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  • JDream Expert Finder: A Search Engine to Find Young Promising Researchers  [in Japanese]

    Inoue Hiroto , Fujita Masanori , Terano Takao

    … performances. Therefore, we have focused on the betweenness centrality in co-authorship networks as an alternative indicator. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 2-CS-5, 2020


  • Community Extraction Method of Road Networks Based on Betweenness Contribution  [in Japanese]

    Fushimi Takayasu , Saito Kazumi , Ikeda Tetsuo , Kazama Kazuhiro

    … To this end, based on a notion of group-betweenness centrality measure, we newly formalize this problem as a k-betweens problem and propose a community extraction method of road networks to identify the influential zones. … Furthermore, by computing the degree of antagonism among communities using the entropy of betweenness contribution rates, we can quantify the effectiveness of installing the same signboards for residents of areas where the influential zones of multiple signboards overlap.</p> …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 35(1), F-wd12_1-11, 2020


  • A Topology Control Strategy with Efficient Path for Predictable Delay-Tolerant Networks

    YAN Dawei , LIU Cong , YOU Peng , YONG Shaowei , GUAN Dongfang , XING Yu

    <p>In wireless networks, efficient topology improves the performance of network protocols. The previous research mainly focuses on how to construct a cost-efficient network structure from a stat …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E102.B(12), 2183-2198, 2019


  • Dynamic properties of oligomers that characterize low-frequency normal modes

    Wako Hiroshi , Endo Shigeru

    … The centrality measure "betweenness" of each residue was calculated for the networks. … Several residues with significantly high betweenness were observed on the inter-subunit interfaces. … It was also observed that amino acid residues with significantly high betweenness were more conservative. … This supports that the betweenness is an effective characteristic for identifying an important residue in protein dynamics.</p> …

    Biophysics and Physicobiology 16(0), 220-231, 2019


  • Evaluation of Port Position for Intra-Asia Maritime Network

    KAWASAKI Tomoya , HANAOKA Shinya , YITING Jiang , MATSUDA Takuma

    … <p>This paper aims to evaluate port position in the Intra-Asian maritime container network based on centrality measures. … From the results, main hub ports such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan, and Shanghai are identified as occupying pivotal positions in Intra-Asia in terms of centrality measures. … Chinese and Taiwanese ports have more closeness due to their geographical centrality in the Intra-Asian network. …

    Asian Transport Studies 5(4), 570-583, 2019


  • Brain structural connectivity and neuroticism in healthy adults

    Ueda Issei , Kakeda Shingo , Watanabe Keita , Sugimoto Koichiro , Igata Natsuki , Moriya Junji , Takemoto Kazuhiro , Katsuki Asuka , Yoshimura Reiji , Abe Osamu , Korogi Yukunori

    … Using MRI data, for each participant, we constructed whole-brain interregional connectivity matrices by deterministic tractography and calculated the graph theoretical network measures, including the characteristic path length, global clustering coefficient, small-worldness, and betweenness centrality (BET) in 83 brain regions from the Desikan-Killiany atlas with subcortical segmentation using FreeSurfer. …

    Scientific Reports (8), 16491-1-16491-8, 2018-11-07


  • Analysis of Congestion Distribution of the Road Networks by Step-decomposition Betweenness Centrality  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 優伽 , 斉藤 和巳

    近年,複雑ネットワークの分析手法を用いた道路ネットワークの研究がさかんに行われている.なかでも,媒介中心性に基づくアプローチが注目されており,災害発生時における優先復旧ノードの特定や,避難行動を仮定した際の高リクス経路の抽出等に応用されている.本研究でも同様に,ある経路間の媒介ノードは人々が通過しやすいまたは集まりやすいノードであるとし,ノードの媒介度は経路や交差点の混雑度を表すと仮定する.従来の …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 11(2), 87-98, 2018-07-26


  • A Packet Routing Method Using Transmission History Information and Betweenness Centrality of Nodes(Outline of Doctor Thesis)--(Master Course of Electronics, Information and Media Engineering Major)  [in Japanese]

    森田 雄貴 , Yuuki Morita

    日本工業大学研究報告 = Report of researches, Nippon Institute of Technology 48(1), 138-141, 2018-06


  • Learning Analytics for Supporting Seamless Language Learning using E-book with Ubiquitous Learning System

