Concretely first the establishment and reorganization of evacuation zone will be arranged in chronological order, thereafter argument regarding a criterion of the low level radiation will be outlined. Second comparing to so-called Chernobyl Law as a similar case in Fukushima Pref., Japanese state-practice will be relativized to the recommendation of the UN special rapporteur. Finally the individual reaction in the outer areas of evacuation zone in terms of the low level radiation will be examined.

    Law and Politics Review First(0), 45-78, 2015


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