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  • High-Dimensional Statistical Analysis: New Developments of Theories and Methodologies  [in Japanese]

    Aoshima Makoto

    <p>In this paper, we introduce new developments of theories and methodologies in high-dimensional statistical analysis. Recently, Aoshima and Yata (2018a) have provided a noise model called the …

    Journal of the Japan Statistical Society, Japanese Issue 48(1), 89-111, 2018

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  • Divergence Estimation Using Density-Ratio and its Applications  [in Japanese]

    Kanamori Takafumi

    A density ratio is defined by the ratio of two probability densities, and it is widely applied to real world statistical problems. In this paper, we introduce moment matching estimators of density rat …

    Journal of the Japan Statistical Society, Japanese Issue 44(1), 97-111, 2014

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  • Optimization-based Multivariate Two-sample Test and Its Efficient Computation  [in Japanese]

    SHINMURA Yuki , Saida YUSUKE , TAKEUCHI Ichiro

    Multivariate two-sample test has recently attracted a great deal of interest and its importance has been increasing in many applications. The power of multivariate two-sample test highly depends on th …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 113(286), 45-52, 2013-11-12

  • F-017 An Efficient Algorithm for SVM-based Multivariate Two-sample Test Using Path-Following Approach and Its Application to Gene Set  [in Japanese]

    Isobe Kota , Ishikawa Yuta , Karasuyama Masayuki , Izumi Taisuke , Takeuchi Ichiro

    情報科学技術フォーラム講演論文集 10(2), 433-438, 2011-09-07


  • Comparison and Assessment of 2-Sample Tests for Partly Interval-Censored Failure Time Data  [in Japanese]

    Kawaguchi Osamu

    … 背景と目的:臨床試験において区間打ち切りデータに対する2標本検定を行う場合,初めてイベントが観察された時点(発生区間の右端)をイベント発生時点として補完し,log-rank検定などを適用する方法が一般的に使用されているが,他に提案されている2標本検定の方法との性能比較や,特性の検討などはほとんどされていない.そこで本研究では,一点代入(左端/ 中点/ 右端)による方法と,2種類の方法(Panの方 …

    Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 59(4), 408-409, 2010-12

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  • A Study on Multiple Multivariate Two-Sample Test for Gene Set Analysis using MST-based SVM Path-Following  [in Japanese]

    ISHIKAWA Yuta , ISOBE Kota , KARASUYAMA Masayuki , IZUMI Taisuke , TAKEUCHI Ichiro

    Microarray technology enables us to measure expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously. We consider how to find differentially expressed gene sets between two samples. This task is called …

    IEICE technical report 110(265), 211-220, 2010-10-28

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  • Unsupervised Change Analysis Using Supervised Learning  [in Japanese]

    MATSUZAWA Hirofumi , HIDO Shohei , IDE Tsuyoshi , KASHIMA Hisashi

    本論文では,異なる二つのデータに内在する差異を分析するという実用的に重要な問題(変化解析問題)を新たに定義し,その解法を示す.変化解析問題のゴールは,二つのデータの間の何らかの差異の存在を前提に,両者の違いに対して説明を与えることである.差異の存在自体というよりは,差異についての,内在的な自由度による詳細な説明を求めるという点で,変化検出とは異なる.変化解析は,直接的な訓練データが与えられないとい …

    The IEICE transactions on information and systems 93(6), 816-825, 2010-06-01

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  • A Relationship in Rotational Velocity with Planet Hosting Stars and Non-Hosting Stars

    Urakawa Seitaro , Itoh Yoichi , Mukai Tadashi

    … この考えのもと、惑星を持つ恒星と、惑星が発見されていないG、K型矮星の自転速度分布を2標本検定した。 …

    Abstracts for fall meeting of the Japanese Society for Planetary Science 2003f(0), 36-36, 2003


  • 外れ値がある場合の2標本検定  [in Japanese]

    栗原 考次

    日本行動計量学会大会発表論文抄録集 26, 121-124, 1998-09-01

  • Two Independent Chi-Square Variates and their Product: Comparison of Tails of Distributions

    SIBUYA Masaaki , SUMITA Ushio , MIYAWAKI Norihiko

    … 独立なカイ2乗変量の積を作ると,元の変量より,強い意味で裾が重くなることが証明できる.それを応用して,多変量小標本の2標本検定問題にたいするDempster(1958,1960),勘場,井上,後藤(1989)の近似検定が,漸近的に保守的であることが裏付けられる. …

    Ouyou toukeigaku 19(3), 177-182, 1990


  • Two-Sample Tests for Ordered Categorical Data and Their Performance  [in Japanese]

    UESAKA Hiroyuki , GOTO Masashi

    Several methods have been proposed to test equality of two population distributions when responses are obtained as ordered categories. Among these , four tests, that is, conditional Wilcoxon test (W), …

    Journal of The Japanese Society for Quality Control 10(3), 36-46, 1980


  • A Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Accumulating Method in Two-Sample Tests for Ordered Response Categries  [in Japanese]

    KODAMA Hiromichi , UESAKA Hiroyuki , GOTO Masashi

    In two-sample problems for ordered response categories, we discuss the performances of F-test and "accumulated chi-square test" in the accumulating nethod based on the Monte Carlo evaluation …

    Journal of The Japanese Society for Quality Control 8(3), 31-39, 1978


  • 順序カテゴリーデータにおける2標本検定-方向性を有する対立仮説の場合-  [in Japanese]

    UESAKA Hiroyuki , KODAMA Hiromichi , GOTO Masashi

    … 応答が順序カテゴリーである 2 標本検定問題において,条件つき Wilcoxon 検定 (W),評点法に基づく t 検定 (T1), Yates の検定 (T2), 累積法 (F) および x2 検定 (x2) を比較検討した.最初に2標本問題における模型と仮説を定式化し,次いでカテゴリー数を4として Monte-Carlo 法により小標本での第一種の過誤確立と検出力を求め,これらの検定法の評価を与えた.その結果は次のとおりである. …

    Journal of The Japanese Society for Quality Control 7(1), 34-40,9, 1977


  • The estimate Procedures after a Preliminary multivariate nonparametric Two-Sample test

    Tamura Ryoji

    The sometimes pool procedures, which have been developed in the normal theory by Bancroft [3], Kitagawa [5] and many other authors, have been also discussed in the univariate nonparametric cases by th …

    Bulletins of the Shimane University Natural science (16), 1-11, 1966-12


  • On a Nonparametic Two-Sample Test for Scale

    Tamura Ryoji

    島根大学論集. 自然科学 (8), 1-8, 1958-02-28


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