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  • The Hierarchy in Japanese Society  [in Japanese]

    沼田 健哉 , Kenya Numata

    St. Andrew's University sociological review 12(2), p173-183, 1979-02


  • 幕末維新期におけるフランス学者の研究(第一稿)  [in Japanese]

    田中 貞夫

    一般教育部論集 (1), 1-139, 1977-02-01


  • A Research in "HAMAOGI" : A Phenomenon of Degeneration in Kurume Dialect of Fukuoka-ken  [in Japanese]

    MATSUDA Masayoshi

    The bulletin of Kyushu Otani Junior College 2, 149-206, 1974-03-01

  • A Structural Pattern of Japanese Indoctrination to Nationalism : In the case of "Tsuzoku-Kodankai of Tokyo" (1901-1921)  [in Japanese]

    山本 恒夫 , Tsuneo Yamamoto

    Memoirs of Shukutoku College (5), 101-136, 1971-03


  • 堺利彦ノート : 万朝報時代を中心に  [in Japanese]

    林 尚男

    Japanese Literature 17(12), 34-49, 1968


  • Honami Koetsu shoron  [in Japanese]

    Fujie Masamichi

    守屋謙二先生古稀記念論文集Hon-ami Koetsu's art treasures have gracefully brightened themselves with vitality and beauty in good health. Although he was born in a family which had been eminent as the expert connoisseur of swords, his genius was typically shown in the field of calligraphy and ceramic art. In this paper, I should like to discuss his circumstances and human relationship in which he made that immortal achievement.

    Philosophy (53), 65-81, 1968-09


  • The Origin and Development of the "Shushin" (moral lessons) in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Fujita Shoji

    Bulletin of the Faculty of Education,the University of Tokyo (8), 191-224, 1965


  • Historical Development of Public Libraries in Meiji Taisho Periods  [in Japanese]

    Urata Takeo , Ogawa Takeshi

    Bulletin of the Faculty of Education,the University of Tokyo (8), 153-189, 1965


  • Suwashi Konan chiku Minamimajino no kyoiku : genchi chosa chukan hokoku  [in Japanese]

    Sahara Rokuro

    橋本孝先生古希記念論文集まえがきI. 諏訪西中学校II. 湖南小学校III. 湖南小学校の前歴 (イ) 湖南地区の私塾 (ロ) 明治初年の小学校As a member of the Keio Society for the Study of Rural Communities, I undertook to investigate the past and present of educational. A conditions in and about Minami-Majino, a small forming village recently annexed to the city of Suwa, Nagano Prefecture. For this purpose, I adopted the following seven procedures : (1) to collect and look through as many old documents and other materials as possible, (2) to conduct interviews with the old-timers in the village in order to hear their views on the educational conditions in the past,. (3) to conduct interviews with some parents of school children and leaders of the P.T.A. in order to learn about the present state of affairs of education, (4) to have a conference with teachers of the elementary and. junior high schools to discuss some problems of school education, (5) to investigate school children's attitudes toward their families, school, village and so on, by means of a questionaire method, (6) to have a meeting with some members of the Board of Education to hear from them their plans of administration concerning the school and the social education of the city, (7) to coduct interviews with some leaders of Young Men's Association, Women's Society, Public Hall and Nursery School in order to know their activities in the social education. Ref Bring to the outcome of my investigation, I gave, in these papers, a report on (a) the existing conditions of Suwa-Nishi Junior High School and Konami Elementary School in Minami-Majino, (b), historic facts of terakoyas, old private schools, before the Meiji era and elementary schools in the early days of the Meiji era in and about Minami-Majino.

    Philosophy (46), 367-389, 1965-02


  • Ise-ko, a Pilgrim Association in Medieval Japan  [in Japanese]

    Shinjo Tsunezo

    SOCIO-ECONOMIC HISTORY 22(2), 99-128, 1956


  • 徳川時代の社会連帯思想  [in Japanese]

    東 晋太郎

    The journal of economics of Kwansei Gakuin University 8(2), 11-23, 1954-07

  • Savieru kankei Nihon shiryo  [in Japanese]

    Ebisawa Arimichi

    特輯ザビエル研究はしがき 凡例一 來朝以前二 來朝三 鹿兒島布教四 平戸布教五 京都布教六 山口布教七 豊後布教八 日本退去及び歸天

    Shigaku 23(4), 61(457)-109(505), 1949-06


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