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  • Effect of photosensitization reaction on myelinated or unmyelinated nerve  [in Japanese]

    Takahashi Haruka , Hamada Risa , Ogawa Emiyu , Arai Tsunenori

    <p>To study nerve injury by a photosensitization reaction ex vivo, we observed an uptake of talaporfin sodium into crayfish nerve and porcine phrenic nerve, we investigated influence of the reac …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 55Annual(5AM-Abstract), 386-386, 2017


  • Effects of Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound on Callus Formation: A Comparative Morphological Study

    KONNO Masayuki , ASANO Hidetsugu , FUJII Yusuke , KONISHI Yoshiyuki , MURAGAKI Yoshihiro

    <p>Ultrasound has a variety of applications as a noninvasive treatment. In particular, it is widely used for its accelerating effect on synostosis, through Low Intensity Pulsed Ultra-Sound (LIPU …

    Journal of Tokyo Women's Medical University 87(4), 108-116, 2017

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  • レーザー・光脱毛の注意点  [in Japanese]

    渡辺 晋一

    JADS : Japan Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium 8(1), 3-5, 2015

  • Treatment of Hypertrophic and Atrophic Scars Caused by the CO<SUB>2</SUB> Laser Using a Long Pulsed Dye Laser  [in Japanese]

    Nakano Shunji

    Post-operative hypertrophic and atrophic scars are commonly seen as the side effects of continuous mode CO<SUB>2</SUB> laser therapy. Prolonged wound healing is known to cause hypertrophic …

    Japanese Journal of Surgical Wound Care 4(3), 170-177, 2013


  • Change in electrical properties of SiO_2/Si interface as well as Si caused by Ultraviolet light and plasma irradiations  [in Japanese]


    Changes in electrical properties of metal-oxide-semiconductor irradiated by plasma or UV laser are reported. Capacitance response with voltage at a frequency of 100kHz was measured after hydrogen plas …

    IEICE technical report 108(335), 49-54, 2008-11-28

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  • Femtosecond laser processing properties of a silica glass  [in Japanese]

    Yoshida Hideki , Ono Shingo , Sarukura Nobuhiko

    … 照射レーザーは、Ti:Al2O3を再生増幅した波長870nm、パルス幅150fs、繰り返し周波数1kHzのフェムト秒レーザーを使用した。 … 照射時間が長くなるにつれて、照射部分のサイズがわずかずつ大きくなるとともに、周囲の歪み部分も拡大した。 … さらに照射時間の増加に伴う歪みの増大により、クラックの発生も確認された。 …

    Preprints of Annual Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan<br>Preprints of Fall Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan 2008F(0), 265-265, 2008


  • 変形性膝関節症の荷重痛・運動痛に対する物理療法モダリティの検討  [in Japanese]

    宮原 謙一郎 , 牧野 有里子 , 金川 善洋 , 東田 紀彦 , 徳田 裕 , 石黒 幸治 , 石橋 信志 , 小川 順大 , 奥田 直也 , 木下 久美子 , 中嶋 恭子 , 畠平 絵梨

    … 物理療法の施行部位は膝関節の疼痛発生部位とした.TENSは周波数100Hz,パルス幅100μsecで設定し10分間.SLは出力1440mW,焦点径10mm,ON5秒:OFF1秒のサイクル照射5分間.USは周波数1MHz,強度1.0~2.5W/cm<SUP>2</SUP>,照射時間率100%,照射面積は有効照射面積の2倍,ストローク法にて10分間.LSは出力60mW,焦点径3mm,ON30秒:OFF1秒のサイクル照射5分間.SW(コンデンサー法)は強度80mA,MWは強度80Wとし …

    Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association 2007(0), F1013-F1013, 2008


  • Semiconductor Laser Crystallization of Silicon Films Using Carbon Films as a Photo-Absorption Layer  [in Japanese]

    SANO Naoki , ANDOH Nobuyuki , SAMESHIMA Toshiyuki

    We report crystallization of silicon thin films using a continuous wave (CW) infrared semiconductor laser with assistance of carbon particle layer formed by spin coating as photo-absorption layer. A b …

    IEICE technical report 106(417), 13-18, 2006-12-07

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  • Basic and Clinical Studies of Laser for Hyperpigmented Skin Lesions  [in Japanese]

    MIYASAKA Muneo , TANINO Ryuzaburo , OSADA Mitsuhiro , WAKAKI Moriaki

    It is of vital importance for laser therapy in hyperpigmented skin lesions to find optimum conditions with respect to wavelength, energy density, pulse width, treatment interval, treatment method (for …



  • Experimental Studies on the Bioeffects of Pulsed Ultrasound to the Cultured Mammalian Cell in Vitro  [in Japanese]

    TSUZAKI Tsuneaki

    Cultured cell originated from human amniotic epithelium was sonicated in 2 MHz pulsed ultrasound at various intensities for 30-60 min. Cell suspending medium on sonication was either phosphate buffere …

    Acta obstetrica et gynaecologica Japonica 33(12), p2115-2124, 1981-12

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