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  • When Did the Ideology Called "EIYO", Which Eats for Health, Spread? : A Study on Dietary Practice by Nutrition Scientists in Japan in the 1920s  [in Japanese]

    巽 美奈子

    … I pay attention to both the dietary practices performed by nutrition scientists and the acceptance of them by people. … And I analyzed the following three things with historical materials. …

    奈良女子大学社会学論集 (28), 36-54, 2021-03-31


  • A Study on the Development of ICT Society : Prerequisite work for school education reform in the "GIGA School" concept  [in Japanese]

    尾島 卓

    2021 年(令和 3 年)より、わが国の義務教育学校である小中学校では「GIGA スクール」構想の名の下に、生徒・児童に「1 人 1 台」の PC とタブレット端末が配布される。本研究ノートでは、この学校教育改革の前提であるわが国における ICT 環境の現状を公開されているデータをもとに資料として整理した。</br>資料はインターネットによってデータを収集し、コンピュータソフトでそれ …

    岡山大学教師教育開発センター紀要 (11), 279-292, 2021-03-22

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  • Problems Faced by Female Surgeons: A Questionnaire for Medical Students and Junior Residents  [in Japanese]

    Hondo Nao , Miyagawa Yusuke , Kitazawa Masato , Kataoka Masahiro , Tokumaru Shigeo , Muranaka Futoshi , Masuda Yuichi , Kobayashi Akira , Soejima Yuji

    <p><b>目的:</b>外科を目指す女性は比較的少なく,外科医の数は減少傾向である.学生および研修医の意識調査を通じて,女性外科医を取り巻く問題点について検討した.<b>方法:</b>医学科3~5年生および初期研修医418名(女性136名)にアンケート調査を行った.<b>結果:</b>将来の志望科として外科は2番 …

    The Japanese Journal of Gastroenterological Surgery 54(3), 157-165, 2021


  • 1. Slow Neutron Physics and Neutron Scattering

    CO1-2 Current Status of Versatile Compact Neutron Diffractometer (VCND) on the B–3 Beam Port of KUR, 2019 /K. Mori et al.(31016) [127]

    KURNS Progress Report (2019), 126-131, 2020-08


  • Current State of Materials Used for Structural Parts in Cranes  [in Japanese]


    … <p>The structural standards that are the basis for the design and manufacture of cranes specify the materials that can be used for structural parts. … As a recent trend, the number of inquiries about overseas standard materials, thin high-strength steel, and aluminum materials used in imported cranes is increasing. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), F25203, 2020


  • Status of Investigation to Ensure Applicability of ECCS Acceptance Criteria to High-Burnup Fuel  [in Japanese]

    OZAWA Masaaki , AMAYA Masaki

    Acceptance criteria for the ECCS of LWRs were determined to evaluate the safety function and performance in the design and to ensure a sufficient safety margin in the results of the evaluation. … Fuel burnup has been extended by changing cladding materials, fuel design, etc., since the latest revision. …

    Transactions of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 19(4), 185-200, 2020


  • Social Acceptance of CCS:– in relation with international efforts to establish understanding on CCS –  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Atsuko

    … <p>In this review, the status quo of social acceptance of CCS is discussed in relation with international efforts to establish understanding on CCS. … All of these impacting factors are within the range of social acceptance considerations, and could be solved by stakeholder engagement efforts. … The author reviewed ISO/TC265 CCS standards which encourages to establish preferable social acceptance on CCS project by way of stakeholder engagement process and risk communication process. …

    Journal of MMIJ 136(11), 127-133, 2020


  • Bulk and Surface Band Dispersion Mapping of the Au(111) Surface by Acceptance-cone Tunable PES System

    Matsui Fumihiko , Makita Seiji , Matsuda Hiroyuki , Ueba Takahiro , Horigome Toshio , Yamane Hiroyuki , Tanaka Kiyohisa , Kera Satoshi , Kosugi Nobuhiro

    … This spectrometer consists of a hemispherical electron analyzer equipped with a mechanical deflector and a mesh electrostatic lens close to the sample to make the size of acceptance cone tunable. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 18(0), 18-23, 2020


  • A Study on Seal Script Works Brought by Chinese Ships in Edo Period

    李 宁

    文部科学省グローバルCOEプログラム 関西大学文化交渉学教育研究拠点[東アジアの歴史と動態]

    東アジア文化交渉研究 = Journal of East Asian cultural interaction studies (12), 479-492, 2019-03


  • Qing-Dynasty China's Shift in Perspective on Civilization and Self-Awareness  [in Japanese]

    手代木 有児

    … The original idea of a new self-awareness seen in the criticism of the national character after the Sino-Japanese War had already begun to appear among some intellectuals, such as Wang Tao 王韜, Zhang Deyi 張徳彝, Zhong Tianwei 鍾天緯, and Zheng Guanying 鄭観応, in the latter half of the 1870's to the 1880's, in the shift in perspective on civilization triggered by the acceptance of Western information and the dispatch of diplomats to the West. …

