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  • The Life Cycle of Annual Waves in the Indian Ocean as Identified by Seamless Diagnosis of the Energy Flux

    Li Zimeng , Aiki Hidenori

    … One of these features represents a localized cyclonic circulation close to the western boundary in each hemisphere while the other manifests as a basin‐scale cyclonic circulation in the eastern Indian Ocean. … For the second baroclinic mode, eastward energy fluxes associated with equatorial Kelvin waves appear when zonal velocity anomaly exhibits eastward and westward peaks (four times per year) in response to the monsoon‐wind cycle. …

    Geophysical Research Letters 47(2), 2020-01-28


  • Multiyear La Niña Impact on Summer Temperature over Japan

    IWAKIRI Tomoki , WATANABE Masahiro

    … <p> La Niña is the negative phase of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle. … During a conventional La Niña event, the seasonal cycle of surface temperature over Japan is known to be amplified (i.e. hotter summer and colder winter than normal years), but the influence of multiyear events on temperature over Japan has not yet been clarified. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II, 2020


  • Influence of Microstructure Evolution on Reheat Cracking Behavior of T23 Steel Weld Joint

    Xu Mengjia , Liu Bosheng , Dong Zhibo , Wang Zhenmin

    … It was found that the second thermal cycle procedure could alter the grain boundary network of prior austenite grain boundaries (PAGBs) of CGHAZ. … The extent of boundary evolution was dependent on the peak temperatures of the applied thermal cycles. … The relevancy between the grain boundary character and reheat cracking sensitivity were analyzed quantitatively using fractal analysis. …

    ISIJ International 60(6), 1291-1300, 2020


  • Life Cycle Thinking of Wood-Derived Biomass Utilization  [in Japanese]

    Yasunori KIKUCHI , Kazutake OOSAWA , Yuichiro KANEMATSU

    … Life cycle thinking approaches are required for conversion technology options of wood-derived resources into products under research and development, demonstration test, and industrialization. … In this study, the requirements of life cycle thinking for wood-derived biomass utilization are overviewed by applying bibliometric analysis into data-driven reviews of related research topics compared with expert-judged topics extracted from reports and literatures. …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 16(2), 94-105, 2020


  • Low cycle fatigue properties and formation of vacancy type lattice defects in industrial pure iron  [in Japanese]

    TSUCHIDA Yutaka

    … Low cycle fatigue tests were conducted on industrial pure iron (electromagnetic soft iron) after hydrogen pre-charging. … The amount of hydrogen that were trapped by either dislocation, grain boundary, vacancy or vacancy cluster tended to increase with strain cycling, with⁄without hydrogen pre-charging. …

    Journal of High Pressure Institute of Japan 58(1), 4-13, 2020



    SUZUKI Suguru , SANADA Yasushi , ICHINOSE Toshikatsu , KUSUHARA Fumio , TAKAHASHI Susumu

    … However, the occurrence of brittle failure in the foundation beam under shear walls with door openings, similar to that in boundary beams between door openings on upper floors, is also a concern. … The two specimens consist of a foundation beam, two pile-caps, and two walls with boundary columns. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (766), 1567-1575, 2019-12


  • Major lithogenic contributions to the distribution and budget of iron in the North Pacific Ocean

    Zheng Linjie , Sohrin Yoshiki

    … Based on concurrent observations of Fe, Al, and manganese (Mn), we infer that the width of the boundary scavenging zone is approximately 500 km off the Aleutian shelf. … Our results emphasize the potential importance of lpFe in the ocean's iron cycle. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 2019-08-12


  • Evaluation of Temperature Distribution of Thermoacoustic Engine Core by Heat Transfer Analysis Using FDM Coupled with Pressure / Velocity Amplitude Calculation Based on Linear Thermoacoustic Theory  [in Japanese]

    TAKEMURA Fumiya , NAKANO Shuya , KUZUU Kazuto , HASEGAWA Shinya

    … However, there was also dependence of Nusselt number on non-dimensional values related to boundary layer thickness.</p> …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Stirlling Cycle 2019.22(0), C05, 2019


