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  • Material behavior of resin composites with and without fibers after extended water storage

    ALSHABIB Abdulrahman , ALGAMAIAH Hamad , SILIKAS Nikolaos , WATTS David C.

    … Three resin composites incorporating fibers were examined: everX Posterior (EVX), NovoPro Universal (NPU) and NovoPro Flow (NPF). …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • Characteristic Rheological Behaviors in Startup Shear of Entangled Polymer Melts

    You Wei , Yu Wei

    … Through a detailed analysis of the stress overshoot, unexpected non-universal features are observed as follows. … Consequently, the relation between the peak shear stress and the peak time is not universal and chemistry dependent, even if the stress and the time are normalized by the plateau modulus and the Rouse relaxation time. …

    Nihon Reoroji Gakkaishi 49(1), 1-5, 2021


  • Physical behavior of pre-strained thermoset and thermoplastic orthodontic chains

    KELLER Alexander , HELLER Lisa , BAUMERT Uwe , CLAUSSEN Cora , BAMIDIS Elias P. , WICHELHAUS Andrea

    … The modified pull test was performed with a universal testing machine Model 4444 and load cell 2530-427. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • Degree of conversion and dentin bond strength of light-cured multi-mode adhesives pretreated or mixed with sulfinate agents

    HASEGAWA Mayu , TICHY Antonin , HOSAKA Keiichi , KUNO Yusuke , IKEDA Masaomi , NOZAKI Kosuke , CHIBA Ayaka , NAKAJIMA Masatoshi , TAGAMI Junji

    … 1-SEAs Clearfil Universal Bond Quick (UBQ) or Scotchbond Universal Adhesive (SBU) were applied to dentin in etch&rinse or self-etch mode using various application strategies: 1) no pretreatment, 2) pretreatment with 90 wt% ethanol, 3) pretreatment with a sulfinate agent Clearfil DC Activator (UDC) or Scotchbond Universal DCA (SDC), or 4) a mixture of UBQ+UDC or SBU+SDC. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • Color universal design for materials  [in Japanese]

    MIURA Mayumi

    <p>資料のユニバーサルカラーデザインというテーマで,わかりやすく読みやすい資料作成の具体的な手法をまとめた。色の見え方は誰もが同じではなく色覚異常や高齢者の加齢による色覚変化などによりさまざまな色覚特性があり,見にくい配色のパターンがあるため,それを踏まえて色を選定することであらゆる人にとって快適なカラーデザインとなる。また,色の三属性,トーン,配色によるイメージ表現,色の機能的効果 …

    The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association 71(3), 113-118, 2021


  • Study on Polymerization Contraction Stress of Bulk-fill Resin Composites  [in Japanese]

    Kazue IWASAKI , Kenzo YASUO , Reiko KOMASA , Osamu TAKEUCHI , Naohiro IWATA , Kazushi YOSHIKAWA , Kazuyo YAMAMOTO

    … 今回, 多結晶化ガラスブロックを用いた視覚的評価, せん断接着試験ならびに硬化後の残存体積の測定を行い, C-factorの大きな窩洞におけるbulk-fill CRの重合収縮応力の影響について検討を行った.</p><p> 材料と方法 : bulk-fill CRとしてBulk Base Hard (BH) とBeautifil Bulk Flow (BF) を, 従来型CRとしてGracefil Flow (GF) を, 接着システムとしてClearfil Mega Bond2 (MB) とCleafil Universal Bond Quick ER (ER) を用いた. …

    The Japanese Journal of Conservative Dentistry 64(1), 39-49, 2021


  • Frank-Kasper σ and A-15 Phases Formed in Symmetry and Asymmetry Block Copolymer Blend System

    Yamamoto Katsuhiro , Takagi Hideaki

    … Discovery of the FK and A15 phases in a high molecular weight diblock copolymer without high χ or conformational asymmetry indicates a universal phenomenon of the formation of the complex particle packing in a substantially wide range of polymers.</p> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(3), 325-328, 2021


