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  • GATA transcription factors, SOX17 and TFAP2C, drive the human germ-cell specification program

    Kojima Yoji , Yamashiro Chika , Murase Yusuke , Yabuta Yukihiro , Okamoto Ikuhiro , Iwatani Chizuru , Tsuchiya Hideaki , Nakaya Masataka , Tsukiyama Tomoyuki , Nakamura Tomonori , Yamamoto Takuya , Saitou Mitinori

    ヒト生殖細胞の運命決定機序を解明 --転写因子のみによる生殖細胞の誘導. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2021-03-01.Master regulator for human germ cell specification. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2021-03-01.

    Life Science Alliance 4(5), 2021-05


  • Anti–USAG-1 therapy for tooth regeneration through enhanced BMP signaling

    Murashima-Suginami A. , Kiso H. , Tokita Y. , Mihara E. , Nambu Y. , Uozumi R. , Tabata Y. , Bessho K. , Takagi J. , Sugai M. , Takahashi K.

    … 2021-02-15.Uterine sensitization–associated gene-1 (USAG-1) deficiency leads to enhanced bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling, leading to supernumerary teeth formation. … Furthermore, antibodies interfering with binding of USAG-1 to BMP, but not lipoprotein receptor–related protein 5/6 (LRP5/6), accelerate tooth development. …

    Science Advances 7(7), 2021-02-10


  • High-phosphorus Diet Induces Upregulation of Bmp2 and Spp1 mRNA Expression in Rat Kidney

    MATSUZAKI Hiroshi , MORI Kikue , KATSUMATA Shinichi

    日本健康医学会雑誌 = Journal of Japan Health Medicine Association 29(4), 444-449, 2021-01

  • Analysis of the bone morphogenetic protein 6 gene promoter region in young beef cattle affected by enzootic bovine leukosis

    MAEZAWA Masaki , WATANABE Ken-ichi , MATSUMOTO Kotaro , KOBAYASHI Yoshiyasu , OGAWA Haruko , INOKUMA Hisashi

    … The purpose of this study was to evaluate the differences in BMP-6 methylation status between EBL beef cattle under 3 years old and other cattle. … We investigated the methylation status of the BMP-6 promoter region in 32 EBL beef cattle under 3 years old. … Median methylation rate of the BMP-6 promoter region in EBL beef cattle under 3 years old was 8.9%, which was significantly higher than that of other groups. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 2021


  • Jawbone remodeling: Cross-talk between BMP signaling and mechanosensing signaling in bone  [in Japanese]

    OMI Maiko , MISHINA Yuji

    … Therefore, therapeutic methods used to treat most skeletal diseases may not apply to jawbone diseases.<br>Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling plays a critical role in the growth, differentiation and functions of osteoblasts in various in vitro and in vivo experiments. … Recent studies have revealed that, however, BMP signaling exerts multiple functions in maintaining bone mass thorough regulation of cellular interaction between bone cells. …

    Journal of The Japanese Stomatological Society 70(1), 1-11, 2021


  • A Process for a Conceptual Design and Its Simulation toward New Business Model Creation  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Kazuki

    … ネスモデルを構想段階で概念設計し,検証するためのプロセスを提案する.このプロセスでは,ビジネスモデルキャンバス(BMC)上でSWOT分析を通して自社の強みや弱みを明確にし,ビジネスモデルパターン(BMP)を選択して新しいビジネスモデルの創出に向けた方針を策定する.その方針に沿って,アクションフレームワーク(AF)を適用して新しいビジネスモデルを創出するための施策を決定する.そして,この施 …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Management Information 29(4), 273-294, 2021


  • Zbtb7a and Zbtb7b: Opening naïve loci to reprogram ESCs

    Cao Hua , Huang Hong , Tang Huifang

    … <p>Bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) was recently reported to confer reprogramming capability to embryonic stem cells (ESCs) by reactivating naïve pluripotency genes <i>via</i> … A visual reporting system was developed to first identify BMP4 as a driver for the primed-to-naïve transition (PNT). …

    BioScience Trends 15(1), 58-60, 2021


  • Involvement of clock gene expression, bone morphogenetic protein and activin in adrenocortical steroidogenesis by human H295R cells

    Soejima Yoshiaki , Iwata Nahoko , Nakano Yasuhiro , Yamamoto Koichiro , Suyama Atsuhito , Nada Takahiro , Ogawa Hiroko , Otsuka Fumio

    BMP-6 and activin, which modulate adrenal steroidogenesis, had inhibitory effects on Clock mRNA expression, whereas treatment with follistatin, a binding protein of activin, increased Clock mRNA levels in the presence of FSK, suggesting an endogenous function of activin in regulation of Clock mRNA expression. … Collectively, the results indicated that changes of Clock mRNA expression, being upregulated by FSK and suppressed by BMP-6 and activin, were tightly linked to StAR expression by human adrenocortical cells.</p> …

    Endocrine Journal 68(2), 243-250, 2021


  • Interfacial and Aggregation Behaviour of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Induced by Ionic Liquids

    Mandal Manas Kumar , Barai Manas , Sultana Habiba , Manna Emili , Musib Dulal , Maiti Dilip Kumar , Panda Amiya Kumar

    … <p>Aggregation studies of anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) was investigated in aqueous 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride [bmim]Cl and <i>N</i>-butyl-<i>N</i>-methyl pyrrolidinium tetrafluoroborate [bmp]BF<sub>4</sub> …

    Journal of Oleo Science 70(2), 185-194, 2021


  • Experimental and clinical evaluation of BMP2-CPC graft versus deproteinized bovine bone graft for guided bone regeneration: A pilot study

    SHEN Hongzhou , ZHI Yin , ZHU Fangxing , SI Jiawen , SHI Jun , SHEN Steve GF.