    Mouri Kousuke , Uosaki Noriko , Ogata Hiroaki

    … An experiment was conducted to evaluate (1) whether VASCORLL 2.0 (Visualization and Analysis System for Connecting Relationships of Learning Logs) is effective in connecting the words learned through eBook to those learned from real-life, and (2) which social network centrality is the most effective to enhance learning in the seamless learning enviromnent. … Furthermore, the betweenness centrality was found useful in finding central words that bridge eBook and real-life learning. …

    Educational Technology & Society 21(2), 150-163, 2018-04


  • Efficient Computation of Betweenness Centrality by Graph Decompositions and their Applications to Real-world Networks  [in Japanese]

    伊野波 竜矢 , 定兼 邦彦 , 宇野 裕之 , 米林 悠真

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 117(474), 35-42, 2018-03-05

  • Application of Network Analysis into Emergency Response : Focusing on the 2015 Outbreak of the Middle-Eastern Respiratory Syndrome in Korea

    Kim Jungbu , Jung Jung-Kyu , Cha Jae-Hyuk , Choi Jae Young , Choi Chan , Oh Seong Soo

    Information : an international Interdisciplinary journal 21(2), 441-446, 2018-02

  • Impact of Workplace Communication Networks on Productivity : A New Approach Using Wearable Sensors  [in Japanese]

    中島 賢太郎 , 上原 克仁 , 都留 康

    … The results show that an increase in betweenness centrality in a communication network has a positive and significant impact on office performance. … Thus, it is considered that an employeeʼs high betweenness centrality indicates that the employee efficiently gathers information from various colleagues through the communication network. …

    経済研究 69(1), 18-34, 2018-01

    IR  DOI 

  • Proposal and Evaluation of Set Betweenness Centrality with Probabilities for Considering the Placement of Tourism Resources for Road Networks  [in Japanese]

    大西 真生 , 斉藤 和巳 , 渡邉 貴之

    観光と情報 : 観光情報学会誌 14(1), 101-112, 2018

  • A Proposal of Organization Innovation Method Using E-Mail Log Analysis  [in Japanese]

    Haraoka Kazuo

    … Also indicators by the result such as Betweenness, Degree Centrality, and so on, will be able to show the organization objectively, and it will be possible to operate differently than before. …

    Development engineering 38(1), 13-16, 2018


  • [04]診療放射線技師の役割の実態と可能性  [in Japanese]

    片桐 邦彦

    The Annual Bulletin of Japan Academy of Business Administration 88(0), G4-1-G4-2, 2018



    NAKAMINAMI Takaaki , NAKAYAMA Shoichiro , KOBAYASHI Shun-ichi , YAMAGUCHI Hiromichi

    災害時に生じる緊急輸送を円滑に行うための緊急輸送道路が,災害時に通行可能な状態で連結できるのかどうかという連結性を高めることが重要となる.そのため,道路の被災によって連結性の観点でクリティカルな影響がある脆弱な部分を評価し,対策を施すことが望ましい.しかし,巨大災害を想定した大規模ネットワークにおいて,従来の評価方法では,膨大な数のODペアに対処する必要があるなど作業効率上の課題を抱えている.本稿 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management) 74(5), I_1141-I_1148, 2018


  • A Study on Relationship Between Strength of Human Network and Health Indicators in Mountainous Area  [in Japanese]

    Nohara Yasuhiro , Satoh Eiji , Nakamura Tetsuya

    本研究では,中山間地域に位置する2自治会内の高齢者への聞取調査で得られた人づきあいに関する情報をもとにネットワーク分析を行い,また,ネットワークの強さと健康指標との関連性について分析を行った。ネットワークにおける媒介中心性が高いノードを省いた場合,ネットワークの中心人物を失うことでネットワークの緊密性が低くなる特徴がみられた。調査対象者の居住地間距離と接触頻度の関係についてみると,居住地間距離が地 …

    Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan 53(3), 1036-1042, 2018


  • Word association in Russian and connected components of graphs  [in Japanese]

    上原 順一 , Uehara Junichi , ウエハラ ジュンイチ


    言語文化研究 (44), 19-31, 2018

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  • A Routing Method Using Transmission History Information and Betweenness Centrality  [in Japanese]

    森田 雄貴 , 木村 貴幸

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 117(272), 41-46, 2017-11-05

  • Computation Method for Betweenness Using Graph Compression  [in Japanese]

    荒巻 和治 , キットスワン ナッタポン , 大木 英司 , Kazuharu ARAMAKI , Nattapong KITSUWAN , Eiji OKI


    電子情報通信学会論文誌 B J100-B(11), 934-939, 2017-11-01


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