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    Ohno Takanori , Hashiguchi Hiroki , Yamada Shu

    … It is demonstrated that the proposed designs have advantages in terms of low-dependency measured by χ^2 values comparing with the previous studies. …

    Bulletin of the Computational Statistics of Japan 24(1), 23-35, 2011

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  • Analysis of Relevant Factors of Metabolic Syndrome among Persons with Schizophrenia Living in Community : Shedding Light on Prevention of Lifestyle-related Diseases  [in Japanese]

    Shimizu Keiko

    … Inclusion criteria for participation were: age 18 years or older; … disease category F20-F29 based on ICD-10 diagnostic criteria; … According to the 2005 Japanese diagnostic criteria for MS, it was clinically very significant that MS was more prevalent among community dwelling persons with schizophrenia (22.1%; … men 27.2% and women 15.3%) than in the general public in Japan (7.8%; …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 19(1), 44-54, 2010

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  • Dysthymia in Chronic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury: Incidence and Relation to Chronic Pains, Personality raits, and Prolonged Administrtion of Drugs  [in Japanese]

    NAGUMO Naoji

    … mean time since injury was 6.4±2.7 years, and level of injury ranged from C5 to C7. … Diagnosis of dysthymia was made according to DSM-III-R criteria. … Of our 63 subjects, 21 (33.3%) met the criteria for dysthymia: A further 27 (42.9%) had persistent or transient periods of lowered mood, while 15 (23.8%) showed normal mood for at least two years. …

    The Japanese journal of rehabilitation medicine 36(10), 649-654, 1999-10-18

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    Soda Ryo , Kawada Noriko , Kotou Naoki , Kimura Ikuro , Takahashi Kiyoshi , Miyashita Katsuhiro , Katagi Sachie , Yamagata Kouichi , Gotou Motoko , Kimura Gorou , Okamoto Syouichi , Okano Tomoharu

    … In 111 asthmatics treated by IT, 88 cases (80%) obtained favorable results over a one-year period, while only 39% of asthmatics without IT showed clinical improvement (p<0.05, χ^2 test). … A study to determine whether some specific criteria could be used to predict the clinical efficacy of IT was then carried out. …

    Japanese Journal of Allergology 42(4), 522-528, 1993

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  • Early Diagnosis of the Cervical Incompetency by the Ultrasonography  [in Japanese]

    HIRANO Hideto , TSUDA Akira , MATSUURA Touru , ISOBE Kyoetsu , SHIBATA Satoshi , HIGUCHI Motokazu , MAKI Masahiro

    … To establish a reliable method for diagnosing cervical incompetency, we observed changes in the cervix by ultrasonography and tried to settle the criteria for early diagnosis. … 78 of 79 cases in whom bulging of the membranes was not seen delivered at term, but 9 of 33 cases with bulging membranes delivered preterm (χ^2, p<0.001). … The criteria of cervical incompetency based on ultrasonographic findings are as follows: 1. …

    日本産科婦人科學會雜誌 41(5), 571-576, 1989

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  • An Experimental Study of the Cloze Procedure as a Testing Device of English  [in Japanese]

    HOJO Reiko

    … (i.e. the junior high and highschool) Purpose: The primary purpose of this study was to evaluate the cloze test in terms of three criteria, that is, validity, reliability and practicality. … In Experiment I, teacher's grades, IQ score, the score of the standard test and the score of the English achievement test were gained as the external criteria. … In Experiment II teacher's grades and the scores of the standard test were obtained as the external criteria. …

    International Christian University publications. I-A, Educational studies (24), p223-248, 1982-03


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