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  • Research on Ultra-Lightweight RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol Based on Stream Cipher

    GAO Lijun , LIN Feng , MA Maode

    … <p>In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet of Things, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has also been widely concerned. … The computing power of low cost tags is limited because of their high hardware requirements. … Symmetric encryption algorithms and asymmetric encryption algorithms, such as RSA, DES, AES, etc., cannot be suitable for low cost RFID protocols. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E104.B(1), 13-19, 2021


  • Identifying Crypto API Usages in Android Apps Using a Static Analysis Framework  [in Japanese]

    角田 大輔 , 松浦 幹太

    コンピュータセキュリティシンポジウム2020論文集, 80-87, 2020-10-19


  • Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Ensemble Learning for Malware Binary Classification

    Yun Gao , Hirokazu Hasegawa , Yukiko Yamaguchi , Hajime Shimada

    コンピュータセキュリティシンポジウム2020論文集, 589-595, 2020-10-19


  • Two-dimensional swarm formation in time-invariant external potential: Modeling, analysis, and control

    Wang Yanran , Hikihara Takashi

    … In this paper, we present a new approach for energy efficient WSN protocols that investigates how the cluster formation of sensors responds to the external time-invariant energy potential. … We define swarm formation topology and estimate the curvature of an external potential manifold by analyzing the change of the swarm formation in time. …

    Chaos 30(9), 2020-09-25


  • Proposal of Distributed Parallel Homology Search System GHOSTZ PW/GF  [in Japanese]

    町田 健太 , 建部 修見

    … In metagenomic analysis, a large amount of genomic DNA directly obtained from an environment is used at once to analyze the structure and function of the microbial community in the environment. … Metagenomic data is one of the big data now, and the amount of the acquired data is increasing year by year owing to improved performance and extensive usage of next-generation sequencers. …

    情報処理学会論文誌コンピューティングシステム(ACS) 13(2), 13-27, 2020-09-17


  • Properties of Mean Shift

    Yamasaki Ryoya , Tanaka Toshiyuki

    … We study properties of the mean shift (MS)-type algorithms for estimating modes of probability density functions (PDFs), via regarding these algorithms as gradient ascent on estimated PDFs with adaptive step sizes. … We rigorously prove convergence of mode estimate sequences generated by the MS-type algorithms, under the assumption that an analytic kernel function is used. …

    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 42(9), 2273-2286, 2020-09-01


  • A Recommendation Method by Non-negative/Binary Matrix Factorization Using Quantum Annealing  [in Japanese]

    香月 諒大 , 村上 公平 , 矢実 貴志 , 稲葉 陽子 , 生田目 崇

    … A lot of studies start to seek the applications of quantum annealing in fields such as machine learning. … However, most of them are limited to research field of theoretical analysis of algorithms or concept proposal, and there are few studies that target problems based on real data. …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 13(2), 107-113, 2020-08-28


  • Surface Remeshing: A Systematic Literature Review of Methods and Research Directions

    Khan Dawar , Plopski Alexander , Fujimoto Yuichiro , Kanbara Masayuki , Jabeen Gul , Zhang Yongjie , Zhang Xiaopeng , Kato Hirokazu

    … With the aim of literature collection and classification based on data extraction, we summarized collected articles, considering the key remeshing objectives, the way the mesh quality is defined and improved, and the way their techniques are compared with other previous methods. … The metrics used in the literature for the evaluation of surface remeshing algorithms are discussed. …



  • Non-Linear Regression Analysis of the Combined Pronunciation Ease and Accuracy Index for Foreign Languages  [in Japanese]

    吉見 毅彦 , 小谷 克則

    … This study analyzed the characteristics of previous methods used to measure the ease and accuracy of pronouncing a sentence and proposed a measurement method that combined their advantages. … The proposed measurement method was developed using non-linear regression analysis. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(7), 1267-1272, 2020-07-15


  • Semantic diversity: Privacy considering distance between values of sensitive attribute

    Keiichiro Oishi , Yuichi Sei , Yasuyuki Tahara , Akihiko Ohsuga

    … One of the mainstream privacy protection indicators, l-diversity, guarantees that the probability of identifying a sensitive attribute value of an individual in a database is less than 1/l. … For example, an attacker may know that candidates of Alice's disease are a set of HIV-1(M), HIV-1(N), and HIV-2 if the anonymized database satisfies 3-diversity. …

    Computers & Security (94), 101823-10182, 2020-07


  • Biomarkers of neoadjuvant/adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

