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  • Advantages and disadvantages of Online classes for students - Focusing on active learning in online environment -  [in Japanese]

    岡田 佳子

    … We performed a free description-based questionnaire investigation targeting our students and elucidated the following four points: 1) Students think that the best point about online classes is freedom from time and location constraints. … Online discussions actually tend not to be active. … This leads to active discussions and the formation of cooperative relationships and personal connections with others, the point of which students consider as a big advantage. …

    長崎大学教育開発推進機構紀要 = Journal of the Office of Academic Education and Development Nagasaki University (11), 25-41, 2021-03-01


  • Pain induces stable, active microcircuits in the somatosensory cortex that provide a therapeutic target

    Okada Takuya , Kato Daisuke , Nomura Yuki , Obata Norihiko , Quan Xiangyu , Morinaga Akihito , Yano Hajime , Guo Zhongtian , Aoyama Yuki , Tachibana Yoshihisa , Moorhouse Andrew J. , Matoba Osamu , Takiguchi Tetsuya , Mizobuchi Satoshi , Wake Hiroaki

    Targeting these S1 pain circuits, via inhibiting N-type Ca2+ channels or other approaches, may provide ways to reduce inflammatory pain. …

    Science Advances 7(12), eabd8261, 2021-03


  • High dose of baicalin or baicalein can reduce tight junction integrity by partly targeting the first PDZ domain of zonula occludens-1 (ZO-1)

    Hisada Misaki , Hiranuma Minami , Nakashima Mio , Goda Natsuko , Tenno Takeshi , Hiroaki Hidekazu

    … Weak but direct interaction of baicalin and its aglycon, baicalein—which are pharmacologically active components of Chinese skullcap (Radix scutellariae)—with ZO-1(PDZ1) have been observed in NMR experiments. …

    European Journal of Pharmacology (887), 173436, 2020-11-15


  • FUCCI Real-Time Cell-Cycle Imaging as a Guide for Designing Improved Cancer Therapy: A Review of Innovative Strategies to Target Quiescent Chemo-Resistant Cancer Cells

    Yano Shuya , Tazawa Hiroshi , Kagawa Shunsuke , Fujiwara Toshiyoshi , Hoffman Robert M.

    … For example, we review how FUCCI imaging can help to identify cell-cycle-specific therapeutics that comprise decoy of quiescent cancer cells from G1 phase to cycling phases, trapping the cancer cells in S/G2 phase where cancer cells are mostly sensitive to cytotoxic chemotherapy and eradicating the cancer cells with cytotoxic chemotherapy most active against S/G2 phase cells. …

    Cancers 12(9), 2655, 2020-09-17


  • Autocrine HGF/c-Met signaling pathway confers aggressiveness in lymph node adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma

    Totani Haruhito , Shinjo Keiko , Suzuki Miho , Katsushima Keisuke , Mase Shoko , Masaki Ayako , Ito Asahi , Ri Masaki , Kusumoto Shigeru , Komatsu Hirokazu , Ishida Takashi , Inagaki Hiroshi , Iida Shinsuke , Kondo Yutaka

    … The HGF/c-Met signaling pathway was active downstream in non–PB-ATLs. … targeting this pathway may improve treatment of aggressive non–PB-ATLs.ファイル公開:2021/02/27 …

    Oncogene 39(35), 5782-5794, 2020-02-27


  • Sound Quality Control with Individual Preference Adaptation for Engine Sound

    MURAI Kenta , ISHIMITSU Shunsuke

    … <p><i>In recent years, sound quality control using active noise control has been used as a noise reduction method, targeting low frequency noise. …

    International Journal of Biomedical Soft Computing and Human Sciences: the official journal of the Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association 25(1), 23-27, 2020


  • Why Don't Women Want to Become Managers? Focusing on the narrative of full-time retail Company X employees who are not management-oriented  [in Japanese]

    Sato Yoko

    … <p>Through a case study of Company X, a retailer, this paper clarifies reasons why women do not want to become managers in companies promoting women's active workplace participation. … Specifically, Company X is targeting single women in their thirties, and these women are promoted to managerial positions before giving birth and after raising children. …

    Journal of Labor Sociology 21(0), 23-42, 2020


  • Viewing Attitudes of Able-bodied Viewers of Broadcasts of the PyeongChang 2018:Paralympic Games: A Secondary Analysis of "Study of the Paralympics and Broadcasting," A Joint Study by the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center and NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute  [in Japanese]

    Nakayama Kenjiro

    … In view of this need, the Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center conducted a joint survey with the NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute targeting viewers of television broadcasts of the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Games in an attempt to grasp their viewing behaviors and attitudes. …

    Journal of Paralympic Research Group 14(0), 37-61, 2020


  • Necessity and practical examples of promotion of tobacco control in dentistry  [in Japanese]

    TANO Rumi , MIURA Hiroko

    <p>喫煙は最大の健康阻害要因として,WHOのたばこ規制枠組条約(WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; WHO FCTC)に基づき各国のたばこ対策が実施されている.わが国では,健康日本21(第二次)およびがん対策推進基本計画において喫煙率の減少等に関する目標が設定され,受動喫煙防止対策の法制化が進んでいる.</p>< …

    Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 69(4), 338-347, 2020


  • From Mass Media to Polymedia: Echo Chambers in PolymediaSociety  [in Japanese]

