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  • Context Oriented Analysis of Interest Reflection of Tweeted Webpages based on Browsing Behavior

    HAN Hao , NAKAWATASE Hidekazu , OYAMA Keizo

    Twitter, the most popular micro-blog, attracts more and more Web users to share their accessed web-pages and stimulates diverse recommendation mechanisms on social Web. However, the difference between …

    IEICE technical report. Data engineering 113(150), 157-162, 2013-07-22

  • Method for Building feature expression dictionary to Reputation Analysis  [in Japanese]

    MARUYAMA Hiroshi , SUZUKI Kennshi , NAKAMURA Taichi

    To extract reputations of own product from Web is important for companies. This paper proposes the method of building feature dictionary for extracting reputation information. Basic method of the dict …

    IEICE technical report 108(64), 35-40, 2008-05-29

    References (11)

  • 渡来人と手工業生産の展開  [in Japanese]

    植野 浩三

    … また、年代的な信懸性をもつが、『垂仁紀』三年条の天日槍渡来伝説の中にある「近江国鏡村谷陶人、即天日槍之従人也」の記事は、須恵器生産に渡来人が関わりをもったことを伝えた内容として高く評価されてきた。 …

    文化財学報 22, 13-32, 2004-03


  • 隋書〔タイ〕国伝日本語表記の信懸性

    小田 洋

    鹿大史学 (18), 25-36, 1970-11

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