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  • A New Nonisolated ZVS Bidirectional Converter with Minimum Auxiliary Elements

    DELSHAD Majid , VESALI Mahmood

    … <p>In this paper, a non-isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter with zero voltage switching and constant switching frequency is proposed. … Unlike the active clamp bidirectional converters, to create soft switching condition in both direction, only one auxiliary switch is used, which reduces conduction losses and the complexity of the circuit. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E100.C(3), 313-320, 2017


  • Improvement of Light-Load Efficiency of Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge Isolated Bidirectional DC/DC Converter by Employing Y-Δ Transformation  [in Japanese]

    SUDO Ryu , SHIMIZU Toshihisa

    … connected three-phase dual active bridge (DAB) galvanically isolated bidirectional dc/dc converter topology is proposed in this paper. … All the primary and secondary switches of this converter are operated in a soft-switched manner over the entire operating range, when the secondary to primary voltage gain is kept within approximately 100 ± …

    IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications 133(6), 595-608, 2013-06-01

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  • Study of Matrix Converter as a Current-Controlled Power Supply in QUEST Tokamak

    LIU Xiaolong , FUJISAWA Akihide , IDEI Hiroshi , KAWASAKI Shoji , NAKASHIMA Hisatoshi , HIGASHIJIMA Aki , ARAKI Kuniaki , NAKAMURA Kazuo , JIANG Yi , YOSHISUE Tatsuya , MITARAI Osamu , HASEGAWA Makoto , TOKUNAGA Kazutoshi , ZUSHI Hideki , HANADA Kazuaki

    … and a negative n-index, a precise power supply with a rapid response is needed to control the vertical position of the plasma. … A matrix converter is a direct power conversion device that uses an array of controlled bidirectional switches as the main power elements for creating a variable-output current system. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (6), 2405137-2405137, 2011


  • An Isolated Bi-directional DC-DC Soft Switching Converter for Super Capacitor Based Energy Storage Systems  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Koji , HIRAKI Eiji , TANAKA Toshihiko , MISHIMA Tomokazu

    近年,人口増加に伴うエネルギー問題や環境保全といった地球問題から,電気自動車(EV)やハイブリッド自動車(HEV)の研究・開発が進められている。本論文では, EVやHEVの走行エネルギー回収用スーパーキャパシタ回生システムを想定したフルブリッジ-プッシュプル構成の双方向絶縁型ソフトスイッチングDC-DCコンバータを提案し,容量を低減した小型実験回路による基本的な特性評価を行った結果について報告して …

    IEICE technical report 107(149), 21-26, 2007-07-12

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  • Active Voltage Clamped Quasi-Resonant PWM High Frequency AC Power Frequency Converter using Bidirectional Power Switches  [in Japanese]

    SUGIMURA Hisayuki , FATHEY Khiry , LEE Hyun Woo , NAKAOKA Mutsuo

    本論文は誘導加熱(IH)方式高速複写機用定着ヒートローラー駆動用アクティブ電圧クランプZVS-PWM高周波インバータを取り上げ、定常動作とゼロ電圧ソフトスイッチング条件下での高周波AC実効電力制御特性について試作実験によって明確にしている。双方向パワー半導体スイッチングデバイスを用いたアクティブクランプソフトスイッチングPWM AC-ACダイレクト電力周波数変換回路(高周波ソフトスイッチングPWM …

    Technical report of IEICE. Energy engineering in electronics and communications 105(269), 13-18, 2005-09-09

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