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  • Comparison among Estimation Methods of Vocal Tract Shape from Voice for Production of Talking Robot  [in Japanese]

    古川 愛都 , 若槻 尚斗 , 水谷 孝一

    音楽音響研究会資料 39(8), 59-64, 2021-02-20

  • Query Generation for Resolving Ambiguity in User's Command in Bring-me Tasks  [in Japanese]

    ITO Kaichi , MOROHASHI Kazuho , MIURA Jun

    … The task of the robot is to bring a specific object at a remote location specified by the user. … If the robot finds multiple candidate objects, it first asks the user questions about the object characteristics called attributes that are useful in determining the candidate.Then after getting the information from the user, it refines the candidate set again based on the attribute. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1P1-D11, 2020


  • Exploration of communication robot use for older patients in an acute hospital based on case trials

    Noguchi Hiroshi , Koyano Yuiko , Mori Hiromi , Komiyama Chieko , Sanada Hiromi , Mori Taketoshi

    われわれは急性期病院において精神的な症状をもつ高齢者とロボットを会話させる試みを行ってきた.1つには,PepperとRoBoHoNというヒューマノイド型のロボットを病棟に常時配置し内蔵のソフトウエアで稼働させる試みを行い,病棟看護師の観察により患者が明るい表情を示す様子を確認できた.2つにはランダムにフレーズを繰り返し発話させるものや,家族のことや子供の頃など特定のトピックについて会話するソフトを …

    Journal of Nursing Science and Engineering 6(2), 70-82, 2019

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  • Encounter of Pepper-CPGE for the elderly and patients with schizophrenia: an innovative strategy to improve patient's recreation, rehabilitation, and communication

    Ujike Shoko , Mifune Kazushi , Yasuhara Yuko , Osaka Kyoko , Sato Miki , Catangui Elmer , Edo Shoko , Takigawa Eiji , Mifune Yoshihiro , Tanioka Tetsuya

    … (3) patients had fun and enjoyed talking to Pepper-CPGE. …

    The Journal of Medical Investigation 66(1.2), 50-53, 2019

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  • Umm, what was it?: A forgetful social robot "Talking-Bones"  [in Japanese]

    小野田 慎平 山村 祐之 , 石川 将輝 , 西脇 裕作 , 岡田 美智男

    エンタテインメントコンピューティングシンポジウム2018論文集 (2018), 137-139, 2018-09-06


  • Round-Table Talk : Talking about Points for Application and Future Prospect of Painting Robot  [in Japanese]

    平野 克己 , 加藤 雅宏 , 鈴木 宏 , 中島 秀一郎 , 松原 出 , 和田 真志

    塗装技術 = Coating technology 57(6), 62-84, 2018-06

  • Talking Humanoid Robot Verification in Tokyo Station : Technical Verification of a Multilingual Talking Humanoid Robo  [in Japanese]

    菅澤 学 , 坂入 整

    Technical review, JR East (60), 13-16, 2018

  • Evaluation of assist timing of conversation assist robot  [in Japanese]

    KONDO Shinya , YAMASUSO Masaya , BENNO Tomohisa , WAKITA Yumi

    … <p>We are studying a robot that provides a topic of discussion for carrying on lively and smooth human-to-human communication. … We compared three type of robots that talk on different timing, such as (1) speaking without considering the conversation atmosphere, (2) speaking when the conversation is stagnating, (3) talking when the conversation is excited. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2018(0), 2P2-B14, 2018


  • Implementation and Evaluation of Chat-oriented Dialogue System for an Android Robot in Live Streaming Media in Which Users Can Speak at Any Time  [in Japanese]

    Kubota Tomonori , Ogawa Kohei , Ishiguro Hiroshi

    … <p>In this study, we developed and evaluated a dialogue system which enables an android robot to have a chat with users on Niconico Live provided by Dwango Co., Ltd. which is a live streaming service. … Therefore, we collected a dialogue corpus containing 4,460 pairs of comments and robot responses by teleoperating the android robot talking with users, as a first step. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 33(1), DSH-G_1-13, 2018


  • A study on utterance adjustment strategies of Talking-Ally that utilizes speech disuencies  [in Japanese]

    松下 仁美 , 香川 真人 , 山村 祐之 , 岡田 美智男

    … From this point of view, an utterance generation system "Talking-Ally" has been constructed. …

    The Transactions of Human Interface Society 20(2), 255-268, 2018


  • Study of starting conversation system by observing a person's curiosity to a robot  [in Japanese]

    KOCHIGAMI Kanae , KAKIUCHI Yohei , OKADA Kei , INABA Masayuki

    … <p>The ability of starting conversation is important for a robot which lives with a person. … We developed the conversation control system that a robot can start talking to a person by observing a person's curiosity to a robot based on vision, audition and tactile sense and the memory of the person. … We implemented our system into a communication robot Pepper and evaluated the system on its usability in a science museum. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2017(0), 2P2-F08, 2017


  • Blurring Autonomous and Teleoperated Produces the Feeling of Talking with a Robot's Operator  [in Japanese]

