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  • Detecting Shape of Weld Defect Image on X-ray Film by Image Processing Applied Genetic Algorithm

    AOKI Kimiya , SUGA Yasuo


    JSME International Journal Series C 45(2), 534-542, 2002-06-15

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  • Analysis of an Inactivated Lg-FLO1 Gene Present in Bottom-Fermenting Yeast

    SATO Masahide , MAEBA Hideo , WATARI Junji , TAKASHIO Masachika

    During the course of investigating a flocculation-related gene of a bottom-fermenting yeast, we identified a new Lg-FLO1 homologue which contains the N-terminal domain of the Lg-FLO1 gene. The results of the partial DNA sequence analysis of the amplified product obtained by inverse-PCR suggested that the homologue contains a sequence present in the YIL169c (chr. IX of Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Southern blot analyses using the VTH1, HXT12, SDL1 and UBP7 genes as probes for chr. IX strongly indicated that an approximately 20-kb region from the YIL169c ORF to the left telomere in chr. IX translocated to the Lg-FLO1 ORF region in chr. VIII of bottom-fermenting yeast. This translocation might convert a flocculent cell to a non-flocculent one.

    Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering 93(4), 395-398, 2002-04-25

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  • Penetration of Infrared Radiation Energy into Model Foods  [in Japanese]


    The effect of the penetration of infrared radiation energy into food on the temperature was studied. Model foods of 1.2% agar gel, 1.2% agar+5% cornstarch gel and fish paste were each irradiated by a halogen heater and two types of ceramic heater. The transient temperature and the temperature profile near the surface of each food model were measured. The experimental results and the thermal diffusivity of a sample were used to estimate the radiation energy applied to the food. The halogen heater affected the heat transfer in the range of 1-3 mm below the surface, while the ceramic heater had no effect deeper than 1mm. It was found that the penetration of near-infrared radiation energy was deeper than that of far-infrared energy, and that increasing penetration accelerated the temperature rise within the food sample.

    Journal of home economics of Japan 53(4), 323-329, 2002-04-15

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  • The Food Construction Table Corresponding to The Basic Six Food Groups, According to The Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan (Fifth revised edition) and The Recommended Dietary Allowance for Japanese (Sixth reviced edition)  [in Japanese]

    KANEKO Kayoko , SHIBUKAWA Shoko , FUKUHARA Katsura , SUGIYAMA Kuniko , AISAKA Hiroko


    Journal of the Japan Association of Home Economics Education 45(1), 22-29, 2002

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  • Histopathological study of the tissue regenerated by the treatment with Emdogain^【○!R】 Gel in dogs  [in Japanese]


    Journal of the Japanese Association of Periodontology 44, 142, 2002-03-25

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  • Cataloging Rules in Japan and Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules-- In the Past Century and Present

    Shihota Tsutomu , Tsutomu SHIHOTA

    St.Andrew's University Pan-Pacific business review (3), 3-26, 2002-03


  • Universal Japanese-English Kanji Dictionary (18)  [in Japanese]

    Seya Koichi

    Journal of the Faculty of Distribution and Logistics Systems,Ryutsu Keizai University 6(2), 93-157, 2002-03


    ROTHWELL Charles , MCGUIRE Edward J. , ALTROGGE Douglas M. , MASUDA Hiroshi , DE LA IGLESIA Felix A.

    The antidiabetic agent troglitazone was given to groups of 4 cynomolgus monkeys per sex at 300, 600, or 1200 mg/kg daily by gavage for 52 weeks. A group of 4 monkeys per sex received vehicle alone and served as controls. Emesis and soft stool or diarrhea occurred sporadically in all troglitazone-treated groups, but did not compromise animal health. There were no effects on body weight or food consumption, or ophthalmologic, electrocardiographic, or echocardiographic parameters. Erythrocyte count, hemoglobin, and hematocrit decreased 8% to 16% in males at all doses and serum cholesterol decreased 30% to 46% in both sexes at all doses. Urinary ketones were increased in several animals at 600 and 1200 mg/kg. Absolute and relative liver weights increased at all doses in both sexes by 40% to 71%. The only microscopic change attributable to troglitazone treatment was minimal to mild bile duct hyperplasia in males at all doses and in females at 600 and 1200 mg/kg. No differences in systemic exposure were apparent between sexes. Over the dose range tested, AUC<sub>(0-24)</sub> values were 27 to 102 μg·hr/ml of troglitazone, 401 to 2060 μg·hr/ml of its sulfate conjugate, and 34 to 312 μg·hr/ml of its quinone metabolite. Therefore, oral administration of troglitazone to monkeys at 300, 600, and 1200 mg/kg for 52 weeks resulted in significant systemic exposure, with only minimal gastrointestinal, hematologic, and hepatic effects.<br>

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 27(1), 35-47, 2002-02-27

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  • Fishes of Hachijojima Island, Izu Islands Group, Tokyo, Japan

    SENOU H. , Shinohara Gento , Matsuura Keiichi , Furuse Koji , Kato Shoichi , Kikuchi Takeshi


