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  • Modification of grain structure in Al-Mg alloys under dynamic compression load  [in Japanese]

    MINAMI Kuon , NINOMIYA Yuki , IKEO Naoko , OOSAWA Yoshiaki , TUCHIYA Kouichi , MUKAI Toshiji

    … <p>For weight saving of the transportation equipment, aluminum alloy is widely used in place of steel as structure materials. … In this study, we investigate the strengthening Al-Mg alloys by severe plastic deformation, since the alloying element of magnesium is one of the abundant elements. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2016(0), PS-35, 2016


  • Role of Surface Texture on Friction under Boundary Lubricated Conditions

    Kumar C. Pradeep , Menezes Pradeep L. , Kailas Satish V.

    … In the present investigation, the effect of surface texture on coefficient of friction under boundary lubricated condition was studied by sliding Al-4Mg alloy pins against EN8 steel discs of various surface textures using pin-on-disc machine. … However, no transfer layer of Al-Mg alloy was observed on the steel disc. …

    Tribology Online 3(1), 12-18, 2008


  • Electron Back-Scatter Pattern Analyses of a Recrystallized Al-4mass%Mg Alloy Sheet(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)


    … Spatial distributions of grain orientation and grain boundary character distribution in a recrystallized Al-4mass%Mg alloy sheet have been investigated using the Electron Back Scatter Pattern (EBSP) method. …

    Trans. JWRI 30(1), 63-70, 2001

    Cited by (1)

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