  • Magnetism of Tsai-Type Quasicrystal Approximants

    Suzuki Shintaro , Ishikawa Asuka , Yamada Tsunetomo , Sugimoto Takanori , Sakurai Akira , Tamura Ryuji

    … is found to oscillate in a universal manner as a function of the <i>e</i>/<i>a</i> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(3), 298-306, 2021


  • Flexural properties and dentin adhesion in recently developed self-adhesive bulk-fill materials

    François Philippe , Remadi Anis , Le Goff Stéphane , Abdel-Gawad Sarah , Attal Jean-Pierre , Dursun Elisabeth

    … This study investigated the flexural properties, shear bond strength (SBS) and interface to dentin of three recently developed self-adhesive bulk-fill materials.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> … In addition, SBS to dentin was tested in specimens without pretreatment and after application of universal adhesive (Scotchbond Universal). … The flexural properties were significantly better in light-curing mode for all materials except CN. …

    Journal of Oral Science, 2021


  • Bonding performance of dispersed filler resin composite CAD/CAM blocks with different surface treatment protocols

    ABDOU Ahmed , TAKAGAKI Tomohiro , ALGHAMDI Ali , TICHY Antonin , NIKAIDO Toru , TAGAMI Junji

    … The surface of dispersed-filler RCBs (DF-RCBs) and a polymer infiltrated ceramic network RCB (PICN-RCB) was roughened using hydrofluoric acid etching (HF) or sandblasting, and followed by silanization and/or universal adhesive (UA) application. …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(1), 209-219, 2021


  • MDP-based universal adhesive system irradiated with Er,CR:YSGG: Analysis of its performance up to 6 months

    ZABEU Giovanna Speranza , BRIANEZZI Letícia Ferreira Freitas , GONÇALVES Rafael Simões , MAENOSONO Rafael Massunari , PALMA-DIBB Regina Guenka , WANG Linda , ISHIKIRIAMA Sérgio Kiyoshi

    … <p>This study aimed to analyze the interaction of a MDP-based universal dentin bonding system (DBS) with Er, Cr: YSGG laser irradiation, measuring the microtensile bond strength to dentin over a six-month period. … The experimental design involved three factors: DBS (Adper Scotchbond Universal; … The self-etching mode of the MDP-based universal DBS maintained the bond strength on dentin irradiated with ER, Cr: YSGG after 6 months, while bonding with all other DBS deteriorated.</p> …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(1), 150-156, 2021


  • The effect of different light curing units on Vickers microhardness and degree of conversion of flowable resin composites

    AUNG Swe Zin , TAKAGAKI Tomohiro , IKEDA Masaomi , NOZAKI Kosuke , BURROW Michael F. , ABDOU Ahmed , NIKAIDO Toru , TAGAMI Junji

    … Three LCUs (Optilux 501, Elipar™ DeepCure-L LED and Bluephase<sup>®</sup>20i) and eight flowable resin composites: MI FIL Flow, Estelite Flow Quick, Estelite Universal Flow (medium), Estelite Universal Flow (super low), Beautifil Flow Plus, Clearfil Majesty ES Flow, Filtek Supreme Ultra flowable and TetricEvo Flow were tested. … DC and hardness values showed a relationship between materials and LCUs. …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(1), 44-51, 2021


  • Effect of air-blowing temperature and water storage time on the bond strength of five universal adhesive systems to dentin

    CHEN Yue , YAN Xiaoyuan , LI Ke , ZHENG Shize , SANO Hidehiko , ZHAN Desong , FU Jiale

    … <p>The purpose of this study was to evaluate the air-blowing temperature and water storage time on the micro-tensile bond strength (<i>μ</i>TBS) of five universal adhesive systems to dentin. … Three-way ANOVA revealed a significant effect of universal system (<i>p</i><0.001) and air-blowing temperature (<i>p</i><0.001) on bond strength to dentin except water-storage time (<i>p</i>=0.145). …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(1), 116-122, 2021


  • Influence of resin-coating on bond strength of resin cements to dentin and CAD/CAM resin block in single-visit and multiple-visit treatment