    史林 = The Journal of history 102(1), 75-112, 2019-01

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  • On the Old Buddhist Manuscripts in Japan of the <i>Ji gujin fodao lunheng</i> 集古今仏道論衡 by Daoxuan 道宣  [in Japanese]

    Wang Xue

    … These materials have been studied in the context of the acceptance of Buddhism in China and debates between Buddhists and Taoists by scholars such as Yoshitaka Tsukamoto, Yoshitoyo Yoshioka, and Tadashi Kubotoku.</p><p>In recent years, Liu Linkui published articles on the establishment and philological value of the <i>Ji gujin fodao lunheng</i>. …

    Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies (Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyu) 68(1), 194-197, 2019


  • Effect of Sd seismic loading on the allowable flaw sizes in acceptance standards of reactor pressure vessels  [in Japanese]

    MACHIDA Hideo

    … <p>The Rules on Fitness-For-Service for Nuclear Power Plants of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (the Rules on FFS) specify the acceptance standard, the crack size that is not necessary for evaluation, of reactor pressure vessels and pipes. … When determining the acceptance standard, the crack growth due to the S<sub>1</sub> …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2019(0), OS1308, 2019



    CODAU Claudia , BURSI Jean-Michel , BUTTIN Jérémy

    … In the most penalizing case over the long term, and consequently for the disposal acceptance in CIGEO, the obtained results show an increasing production of radiolysis hydrogen during a first phase, in connection with a gradual desaturation of the cementitious materials constituting the package. … The obtained results demonstrate that after a storage phase at ICEDA and for all penalizing modeled configurations, the criterion of acceptance of packages in CIGEO, is always respected. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 2148, 2019


  • Continuous auditory feedback on the status of adaptive cruise control, lane deviation, and time headway: An acceptable support for truck drivers?

    Bazilinskyy Pavlo , Larsson Pontus , Johansson Emma , de Winter Joost C. F.

    <p>The number of trucks that are equipped with driver assistance systems is increasing. These driver assistance systems typically offer binary auditory warnings or notifications upon lane depart …

    Acoustical Science and Technology 40(6), 382-390, 2019


  • Identification and Visualization of Fine Precipitates in a Cr–Mo Steel Based on SEM Contrast

    Nakamura Takaya , Sato Kaoru , Nagoshi Masayasu , Ogata Kenji , Kitahara Yasuko , Sakurada Tsuguo

    <p>Precise characterization of fine precipitates in steels is crucial owing to the influence of these precipitates on the mechanical properties. Various types of carbide precipitates occur in he …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(8), 1591-1597, 2019


  • Current status of development and improvement of <i>in silico</i> approaches for regulatory chemical safety assessment in NIHS  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Takashi , HONMA Masamitsu , HIROSE Akihiko

    … approaches is required for risk assessment and management of large number of chemicals without toxicity data, including food contact materials, DNA reactive impurities in pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals via environment. … Several elements were identified for increasing regulatory acceptance including justification of similarity hypothesis based on possible mechanism and endpoint prediction using reliable test data in a transparent and reproducible way. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 46.1(0), S17-1, 2019


  • Acceptance and Development of Ars Memorativa as an Educational Method : with focus on Erasmus  [in Japanese]

    大川 なつか

    西洋において記憶術は、修辞学の一つとして古い歴史をもつ。しかし、我が国の西洋教育史において、記憶術はこれまであまり着目されてこなかった。そこで本稿では、記憶術の歴史をエラスムスにみる教育方法を中心に検討する。キケロの記憶術は、クインテリアヌスによって批判的に受け入れられ、エラスムスによって受け継がれる。他方、エラスムスは、キケロ主義者であり、また新プラトン主義者でもあったカミッロと記憶術を巡って対 …

    湘北紀要 (40), 49-59, 2019


  • Poetic spirit in the second decade of the Showa era : Michizo Tachiharaʼs "Ayu no Uta" as a clue  [in Japanese]

    松本 和也

    … Especially, in this paper, I will focus on Michizo Tachihara (and his evaluation) and analyze the historical change, while using new materials. … A prerequisite is the discussion of poetry, mainly by Sakutaro Hagiwara, as a supplementary line for considering the poetic spirit of the second decade of the Showa era and the historical position of Michizo Tachiharaʼs "Ayu no Uta." In addition, in the following section, we investigate and analyze contemporary acceptance of Michizo Tachihara and clarify his unique position. …

    人文研究 = Studies in humanities (196), 23-57, 2018-12-25


  • ALDO ROSSI'S <i>L'ARCHITETTURA DELLA CITTÀ</i> AS THE FRUIT OF COLLABORATION:Investigations on the course “Caratteri distributivi degli edifici” at Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (1963-66)  [in Japanese]

    MATSUI Kenta

    … However, in this acceptance, less attention has been paid to the original context in which the book was written. … This article aims to investigate closely these materials, and clarify what Rossi's book owes to the collaboration in the course.<br> In 1960's, when the course was held, Italian cities faced several problems, including large number of urban migrants in search for work, the decay of functionality of the historic center and the phenomenon of urban sprawl. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (751), 1773-1780, 2018-09


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