    Mem. Natn. Sci. Mus., Tokyo (38), 195-237, 2002-12

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  • A cytogeographical study in Hydrangea paniculata Sieb. (Saxifragaceae s. l.) in Japan

    FUNAMOTO Tsuneo , OGAWA Makoto

    Five hundreds and forty-one samples of Hydrangea paniculata were collected in 362 sites in the Japanese Archipelago. They showed the chromosome numbers of 2n=36, 54, 72 and 108, that were diploid, triploid, tetraploid and hexaploid, respectively. The chromosome number of 2n=54 was reported here for the first time, and the other chromosome numbers verified the previous reports. The plants with the chromosome number of 2n=36 studied were distributed in the central part of Chugoku District and Ishizuchi and Tsurigi Mountains in Shikoku District. The plants with the chromosome number of 2n=72 studied were distributed in the central parts of Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu Districts. The plants with the chromosome number of 2n=108 were distributed in the parts other than the central parts of Kinki, Tokai, Hokuriku, Eastern Honshu and Hokkaido District. The plants with the chromosome number of 2n=54 were distributed in Mt. Tebako, Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku District and Mt. Imizu, Okayama Prefecture, Chugoku District. Near the habitat border among the cytotypes at higher altitude showed more diploid plants (2n=36) than tetraploid plants (2n=72) and more tetraploid plants than hexaploid plants (2n= 108).

    Chromosome Science 6(3), 73-82, 2002-07-01

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  • Vibration Measurement of Parallel Mechanism Platform with Tilting Linear Motion Actuators  [in Japanese]

    Tooyama T.

    パラレルメカニズム形切削加工機HexaMの振動特性について述べてある。モーダル解析によりHexaMの振動モードを調査した。また, 実験で求めた減速停止時の各アクチュエータ毎位置情報の解析結果, および加工実験から加工面に影響するのは振動の2次モードであることを示した。

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2002(0), 69, 2002


  • Accuracy Improvement of Parallel Mechanism Based Machine Tools  [in Japanese]

    Ota H. , Otsubo K. , Shibukawa T. , Tooyama T. , Uchiyama M.

    パラレルメカニズム型工作機械では, 精度上の問題として, 熱変位のような従来型工作機械と共通する問題の他に, パラレルメカニズムであるがゆえに顕著に現れる問題がある。その問題として, 機構パラメータの誤差の位置決め誤差への影響, 重力による機構の弾性変形, 機構による誤差の拡大という三つが考えられる。ここでは, それらに対する精度向上技術として新たに開発した, 機構パラメータのキャリブレーション方法, 重力補償方法, 機構の最適化方法について述べる

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2002(0), 69, 2002


  • Motion accuracy measurement device for NC machine tools by using parallel mechanism  [in Japanese]

    Ihara Y. , Natsui N. , Tanaka Y.

    切削加工を行うNC工作機械においては, 近年5軸加工機やパラレルメカニズム機などのように主軸の姿勢を自由に変えられる機械が増えつつある。これらの機械において, 主軸姿勢を含む機械の運動精度を測定する適当な装置が求められている。また, 金型加工の精度向上のため, 3次元的な任意軌道の運動精度が問題となりつつある。本研究ではパラレルメカニズムを用いてNC工作機械の運動精度測定を行う際のさまざまな問題について考察する。また, 3自由度の測定機を試作し, 簡単な評価をおこなった結果を報告する。

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2002(0), 69, 2002


  • Mechanism Design for a Linear-Actuated Parallel Mechanism based on Work Specifications  [in Japanese]

    Masuda T. , Arai T. , Inoue K. , Mae Y.

    固定された直動アクチュエータを持つ直動型パラレルメカニズムは, その特長から高出力・高精度な機器への応用が期待されているが, 現実にはその利用は進んでいない。原因の一つは, 目的仕様に応じた機構の選択や設計の手法が不明確であるためと思われる。著者らは, 今までに設計パラメータの違いが機構特性に与える影響について, 様々な指標により評価してきた。本報では, パラレルメカニズムの適用が想定されるいろいろな多自由度作業について, 作業仕様を整理し, 可操作性などの評価指標を活用して機構を設計する事例を示す。

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2002(0), 69, 2002


  • Design of a High-Speed 4-DOF Parallel Robot H4  [in Japanese]

    Choi Hee Byoung , Uchiyama Masaru

    最近, 工作機械産業では高速で機械加工を行う新しい技術開発のために, 高速性能を上げることができるパラレルメカニズムが採用されている。現在, 3自由度または6自由度のパラレルロボットが使われているが, あるタスクを行うために, 3自由度では十分ではなく, 6自由度までは必要しない場合がある。例えば, ピック・アンド・プレイス作業への適用を考えると, 対象物を移動するための3自由度, 基準座標による1つの回転の4自由度が要求される。そこで, 本研究では産業で効率的に使われる4自由度パラレルロボットH4の設計について述べる。

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2002(0), 69, 2002


  • Prototype of Parallel Mechanism with Adjustable Link Parameter  [in Japanese]

    Takayama K. , Arai T. , Inoue K. , Mae Y. , Koseki Y.