    ABDOU Ahmed , TAKAHASHI Rena , SAAD Amr , NOZAKI Kosuke , NIKAIDO Toru , TAGAMI Junji

    … Three one-bottle adhesives were used for resin-coating and/or pre-treatment adhesives prior to cementation, in conjunction with resin cements from the same manufacturers: Clearfil Universal Bond Quick with Panavia V5 (UBQ/Pv5), Scotchbond Universal Adhesive with RelyX Ultimate (SBU/RxU), and Optibond All-in-one with NX3 Nexus (OP/NX3). … Selection of the materials affected µTBSs. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • The effect of temporary sealing materials and cleaning protocols on the bond strength of resin cement applied to dentin using the resin-coating technique

    SATO Takaaki , NIKAIDO Toru , TAGAMI Junji , TAKAHASHI Rena , ROZAN Shin , UCHIYAMA Saki , BABA Yuta , VICHEVA Martina , SATO Ayaka , IKEDA Masaomi , TAKAGAKI Tomohiro

    … <p>This study evaluated the effect of temporary sealing materials and cleaning protocols on the bond strength of resin cement applied to dentin using resin-coating technique. … Scotchbond Universal Adhesive and Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable were applied to bovine dentin. … Forty-five specimens were divided into the following three groups according to the temporary sealing materials: Cav-: CAVITON EX, Vas-: COCOA BUTTER and FIT SEAL, and Sep-: Washable SEP and FIT SEAL. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2021


  • Frequency Dependence of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Relaxation in Glassy Epoxy Network Subjected to Constant-Speed Stretching  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIOKA Shin'ya , IWAMOTO Mariko , TOYODA Masayuki

    … of the nonlinear relaxation under constant-speed deformation conditions reported here is presumably universal for glassy polymers. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 70(1), 5-10, 2021


  • Validity of "One-size-fits-all" Approaches for the National Health Screening and Education Program: A Large-Scale Cohort Study of Corporate Insurance Beneficiaries

    Kikuchi Kyoko , Imaizumi Takahiro , Ando Masahiko , Kato Sawako , Kondo Takaaki , Honda Hiroyuki , Yoshida Yasuko , Maruyama Shoichi

    … </p><p><b>Patients or Materials </b> …

    Internal Medicine, 2021


  • The effects of extended polymerization time for different resin composites on reactive oxygen species production and cell viability

    Atalayin Ozkaya Cigdem , Tezel Huseyin , Armagan Guliz , Tuzcu Fulya , Sahbaz Ufuk , Dagci Taner

    … Disk-shaped specimens of Admira Fusion, Ceram X One Universal, Solare x and Filtek Z550 (<i>n</i> … Cell viability was higher in the Admira Fusion and Solare x groups polymerized for 40 s than for the same materials polymerized for 20 s at 72 h (<i>P</i> …

    Journal of Oral Science 63(1), 46-49, 2021


  • The Impact of Atmosphere on Energetics of Lead Halide Perovskites

    Zhanhao Hu , Zonghao Liu , Luis K. Ono , Maowei Jiang , Sisi He , Dae‐Yong Son , Yabing Qi

    … Furthermore, a universal Fermi level shift under vacuum for lead halide-based perovskites revealed in this study, urges a refreshed view on the energetics studies conducted without considering the atmospheric effect. …

    Advanced Energy Materials 10(24), 2000908, 2020-05-05


  • New material property conversion equation for bone strength measurement for CT-based finite element modeling

    MATSUYAMA Yoshiyuki , MATSUURA Yusuke , SUZUKI Takane , AKASAKA Tomoyo , HIMENO Daisuke , YAMAZAKI Atsuro , OZONE Ei , MUKAI Michiaki , YAMAZAKI Takahiro , OHARA Takeru , TANIGUCHI Shinji , WAKITA Hiromasa , KUNIYOSHI Kazuki , OHTORI Seiji , SASHO Takahisa

    … To perform CT-FEA, a conversion equation of the materials is used; … The specimens were loaded using a universal testing machine, and yield stress and Young's modulus were calculated. …

    Chiba medical journal 96(2), 41-46, 2020-04

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