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  • Some recently discovered stone engravings as historical sources for the study of the Xi and Qidan peoples in the Tang dynasty  [in Japanese]

    森部 豊

    This paper sets out current trends (and problems) in research on the history of theXi and Qidan peoples in the Tang dynasty. It also introduces epitaphs of these peoplesthat were discovered during the …

    関西大学東西学術研究所紀要 (49), 105-126, 2016-04


  • Sogdians in the Tang Empire  [in Japanese]

    荒川 正晴

    … The imperial rule of the Tang extended to the neighboring foreign countries, and continuing up until the period of the high Tang, the government exercised a loose control over these countries by setting up ji-mi zhou-fu 羈縻州府 ("loose reign" prefectures). …

    The Journal of Oriental researches 56(3), 603-636, 1997-12

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