    パラレルメカニズムの問題点の一つに動作領域が小さいことが挙げられる。この問題を解決する一つの手段として, リンクパラメータを可変にすることで動作領域を移動・変形させる, 可変構造型パラレルメカニズムに注目する。複数の小さな動作領域で大きな領域を実現するのが, この機構のねらいである。本稿では, 空気圧で制御を行うエアハンドを用いた可変構造型中間リンクの開発と, それらのリンクを用いた2由度の回転型パラレルメカニズムの設計について述べる。

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2002(0), 69, 2002


  • Development of Simulation Environment for Coordinated Tasks by Multiple Mobile Manipulators  [in Japanese]

    FUKUDA Shinsuke , KANAI Hiroyuki , YAMAMOTO Yoshio

    移動ロボットに多関節アームを搭載した移動マニピュレータは, プラットフォームの持つ機動性とマニピュレータの持つ作業性の両者を兼ね備える。筆者らはこれまで複数の移動マニピュレータからなるシステムに拡張した場合について統合的な可操作度の導出方法を示した。本報では, これまでの手法に協調作業時に起こりうるロボット間の接触・衝突を回避する機能を付加するとともに, 協調作業を解析するためのシミュレーションツールを開発したのでそれらについて報告する。

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2002(0), 69, 2002


  • Developing Japanese language teaching material for multinational residents in Nishihara-town  [in Japanese]

    OSHIRO Tomoko , KINJO Naomi , UEHARA Akiko , SHIBUKAWA Aki

    The Japanese language Education Project in local areas has been developed over 7 years since 1994 to 2000 by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunka-cho), in 8 local areas in Japan Nishihara-town in Okinawa was one of them, and the last one of this nationwide project The purpose of the project was to support the lives of foreign residents and the like in local areas, and to assist the town in creating a multicultural society where all kinds of people co-exist comfortably, in a manner which fits the characteristics of the area Two years had been allocated to the project in Nishihara-town, and the project included offering Japanese language classes, cultural exchange salons and other activities One of them was to develop Japanese Language Teaching Materials. Goals for the project were to develop resource materials suitable to Japanese language learners in the area, material which will easily deepen the understanding of Okmawan culture with pleasure, and material which is ready to use and easy to apply, to help learners to interact with local people. In this paper, we discuss the results of a needs survey, the analysis of materials developed in other areas, the process and discussion of making the material including syllabuses, the results of the evaluation of the material, and so forth.

    Okinawa International University journal of culture and society 5(1), 61-92, 2001-12

  • Terateleotris, a New Gobioid Fish Genus from the Laos (Teleostei, Perciformes), with Comments on its Relationships

    SHIBUKAWA K , Iwata Akihisa , Sinthavong Viravong

    A new gobioid genus, Terateleotris, is described for the sleeper species, previously known as Odontobutis aspro Kottelat, 1998,from the Xe Banghai basin. Laos. This is the third known gobioid genus bearing a lateral-line canal extending onto body, and the only genus with typical sleeper-like appearance within those three.T. aspro is redescribed, based on six newly obtained specimens, including soft anatomy and osteology. Terateleotris is clearly nested within the basal gobioid assemblage that includes the rhyacichthyids and odontbutids, owing to the lack of several modifications in scales, cephalic sensory canals, axial skeleton and shoulder girdle, all of which are found in the more specialized gobioids (e.g., Gobiidae). We, however, failed to adequately classify it into any known supra-generic taxon, because such taxa have vaguely defined limits, particularly the Odontobutidae.

    Bulletin of the National Science Museum Ser. A Zoology 27(4), 229-257, 2001-12

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  • A Case of a Vertebral Dissecting Aneurysm initially Manifesting as Ischemic Stroke and Secondary Subarachnoid Hemorrhage  [in Japanese]

    Matsushige Toshinori , Kurisu Kaoru , Arita Kazunori , Kiura Yoshihiro , Yamasaki Fumiyuki , Shibukawa Masaaki , Ohba Shinji , Kiya Katsuzo

    解離性脳動脈瘤は, 画像診断の進歩に伴って, 近年注目を集めている疾患の一つである.今回われわれは水泳中に虚血症状で発症し, 経過中にクモ膜下出血をきたした椎骨動脈解離性脳動脈瘤を経験したので報告する.症例は57歳女性で, クロールで水泳中に右後頚部痛で発症した.保存的加療を行っていたが, 発症翌日にはWallenberg症候群を呈し, 脳血管撮影にて右後下小脳動脈(PICA)より末梢の椎骨動脈解離性脳動脈瘤と診断した.虚血発症であったため, 保存的に加療を行ったが, 経過中にクモ膜下出血を起こし, 最終的に開頭してPICA分岐部の遠位側でクリップによる閉塞を行った.術後の脳血管撮影では, 稚骨動脈頭蓋外部分(V3)から閉塞が認められた.後方視的な検討では, 発症時の脳血管撮影で頭蓋外での解離の起始が疑われた.本症例では, 発症機転をより重視して推骨動脈頭蓋外部分の病変を早期に発見するように努力すべきであったと反省させられた.

    Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery 10(10), 682-687, 2001

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