    … <p>In this study, we proposed BMP2-incorporated calcium phosphate cement (BMP2-CPC), for application in guided bone regeneration (GBR) and compared the experimental bone restoration performance and clinical alveolar bone reconstruction outcome of BMP2-CPC with those of deproteinized bovine bone (DBB). …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(1), 191-201, 2021


  • Physicochemical and osteogenic properties of chairside processed tooth derived bone substitute and bone graft materials


    BMP2 released from TDBS was measured by ELISA. …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(1), 173-183, 2021


  • Long-Term Effect of Honeycomb beta-Tricalcium Phosphate on Zygomatic Bone Regeneration in Rats

    Nakagiri Ryoko , Watanabe Satoko , Takabatake Kiyofumi , Tsujigiwa Hidetsugu , Watanabe Toshiyuki , Matsumoto Hiroshi , Kimata Yoshihiro

    … Bone morphogenic protein (BMP)-2-free honeycomb beta-TCP (TCP group) and honeycomb beta-TCP with BMP-2 (BMP group) were implanted in the zygomatic bone of rats. … Bone formation was observed in the BMP group at 1 month, and beta-TCP absorption reproducing the zygomatic bone morphology was observed at 6 months. …

    Materials 13(23), 5374, 2020-11-26


  • Distinct Osteogenic Potentials of BMP-2 and FGF-2 in Extramedullary and Medullary Microenvironments

    Nosho Shuji , Tosa Ikue , Ono Mitsuaki , Hara Emilio Satoshi , Ishibashi Kei , Mikai Akihiro , Tanaka Yukie , Kimura-Ono Aya , Komori Taishi , Maekawa Kenji , Kuboki Takuo , Oohashi Toshitaka

    … Bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) and fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) have been regarded as the major cytokines promoting bone formation, however, several studies have reported unexpected results with failure of bone formation or bone resorption of these growth factors. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(21), 7967, 2020-10-27


  • Effect of Honeycomb β-TCP Geometrical Structure on Bone Tissue Regeneration in Skull Defect

    Watanabe Toshiyuki , Takabatake Kiyofumi , Tsujigiwa Hidetsugu , Watanabe Satoko , Nakagiri Ryoko , Nakano Keisuke , Nagatsuka Hitoshi , Kimata Yoshihiro

    … Honeycomb beta-TCP with vertical and horizontal holes was loaded with BMP-2 using Matrigel and Collagen gel as carriers, and transplanted into skull bone defect model rats. … The results showed that in each four groups (Collagen alone group, Matrigel alone group, Collagen + BMP group and Matrigel + BMP-2), vigorous bone formation was observed on the vertical beta-TCP compared with horizontal beta-TCP. …

    Materials 13(21), 4761, 2020-10-25


  • BMP-2/beta-TCP Local Delivery for Bone Regeneration in MRONJ-Like Mouse Model

    Mikai Akihiro , Ono Mitsuaki , Tosa Ikue , Ha Thi Thu Nguyen , Hara Emilio Satoshi , Nosho Shuji , Kimura-Ono Aya , Nawachi Kumiko , Takarada Takeshi , Kuboki Takuo , Oohashi Toshitaka

    … Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)-2 is known to be a strong inducer of bone remodeling, by directly regulating osteoblast differentiation and osteoclast activity. … This study aimed to evaluate the effects of BMP-2 adsorbed onto beta-tricalcium phosphate (beta-TCP), which is an osteoinductive bioceramic material and allows space retention, on the prevention and treatment of MRONJ in mice. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(19), 7028, 2020-09-24


  • Bidirectional Wnt signaling between endoderm and mesoderm confers tracheal identity in mouse and human cells

    Kishimoto Keishi , Furukawa Tamura Kana , Luz-Madrigal Agustin , Yamaoka Akira , Matsuoka Chisa , Habu Masanobu , Alev Cantas , Zorn Aaron M. , Morimoto Mitsuru

    呼吸器の発生をつかさどるメカニズムの解明 --発生現象の発見に基づくES細胞から気管組織の作出へ--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2020-09-03.

    Nature Communications (11), 2020-08-27


  • Neural regulation in tooth regeneration of Ambystoma mexicanum

    Makanae Aki , Tajika Yuki , Nishimura Koki , Saito Nanami , Tanaka Jun-Ichi , Satoh Akira

    … Exogenous Fgf2, Fgf8, and Bmp7 expression could induce tooth placodes even in the denervated mandible. … Our results suggest that the role of nerves is conserved and that Fgf+Bmp signals play key roles in axolotl organ-level regeneration. … Exogenous Fgf2, Fgf8, and Bmp7 expression could induce tooth placodes even in the denervated mandible. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 9323, 2020-06-09


  • Production of Biogas from Olive Pomace

    AYADI Manel , AHOU Sylvestre , AWAD Sary , ABDERRABBA Manef , ANDRES Yves

    … Physico-chemical tests were conducted to identify the olive pomace biochemical methane potential (BMP). …

    Evergreen 7(2), 228-233, 2020-06

    IR  DOI 

  • 進行性骨化性線維異形成症(FOP) (特集 遺伝性疾患治療の最前線)  [in Japanese]

    戸口田 淳也 , 日野 恭介 , 池谷 真

    遺伝子医学 = Gene & medicine 10(2), 6,55-61, 2020-04

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