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  • Employment Structure and Career of Highly Educated in France : Academic Inflation and Inequality  [in Japanese]

    藤本 昌代 , フジモト マサヨ , Fujimoto Masayo

    … 文系分野のへの進学者の就職は非常に厳しく、たとえ高学歴者になっても学歴インフレと長引く失業状態に苦しんでいる。 …

    同志社社会学研究 (21), 1-24, 2017-03

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  • Risk Aversion or Simple Entering?:Considering Relative Risk Aversion in Inequality of Educational Attainment  [in Japanese]

    KEZUKA Kazuhiro

    教育達成の階層間格差を説明する相対リスク回避仮説(Breen and Goldthorpe 1997)の検証は世界各国で行われたが,日本においてはおおむね否定的な結果が得られている.本稿では,日本における受験制度を考慮して,下降回避仮説の代替モデルとして,定員と自分の成績を参照して,進学するか否かを決定するという「単純進学モデル」を構築し,マクロ・ミクロの両面から下降回避仮説と比較・検討を行った. …

    Sociological Theory and Methods 28(2), 337-354, 2013


  • Change of employment system and the future of academic career-oriented society  [in Japanese]

    ONAI Toru

    … By a job shortage for new graduates and a serious consideration of mid-career recruitment, the system of simultaneous recruitment of new graduates is collapsing and young part-time jobbers and NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) are increasing.<BR>Receiving the influence of change of the employment system, the formal academic career-oriented society in which the school career as a title is thought as important changed a lot. … However, it does not mean the demolition of an academic careeroriented society itself. …

    Contemporary Sociological Studies 18, 17-37, 2005


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