    Kimura Tadamasa

    … If we contrast the mass</p><p>media and the Internet, the characteristics of the Internet are said to be</p><p>"diversification,""polarization," "filtering," and "micro-targeting" which drives</p><p>its growth as an advertising medium. …



  • Bone-Targeted Drug Delivery Systems and Strategies for Treatment of Bone Metastasis

    Katsumi Hidemasa , Yamashita Shugo , Morishita Masaki , Yamamoto Akira

    … The development of drug targeting technologies is required for the efficient treatment of bone metastases. … To date, numerous bone-targeting ligands, including tetracyclines, bisphosphonates, aspartic acid, and aptamers have been developed and used for bone-targeted delivery of anti-tumor drugs, peptide/protein drugs, nucleic acid drugs, and diagnostic imaging agents. …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 68(7), 560-566, 2020


  • Development of drug and cell delivery system for active targeting based on magnetic liposomes  [in Japanese]

    Kono Yusuke

    Drug Delivery System 35(2), 150-151, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Biomimetic Design of Membrane-active Amphiphilic Polymers  [in Japanese]

    YASUHARA Kazuma

    <p>細胞膜は,細胞質を外界から区画化するための隔壁としてのみならず,シグナル伝達,物質輸送,エネルギー生産といったさまざまな生命機能によって不可欠な界面である。これら細胞膜の重要な機能は,脂質二分子膜と膜タンパク質の機能的連携によって実現しており,膜を標的とする新規な生物活性剤を開発する際には,膜中での分子間相互作用を理解し,制御するアプローチが不可欠である。膜タンパク質や膜に結合す …

    Oleoscience 20(6), 275-282, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • The Restoration of habitat of the Harvest Mouse (<i>Micromys minutus</i>) in Green Spaces in Rural Areas with a History of Development  [in Japanese]

    KURODA Takatsuna

    … <p>The purpose of this study was to examine the changes in the habitat of the harvest mouse (<i>Micromys minutus</i>) with the change in grassland due to development, targeting the green spaces in rural areas with history of development, and subsequent management status. … Hence, active habitat conservation and management is required. …

    Journal of The Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture 83(5), 737-742, 2020


  • Structure and properties of current-injection organic semiconductor lasers  [in Japanese]

    SHIMOTANI Hidekazu , TANIGAKI Katsumi

    <p>電流注入で駆動される無機半導体レーザーは小型軽量で低価格であることや変調が容易であることから通信や測定,光ディスクの読み書きなどさまざまな機器に応用されているが,新たな波長のレーザーの開発は容易ではない.その活性層を有機半導体に置き換えると,材料の設計自由度の高さからさまざまな波長のレーザーの開発が可能になると期待される.我々のグループでは有機単結晶電界効果トランジスタ構造を基に …

    Oyo Buturi 89(5), 278-281, 2020


  • Development of Nano-DDS Carriers for Control of Spatial Distribution Using Multi-color Deep Imaging  [in Japanese]

    Kawakami Shigeru , Suga Tadaharu

    … <p>Because active-targeted liposomes are very complex formulations, quality characteristics of functional lipids have not been defined yet, and this is a major obstacle in clinical application of active targeted liposomes. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 140(5), 633-640, 2020

    IR  J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Development of anti-cancer agent targeting on (pro)renin receptor  [in Japanese]

    Nishiyama Akira , Rahman Asadur

    … We observed that four rat anti-(P)RR mAbs induced accumulation of cells in the G0/G1 phase of the cell cycle and significantly reduced proliferation in vitro concomitant with a significant reduction in the expression of active β-catenin and cyclin D1. … Systemic administration of the anti-(P)RR mAbs to nude mice bearing subcutaneous PK-1 xenografts significantly decreased tumor expression of active β-catenin and the proliferation marker Ki-67 and reduced tumor growth. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 3-S32-3, 2020


  • Structural analysis of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Shota , Hiroaki Yoko , Oshima Atunori , Fujiyoshi Yoshinori

    … Among them FTY720 targeting S1P<sub>1</sub> … Solving the structure of agonist-bound active state S1P<sub>1</sub> …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 3-P-360, 2020


  • Research Concerning Topic Extraction Method Using Burst Levels in Microblogs  [in Japanese]

    TOYAMA Akira , NAKAMURA Kenji , TANAKA Shigenori

    <p>スマートフォンを始めとした通信機器の発達により,SNSの一種であるマイクロブログなどのコミュニケーションツールの利用が活発である.マイクロブログではニュースなどの現実の事象に関する投稿が多くなされており,それらの投稿からトピックを分析する手法が多く提案されている.しかし,投稿内容に着目した手法では,新たな投稿が時間経過とともに追加されるマイクロブログを対象とした場合,トピックを構 …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 32(1), 570-579, 2020


  • Towards Improvement of Covalent Neuraminidase Inhibitors with Anomeric Substitution  [in Japanese]

    Vavricka Christopher J. , Matsumoto Tatsuma , Kiyota Hiromasa

    <p>ノイラミニダーゼ(NA、シアリダーゼ)阻害剤は、急性感染症であるインフルエンザの治療や予防に有効である。その第一世代型は、シアル酸(<i>N</i>-アセチルノイラミン酸、NANA)から生じる推定オキソカルベニウムイオン遷移状態のアナログ2-デオキシ-2,3-デヒドロ-<i>N</i>-アセチルノイラミン酸(Neu5Ac2en、DA …

    Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology 32(185), J1-J5, 2020


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