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  • Identification of a newly isolated <i>Sphingomonas</i> sp. LZ1 and its application to biosynthesize chiral alcohols

    Wang Nengqiang , Luo Zhen , Li Kaiqin , Xu Yingcui , Peng Cheng

    … <p>A strain LZ1, which showed efficient asymmetric reduction of 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl) acetophenone to enantiopure (<i>S</i>)-[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]ethanol, which is the key intermediate for the synthesis of a receptor antagonist and antidepressant, was isolated from a soil sample. … exhibiting stricter <i>S</i>-enantioselectivity and its use for the asymmetric reduction of 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl) acetophenone. …

    The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology, 2020


  • A Study of Reducing Reveled Information in Decentralized Asymmetric Constraint Optimization  [in Japanese]

    MATSUI Toshihiro

    <p>複数エージェントの協調問題解決や交渉において,各エージェントから漏洩する情報の抑制は重要な課題である.本研究では各エージェントが関連するエージェントの意思決定に対して固有の目的関数値を持つ,非対称な制約最適化問題のための非集中型解法を,情報漏洩を抑制しつつ解を求める交渉の基本的な枠組みとして捉える. 1) 本研究の目的は,各エージェントの目的関数値を最適化する解法の過程で公開され …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 1P4GS704-1P4GS704, 2020


  • Symptomatic Characteristics of Parkinson's Disease Induced by Neuroleptic Drugs, Based on a Functional Neuroimaging Diagnosis

    Tachibana Kei , Matsuura Keita , Shindo Akihiro , Matsuyama Hirofumi , Ii Yuichiro , Taniguchi Akira , Tomimoto Hidekazu

    … </p><p><b>Results </b>Eleven patients showed a reduction in the ligand uptake on DAT-SPECT (DAT-positive group), and nine of these patients showed a low delayed heart-to-mediastinum (H/M) ratio on MIBG myocardial scintigraphy. … All patients in the DAT-positive group had asymmetric motor symptoms, whereas only 4 in the DAT-negative group exhibited this clinical feature (p=0.001). …

    Internal Medicine 59(4), 485-490, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Reduction of torque ripple by applying an asymmetric rotor to PMSM  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 誠 , 杉本 愼治 , 高橋 暁史 , 民谷 周一 , 櫛田 昂歳

    電気学会研究会資料. RM 2019(112・114-132), 71-77, 2019-10-16

  • Spin Pumping in Asymmetric Fe50Pt50/Cu/Fe20Ni80 Trilayer Structure

    Medwal Rohit , Gupta Surbhi , Rawat Rajdeep S. , Subramanian Annapoorni , Fukuma Yasuhiro

    … Herein, spin transport dynamics across asymmetric Fe50Pt50/Cu/Fe20Ni80 soft‐magnetic trilayer structure is reported and thereby modulation of magnetic parameters including damping and effective field is determined by means of the angular dependence of broadband ferromagnetic resonance measurements. … Mutual precession for wide range of resonance configuration reveals a collective reduction in anisotropy field of around 200 mT for both Fe50Pt50 and Fe20Ni80 systems. …

    Physica status solidi - Rapid Research Letters 13(10), 1900267-1-1900267-6, 2019-07-03


  • A Concise Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (+)-Epilupinine

    Tsutsumi Tomohiro , Karanjit Sangita , Nakayama Atsushi , Namba Kosuke

    Asymmetric total synthesis of (+)-epilupinine was achieved in just 3 steps using only commercially available common reagents. … The total synthesis involved alkylations of N-nosylamide, ozone oxidation, and sequential reactions of the removal of the nosyl group, intramolecular dehydrative condensation, intramolecular Mannich reaction catalyzed by L-proline, and a reduction. …

    Organic Letters 21(8), 2620-2624, 2019-04-09


  • Changes in the asymmetric distribution of cholesterol in the plasma membrane influence streptolysin O pore formation

    Ogasawara Fumihiko , Kano Fumi , Murata Masayuki , Kimura Yasuhisa , Kioka Noriyuki , Ueda Kazumitsu

    … Therefore, exogenous expression of ABCA1 causes reduction in the cholesterol level in the inner leaflet, thereby suppressing SLO pore formation. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 2019-03-14


  • Neural correlates of time distortion in a preaction period

    Iwasaki Miho , Noguchi Yasuki , Kakigi Ryusuke

    … It is generally known that viewing a stimulus induces a reduction in amplitude of occipital 10-Hz wave ("alpha‐blocking"). … Interestingly, this alpha suppression in the SMA occurred in an asymmetric manner (such that troughs of alpha rhythm was more strongly suppressed than peaks), which can produce a gradual increase (slow shift of baseline) in neural activity. …

    Human Brain Mapping 40(3), 804-817, 2019-02-15


  • Measurement of the flow harmonic correlations in pp, p+Pb and low multiplicity Pb+Pb collisions with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

    原 和彦 , 大川 英希 , 佐藤 構二 , 受川 史彦 , ATLAS Collaboration , Kazuhiko HARA , Hideki OKAWA , Koji SATO , Fumihiko UKEGAWA

    … Recent measurements of the correlations between flow harmonics obtained using four-particle symmetric cumulants and three-particle asymmetric cumulants with the ATLAS detector at the LHC are described. … A systematic reduction of non-flow effects is observed when using the two-subevent method. … Further reduction is observed with the three-subevent method that is consistent with the results obtained with the four-subevent one. …

    Nuclear physics. A (982), 479-482, 2019-02


  • Couple analysis of vibro-acoustics by concentrated mass model  [in Japanese]