    田中 一晶 , 山下 直美 , 中西 英之 , 石黒 浩

    ヒューマノイドロボットの遠隔操作と自律操作の本質的な違いは遠隔地にいる操作者の存在の有無と考えることができる.この存在の有無をユーザがどのように判断しているのかはいまだよく分かっていない.その判断のメカニズムを明らかにすることによって,自律ロボットとの対話を人との対話のように感じさせることが本研究の目的である.被験者が遠隔操作状態と自律状態のロボットとそれぞれ対話する実験を行った.その結果,自律状 …

    情報処理学会論文誌 57(4), 1108-1115, 2016-04-15


  • A Talking Robot and Its Real-Time Interactive Modification for Speech Clarification

    NHU Thanh Vo , SAWADA Hideyuki

    … The authors are developing a talking robot based on the physical model of human vocal organs in order to reproduce human speech mechanically. … This study focuses on developing a real-time interface to control and visualize talking behavior. … The talking robot has been trained using a self-organizing map (SOM) to reproduce human sounds; …

    SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration 9(6), 251-256, 2016


  • Talking-Ally: Towards Utterance Generation System Considering Hearer's Hearership  [in Japanese]

    Kurata Youhei , Matsushita Hitomi , Odahara Yuki , Ohshima Naoki , De Silva P. Ravindra S. , Okada Michio

    … <p>In this study, we have developed a social robot that considers the concepts of" … In the experiment, we conducted a survey to explore effectiveness of the utterance generation system (social robot). … It is suggested that, the utterance of the robot is considered to be equipped with" … Because the robot was uttered while consciously aware of the eye gaze of the hearer and hearer thinks," …

    The Transactions of Human Interface Society 17(2), 159-170, 2015


  • A Study on Embodiment Mismatch in a Robot Having Baby-Like Appearance and Toddler-like Talking  [in Japanese]

    SUGAWARA Sumire , KANOH Masayoshi

    近年,様々な人間共生型のロボットの開発が進んでいる.これまでの多くの研究は,ロボットが人の発話や感情を理解するというインタラクションデザインを採用する場合が多い.本研究では,ロボットが情報発信し,人が理解し返答するというインタラクションデザインに注目し,人の幼児のような発話,すなわち幼児的な発話を活用した心理的インタラクションについて考える.ここで,幼児のように話すことが想定できない外見をロボット …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 27(6), 827-834, 2015


  • Improving User Experiences in Talking to Robots using ASE-based Back-channel Feedbacks  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Kazuki , Funakoshi Kotaro , Komatsu Takanori , Yamada Seiji , Nakano Mikio

    … experiences of a simple talking robot with back-channel feedbacks that is designed based on an artificial subtle expression (ASE). … We developed an electric pedestal to show the blinking expression, on which a simple cubic robot was fixed. … Participants engaged in a task of explaining a cooking procedure with a spoken dialogue system coupled with the robot on the pedestal. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 30(4), 604-612, 2015


  • A Talking Robot and the Expressive Speech Communication with Human

    SAWADA Hideyuki

    … By reconstructing a human vocal system mechanically, the authors have developed a talking robot based on the physical models of vocal organs. … By introducing an auditory feedback learning of the mechanical systems, the robot is able to autonomously reproduce a human-like vocal articulation using its vocal organs to generate human-like vocal sounds. …

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 14(2), 95-102, 2015


  • Improvement of social telepresence by augmenting involuntary movements of a remote speaker  [in Japanese]

    KIKUNO Tomoya , HIYAMA Atsushi , TOKUDA Yutaka , MIURA Takahiro , HIROSE Michitaka

    従来のディスプレイを用いた遠隔講義システムでは、聴講者が講演者の存在感を感じられないという問題があった。それに対し、テレプレゼンスロボットを活用することで、その存在感を補う可能性が見えてきた。しかし、テレプレゼンスロボットは講演者にとって話すこととロボットを操作することの二つの作業を同時に強いるため、講演者がどちらか一方の作業に集中した場合に講演の臨場感やロボットの存在感が損なわれることが課題とな …

    Technical report of IEICE. Multimedia and virtual environment 114(114), 47-52, 2014-07-01

  • A communication agent prompting self-disclosure using RSNP  [in Japanese]

    Yamada Shunya , Kanoh Masayoshi , Nakamura Tsuyoshi

    近年,自己分析が不十分なため自分を過小評価し,コミュニケーションや意欲的に行動することを避ける人が多くなってきた.ジョハリの窓モデルにおいて,自己分析や自己開示による「気づき」が自信に繋がり,円滑なコミュニケーションができるとされている.「気づき」の段階に至るためには,他者に自己開示を行うことが方法の一つとされているが,他者に否定や失望されることを恐れて自身のことを話せないことがある.そこで,会話 …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 30(0), 9-12, 2014


  • Chat and Appearance Effects for Robots which Assist Elderly's Shopping  [in Japanese]

    IWAMURA Yamato , SHIOMI Masahiro , KANDA Takayuki , ISHIGURO Hiroshi , HAGITA Norihiro

    … This paper investigates what types of robot elderly the most willing to go shopping with. … We investigate the effect into following two factors: conversation and robot-type. … Conversation means the no purpose talking which human often do. … For robot-type, we prepare humanoid and cart robot. …

    Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan 31(1), 60-70, 2013-01-15

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