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  • Visualization of Information in Ski Jumping and Its Utilization  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Keizo , TSUBOKURA Makoto , MATSUZAWA Mamoru , MORI Satoshi , MIYAMOTO Naoto

    <p> スキージャンプのバイオメカニクス研究では,一連動作を助走,踏切,初期飛行,安定飛行,着地準備および着地の6局面に分類して分析されることが多い.この中で,踏切から飛行における動作がパフォーマンス向上に重要であることは周知の事実である.また,実競技では,選手の滑降・滑空速度は時速約90kmに達するため,競技パフォーマンス(飛距離)に対して空気力が支配的になる.多くの先行研究が示すよ …

    Journal of the Visualization Society of Japan 40(157), 18-21, 2020


  • Modeling the cambering of the flapping wings of an insect using rectangular shell finite elements

    Onishi Minato , Ishihara Daisuke

    … <p>Cambering in the flapping wings of insects plays an important role in the aerodynamic performance of their flight. … However, the analysis of a strongly coupled fluid–structure system using this model would be quite computationally expensive because of the necessity of robust mesh-moving techniques. …

    Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering 7(1), 181-188, 2020


  • Aerodynamic drag change of simplified automobile models influenced by a passing vehicle

    SHIMIZU Keigo , NAKASHIMA Takuji , HIRAOKA Takenori , NAKAMURA Yusuke , NOUZAWA Takahide , DOI Yasuaki

    … <p>On-road turbulence caused by atmospheric winds and other automobiles influences the flow field of automobiles and causes variations in aerodynamic forces. … Therefore, designing flow control techniques considering this impact will effectively improve the robustness of automobiles under on-road conditions. … These results provide guidance for designing flow control techniques that are robust against disturbances under on-road conditions.</p> …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(1), 19-00366-19-00366, 2020


  • Density Measurement of Molten Oxides of SiO2-CaO-Al2O3 System by Aerodynamic Levitated Technique

    NAKAMURA Airi , HAKAMADA Shinya , MIZUNO Akitoshi , WATANABE Masahito

    … In this study, we measured the density of a molten oxide of SiO2-CaO-Al2O3 system using Aerodynamic Levitation (ADL) with CO2-laser heating which can achieve container-less and non-contact conditions for measurements. … Using these techniques, we succeeded also to measure the density of a molten SiO2-CaAl2O4 oxide system and discussed the molar volume change by varying the SiO2 composition. …

    International journal of microgravity science and application 34(4), 340404, 2019


  • Surface Oscillation Phenomena of Aerodynamically Levitated Molten Al2O3

    HAKAMADA Shinya , NAKAMURA Airi , WATANABE Masahito , KARGL Florian

    … We propose viscosity measurements of molten oxides using Aerodynamic Levitation (ADL) with CO2-laser heating which can achieve container-less and non-contact conditions for measurements. … Using these techniques, we clarified the surface oscillation excitation mechanism and then, based on this understanding, we measured the viscosity of molten Al2O3 and its temperature dependence. …

    International journal of microgravity science and application 34(4), 340403, 2019


  • Active Stall Control of an Airfoil Using Synthetic Jets  [in Japanese]


    … The synthetic jet is one of the effective techniques for active flow control. … Our proposed system can enhance the aerodynamic performance of the airfoil and separation control is always attained with no stall for all flow fields produced by changing the angle of attack examined in the present study.</p> …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2019.25(0), 19B04, 2019


  • Influence of Separation Interference Method on Aerodynamic Responses of a Pentagonal Shaped Bridge Deck

    Haque Md Naimul , Katsuchi Hiroshi

    … Various aerodynamic countermeasures have been developed over the years to enhance the aeroelastic responses of the long-span bridge deck and Separation Interference Method (SIM) is one of these. … Engineers should have sound knowledge about the flow mechanism of the aerodynamic countermeasures of the bridge deck for further improvement of the aerodynamic responses and better design of the bridge deck. …

    Structures (16), 27-35, 2018-11


  • Measurement of physical properties of molten materials by levitation techniques developed in aerospace field:electrostatic levitation and aerodynamic levitation  [in Japanese]

    Ohishi Yuji

    <p> 炉心溶融物のような高温かつ反応性の高い物質の物性を測定する際に,試料と容器との反応が問題になる。この問題は,試料を浮遊させることができれば解決できる。浮遊法は航空宇宙分野で主に研究されてきた技術であり,様々な浮遊技術が存在している。その中でも炉心溶融物の物性測定に適していると思われる,静電浮遊法とガス浮遊法について紹介する。</p>

    Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 60(12), 749-753, 2018


  • Status and Prospect of PSP/TSP  [in Japanese]

    ASAI Keisuke

    <p>PSP・TSPは「第3の波」と言える研究開発の波が起き,その国際的な活動中心に我が国がいる.現在の研究開発は大きく産業への応用と適用領域の拡大に分けられ,産業界では輸送機械やエネルギー機械を対象に実用化が進んでいる.PSP・TSPの性能と計測精度は日々改良されており,PSPについては,空力騒音の基となる物体表面の微小圧力変動や,高速回転をともなう翼表面の圧力変動等の計測が,TSP …

    Journal of the Visualization Society of Japan 38(148), 2-2, 2018


  • Noise Source Identification of Aerodynamic Bogie Noise in High-speed Trains  [in Japanese]

    UDA Toki , MURATA Kaoru , KITAGAWA Toshiki

    … <p>In the past studies, the main sources of the aerodynamic noise are the pantographs and bogies; … the contribution of the aerodynamic bogie noise to the wayside noise is greater than that of pantographs. … Therefore, wind tunnel tests and numerical simulations have been made to reduce the aerodynamic bogie noise. … In this study, a new measurement method is proposed to identify the source of the aerodynamic bogie noise precisely in wind tunnel tests; …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), J1020105, 2018