    HISANO Shotaro , ISHIKAWA Satoshi , KIJIMOTO Shinya , IWAMOTO Hiroyuki

    … In particular, structural-acoustic coupled effects due to the weight reduction of machines cannot be ignored. … In this method, eigenvalue analysis requires a long computational time because the mass and stiffness matrices are asymmetric. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2019(0), 310, 2019


  • Analysis of Self-Excited Vibration Generated in Asymmetric Rotating Shaft with Anisotropic Support  [in Japanese]

    AMANO Yuki , KONDOU Takahiro , MORI Hiroki , SOWA Nobuyuki

    … <p>Rotating machines are widely used in industry and therefore improvement of their efficiency through weight reduction and high-speed operation is always one of the most important tasks. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2019(0), 161, 2019


  • Design of Peptide Catalysts by Combining Secondary Structural Units for Selective Reactions  [in Japanese]

    Akagawa Kengo , Kudo Kazuaki

    … <p>Peptides are recognized as capable asymmetric catalysts, and have a great potential for the application to unique selective reactions. … an enzyme-co-catalyzed reaction, regioselective reduction, diastereoselective cyclopropanation, kinetic resolution of a planar-chiral compound, and desymmetrization reaction to induce planar chirality were attained. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 77(12), 1222-1233, 2019


  • Study on Vibration Response Characteristics of Turbine Blade for Turbocharger:(Effect of Asymmetric Nozzle Vane Spacing on Vibration Response Reduction)  [in Japanese]

    KANEKO Yasutomo , MORI Kazushi , EBISU Motoki , OGAWA Shinji , TAKESHITA Tomoaki

    … In this study, as a reduction method for the resonant response of mistuned turbine wheels, asymmetric vane spacing is examined systematically using the reduced order model FMM and the Monte Carlo simulation. … It is shown that asymmetric vane spacing is a practical method for reducing resonant responses.</p> …

    Turbomachinery 47(6), 361-369, 2019


  • Total Syntheses of the Non-Peptide Bradykinin B1 Receptor Antagonist Velutinol A and Its Analogs, <i>seco</i>-Pregnanes with a Cage-Like Moiety

    Tamiya Minoru , Isaka Nobuhisa , Kitazawa Takaaki , Hasegawa Atsushi , Ishizawa Kazuya , Ikeda Mayu , Kawada Saki , Ishiguro Masaji

    … Introduction of the 20-oxo group potentially embedded in argeloside aglycon was accomplished by Wacker oxidation of Δ<sup>20</sup>, which was constructed by Grieco–Nishizawa <i>syn</i>-β-elimination of the C21-primary alcohol obtained by reduction of the Baeyer–Villiger product. … Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation of Δ<sup>20</sup> …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 92(9), 1474-1494, 2019


  • Behavior of the Forces Acting on a Sphere near the Critical Reynolds Number  [in Japanese]

    Okura Nobuyuki , Suzuki Masahiro

    … In the range of the critical Reynolds number, steady lift and side forces generate with a sudden drag reduction, because a laminar-turbulent transition occurs partially around the sphere and the flow becomes asymmetric in respect of the flow direction. …



  • Reduction of Torque Ripple in Synchronous Reluctance Motor by Combining Different Flux Barrier Structures

    Yamamoto Yuuto , Morimoto Shigeo , Sanada Masayuki , Inoue Yukinori

    … The effects of various flux barrier configurations on the motor's torque performance were examined, and two different flux barrier structures were combined by lamination in an asymmetric rotor structure. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 8(3), 430-436, 2019


  • Curling of Sheet in Asymmetric Rolling Investigated by Profile Measurement of Partly Rolled Sheet

    Li Ling , Matsumoto Ryo , Utsunomiya Hiroshi

    … <p>The curling of a sheet in cold asymmetric rolling was investigated experimentally by interrupted rolling. … Under differential-speed rolling, the sheet curled to the slower roll side at low reduction in thickness, while it curled to the faster roll side at higher reduction. … on the slower (lower) roll surface at low reduction. … at higher reduction in thickness. …

    ISIJ International 59(3), 489-495, 2019


  • Kink Suppression and High Reliability of Asymmetric Dual Channel Poly-Si Thin Film Transistors for High Voltage Bias Stress

    PARK Joonghyun , SHIN Myunghun

    Asymmetric dual channel length poly-Si TFT (ADCL) shows the best reduction of kink and leakage currents. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E102.C(1), 95-98, 2019


  • Investigation of the Outcomes of Corneal Cross-linking in Progressive Keratoconus  [in Japanese]

    Hayami Mio , Yamamura Aya , Suzuki Tomoka , Sugino Tomoya , Uno Yunako , Kato Akane , Suzuki Sayori , Kojima Takashi

    <p><b>【目的】</b>進行性円錐角膜に対する角膜クロスリンキング(以下:CXL)の結果の検討</p><p><b>【対象及び方法】</b>岐阜赤十字病院にてCXLを施行して術後3ヶ月以上経過した進行性円錐角膜患者14名14眼(男性11名、女性3名、平均年齢20.2±4.2歳、平均角膜屈折力48.50±4.4D) …

    JAPANESE ORTHOPTIC JOURNAL 48(0), 25-33, 2018


  • Development of a High-Performance Method of Vibration Analysis for a Large-Scale Nonlinear System:(Application to an Asymmetric System)  [in Japanese]

    SUMIKAWA Taiki , KONDOU Takahiro

    … <p>A rational method of dimensional reduction based on new type of complex nodal analysis is developed in order to analyze accurately a nonlinear vibration generated in a large-scale structure with locally strong nonlinearity, asymmetry and non-proportional damping. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2018(0), 103, 2018


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