    Iwamoto Takayuki , Kajiwara Yukiko , Zhu Yidan , Iha Shigemichi

    … The improvement of tumor biomarkers prepared for clinical use is a long process. … In this review, we describe the biomarkers of neoadjuvant/adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer, considering different breast cancer subtypes. … Recently, patients with residual invasive cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy are at a high-risk of recurrence for metastasis, which, in turn, make these patients best applicants for clinical trials. …

    Chinese Clinical Oncology 9(3), 27, 2020-07


  • Over- and Under-sampling Approach for Extremely Imbalanced and Small Minority Data Problem in Health Record Analysis

    Fujiwara Koichi , Huang Yukun , Hori Kentaro , Nishioji Kenichi , Kobayashi Masao , Kamaguchi Mai , Kano Manabu

    … A considerable amount of health record (HR) data has been stored due to recent advances in the digitalization of medical systems. … However, it is not always easy to analyze HR data, particularly when the number of persons with a target disease is too small in comparison with the population. … Over-sampling and under-sampling are two approaches for redressing an imbalance between minority and majority examples, which can be combined into ensemble algorithms. …

    Frontiers in Public Health (8), 2020-05-19


  • Integration of Multi-Sensor Data to Estimate Plot-Level Stem Volume Using Machine Learning Algorithms–Case Study of Evergreen Conifer Planted Forests in Japan

    Iizuka Kotaro , Hayakawa Yuichi S. , Ogura Takuro , Nakata Yasutaka , Kosugi Yoshiko , Yonehara Taichiro

    … The development of new methods for estimating precise forest structure parameters is essential for the quantitative evaluation of forest resources. … Conventional use of satellite image data, increasing use of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), and emerging trends in the use of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) highlight the importance of modern technologies in the realm of forest observation. …

    Remote Sensing 12(10), 2020-05-01



    IKEDA Yoshihito , ENDO Ryuji , KOBAYASHI Masahito

    … <p> Inverse analyses are performed for 5-story frame model to identify lateral stiffness using projection and parametric projection filtering algorithms. … The actual measurement 1st vibration mode measured by Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) is adopted as observation data. … Because the mode vector are obtained as ratio of displacement, the natural frequency of 1st vibration mode as well as mode displacements was used to determine the necessary inverse solutions. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (771), 693-703, 2020-05


  • Performance of the Algorithms for Bispectral Analysis on Turbulence and Their Application in Edge Plasmas

    Shen Yu-Hang , Li Jia , Li Tian

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89(4), 044501-1-9, 2020-04


  • Submodular optimization and integer programming for text data analysis  [in Japanese]

    永野 清仁 , NAGANO Kiyohito

    … A submodular function is a discrete analogue of a convex function. … It enables us to describe a large class of practical problems and arises in a number of fields, including graph theory, game theory , and machine learning.This article shows how the submodular optimization algorithms can be used in text analysis problems and combinatorial algorithms. …

    群馬大学社会情報学部研究論集 (27), 49-62, 2020-03-02


  • Analysis of Particle Swarm Optimization with Individual DropoutName(Reports of Overseas Activities)  [in Japanese]

    進藤 卓也

    … In conventional particle swarm optimization( PSO), the diversity of an individual is lost with the state update. … Such a decrease in diversity has been confirmed by some meta-heuristic algorithms. … In the meta-heuristics that conducts the search with many points, the method of maintaining the diversity of the swarm is expressed as regeneration of stagnant search individuals. …

    日本工業大学研究報告 = Report of researches, Nippon Institute of Technology 49(4), 96-99, 2020-03


  • Estimating TCP Congestion Control Algorithms from Passively Collected Bidirectional Packet Log Using Recurrent Neural Network  [in Japanese]

    大関 尚紀 , 山本 嶺 , 大坐畠 智 , 加藤 聰彦

    … Recently, as various types of networks are introduced, a number of TCP congestion control algorithms have been introduced. … Since the TCP congestion control algorithms affect traffic characteristic in the Internet, it is important for network operators to analyze which algorithms are used widely in their backbone networks. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(2), 287-296, 2020-02-15


  • Implementation of an Algorithmic Debugger for Packrat parser Library Woodrat  [in Japanese]

    坂上 知紀 , 前田 敦司

    … By allowing arbitrary backtracking, both lexical analysis and syntax analysis can be performed together. … When backtracking occurs at the time of parsing, the parse time may be an exponential time. … In algorithmic debugging, a trace of recursive calls in a program is represented by a tree structure, and debugging is performed on that tree structure. …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 13(1), 23-23, 2020-01-29


  • Design and Simulation of Self-Organizing Network Routing Algorithm Based on Q-learning

    Yuejia Dou , Huilin Liu , Liangkang Wei , Shiyou Chen

    IEICE Proceeding Series (62), 357-360, 2020


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