  • Identification of Aerodynamic Bogie Noise in High-speed Trains  [in Japanese]

    UDA Toki , MURATA Kaoru , KITAGAWA Toshiki

    … Noise generated from Shinkansen trains mainly consists of wheel/rail noise, bridge noise and aerodynamic noise. … Generally rolling and bridge noises increase in proportional to the second to third power of the train speed, whereas the aerodynamic noise increases in proportional to the sixth to eighth power of the train speed. … Then, the aerodynamic noise becomes dominant at above 300km/h. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Engineering 2018.28(0), 108, 2018


  • A method for lift coefficient estimation of a pantograph using sparse modelling  [in Japanese]

    YAMASHITA Yoshitaka , MITSUMOJI Takeshi , USUDA Takayuki

    … The authors propose a solution for this trade-off by applying the pantograph equipped with smoothed profile pantograph head, which gives better performance in terms of aerodynamic noise, and actuator to actively control the lift force. … One of the most difficult problem to employ active control techniques on a pantograph is the measurement of its lift force. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 84(868), 18-00267-18-00267, 2018


  • Analysis of the NASA Common Research Model Using the TAS Code and MEGG3D Grids  [in Japanese]

    ITO Yasushi , MURAYAMA Mitsuhiro , YAMAMOTO Kazuomi , TANAKA Kentaro

    … <p>In response to the First and Second Aerodynamics Prediction Challenges, held in Tokyo, July 2015 and in Kanazawa, July 2016, respectively, computational fluid dynamics simulations were performed for the NASA Common Research Model using the Tohoku University Aerodynamic Simulation (TAS) Code. … Our results were summarized in this manuscript, with an emphasis on key computational techniques and mesh generation methods. …



  • Aerodynamic Measurement Techniques for Aero Gas Turbine  [in Japanese]

    山口 博史

    日本ガスタービン学会誌 45(4), 256-261, 2017-07

  • Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Measurements of Disordered Materials

    Kohara Shinji , Ohara Koji , Tajiri Hiroo , Song Chulho , Sakata Osami , Usuki Takeshi , Benino Yasuhiko , Mizuno Akitoshi , Masuno Atsunobu , T. Okada Junpei , Ishikawa Takehiko , Hosokawa Shinya

    … With the advent of third-generation synchrotron sources and the development of light source techniques, X-ray scattering techniques have become feasible, leading to new approaches for studying the structures of disordered materials in a quantitative manner. …

    Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 230(3), 339-368, 2016-03


  • Large-Scale DES Analysis of Unsteady Flow Field in a Transonic Axial Compressor  [in Japanese]

    TAMURA Yuki , SAITO Seishiro , FURUKAWA Masato , YAMADA Kazutoyo , MATUOKA Akinori , NIWA Naoyuki

    … <p>The goal of this study is to elucidate complicated unsteady internal flow phenomena and their effects on aerodynamic characteristics in a transonic multi-stage axial compressor. … The flow field at the design point was analyzed by data mining techniques to extract important fluid dynamic phenomena. … The data mining techniques deal with vortex structures that are identified by the critical point theory and limiting streamlines that are visualized by the line integral convolution (LIC) method. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2016(0), J0520201, 2016


  • Influence Factors on PM<sub>2.5</sub> and PM<sub>10</sub> Emissions in Iron Ore Sintering Process

    Ji Zhiyun , Fan Xiaohui , Gan Min , Chen Xuling , Li Qiang , Tian Ye , He Xiangning , Zhou Yang , Jiang Tao

    … (particulate matters less than 10/2.5 <i>µ</i>m in aerodynamic) emission in iron ore sintering process have been investigated using a lab-scale sinter pot. … This information is able to guide the development of in-bed controlling techniques for reducing PM<sub>10/2.5</sub> …

    ISIJ International 56(9), 1580-1587, 2016


  • A Study on the Multi-Objective Optimization of Impeller for High-Power Centrifugal Compressor

    Kang Hyun-Su , Kim Youn-Jea

    … A total of 15 design points were planned using Box-Behnken design, which is one of the design of experiment (DOE) techniques. … Each objective function is an important factor of aerodynamic performance and structural safety. … Through the optimization, the structural safety and aerodynamic performance of the centrifugal compressor were increased. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 9(2), 143-149, 2016


  • Development of Half-Ducted Propeller Fan for Air Conditioners by Using Numerical Optimization with Objective Functions for Improving Fan Efficiency and Aerodynamic Noise  [in Japanese]

    IWASE Taku , KISHITANI Tetsushi

    … We developed a high-efficiency half-ducted propeller fan to reduce the electric power consumption of the outdoor unit ofa packaged air conditioner by using a design tool combining computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with multi-objectiveoptimization techniques based on a genetic algorithm (GA). … The objective functions for optimization were fan efficiency and aerodynamic noise.We found there was a trade-off relationship between the static pressure efficiency and the fan noise. …

    Turbomachinery 43(6), 325-335, 2015


  • ELEMENTS, A New Aerodynamics Analysis Software:- Aerodynamics, UHTM, HVAC and Cabin Comfort, Soiling and Water Management -

    Eugene de Villiers , Angus Lock , Paolo Geremia , Todd Johansen

    … The approach makes use of a specialized volume meshing methodology with controllable cell quality metrics and an incompressible Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation (DDES) flow solver to consistently predict the aerodynamic forces on a range of different vehicle shapes. … In addition to different vehicle shapes a wide range of experimental configurations were evaluated including different ground simulation techniques, yaw angles, ride heights and test speeds. …

    International Journal of Automotive Engineering 6(2), 39-44, 2015


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