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  • XAFS characterization of active Fe species in Fe2O3-SiO2 catalyst for styrene dimerization  [in Japanese]

    山本 孝 , 菊池 淳 , 岡田 咲紀 [他] , 山下 和秀 , 佐田 知沙 , 今井 昭二 , 三好 徳和 , 和田 眞

    … Iron ion-promoted silica solid acid catalysts active for α-methylstyrene dimerization were characterized by XRD and Fe K-edge XANES/EXAFS spectroscopic techniques. … The incorporated trivalent iron species were characterized as tetrahedral FeOxCl4-x , and excess loaded species were aggregated to form α-Fe2O3 during drying process at 403 K. …

    Advances in X-ray chemical analysis (42), 237-248, 2011-03


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