  • Fracture Toughness Experiment for Numerical Analysis Ductile Fracture  [in Japanese]

    OZAWA Rekisei , WADA Yoshitaka

    … A ductile fracture under very low cycle fatigue and monotonic load increasing is mainly investigated with some specimen size and shape in numerical analysis. … In order to set a boundary conditions in numerical analysis correctly, to measure a situation of an experiment precisely is important. … These are for the generation phase analysis, i.e., precise measurement results in the experiment are useful for boundary conditions in a numerical simulation. …

    The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference 2019.32(0), 035, 2019


  • Dependence of Thermal Efficiency on the Ratio of Regenerator Channel Radius to Thermal Penetration Depth of the Traveling Wave Thermoacoustic Engine  [in Japanese]

    SENGA Mariko , HASEGAWA Shinya

    … When a traveling wave pass in the direction of a positive temperature gradient in a porous media whose channel radius is similar to the thermal penetration depth, the gases in the regenerator undergoes the isothermal thermodynamic cycle ideally. … However, in an actual engine, there are regions where viscous dissipation dominates and regions where adiabatic cycles occur depending on the ratio of the channel radius to the thermal boundary layer thickness. …

    The Proceedings of the National Symposium on Power and Energy Systems 2019.24(0), E122, 2019


  • Performance Analysis of Vapor-Compression Type Air-Conditioning Systems Using Zeotropic Refrigerant Mixture:(Cycle Simulation Based on Hierarchical Solution Method)  [in Japanese]

    WAKUI Tetsuya , OKAMURA Hiroaki , YOKOYAMA Ryohei

    … The present study develops a steady-state cycle simulation model of vaporcompression type air conditioning systems using zeotropic refrigerant mixtures. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Engineering 2019.29(0), J410, 2019


  • A Bibliometric Analysis on LCA in Assessment of Technology and System Options  [in Japanese]

    Yasunori KIKUCHI , Yasuhiro FUKUSHIMA

    … <p>The explosive increase in the state-of-the-art knowledge and case examples on life cycle assessment has made their comprehensive understandings much difficult. … In this study, the requirements on technology assessments based on life cycle thinking are discussed through a bibliometric analysis of existing academic papers. …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 15(4), 316-324, 2019


  • Effects of Maximum Temperature during Thermal Cycle and Mo Addition on Thermal Fatigue Behavior and Changes in Microstructure of Nb-Added Ferritic Stainless Steel  [in Japanese]

    Takushima Chikako , Hamada Jun-ichi

    … Changes in the microstructure during thermal fatigue were quantified by the frequency of the low-angle boundary, and the expression for dynamic recovery and recrystallization was formulated using the Zener-Hollomon parameter and cumulative inelastic strain range. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials 83(11), 424-433, 2019


  • Evaluation of Intracranial Pressure-Regulation by MRI-measured Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsation

    UEHARA Masatomo , MIYATI Tosiaki , OHNO Naoki , OKAMOTO Riho , MASE Mitsuhito

    … On a 0.4-T Gravity MRI, ECG-synchronized 2D phase contrast cine MRI technique was used to measure the flow velocity of CSF at the boundary between cranial and spinal cavities (mid-C2 level) and the cerebral aqueduct in the supine and sitting postures. … We obtained the CSF stroke volume from phase-mapped velocity images over the cardiac cycle in seven healthy volunteers and compared those between supine and sitting postures. …

    Medical Imaging and Information Sciences 36(3), 156-158, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Detwinning Behavior of Bismuth Single Crystals  [in Japanese]

    SAKAI Takamasa , KARIYA Yoshiharu , WATANABE Hirohiko , HOKAZONO Hiroaki

    … Detwinning behaviors in bismuth single crystals were investigated by applying cyclic strain for a single cycle in the [2¯1¯10]and [10¯10] directions. … In-situ observations and theresults of EBSD analysis also showed that the detwinning occurred from a twin boundary with the crystallographic orientation of thetwin being maintained. … It can be thought that the detwinning was caused by the movement of twinning dislocations by the assistanceof stacking fault energy at the twin boundary. …

    Journal of Smart Processing 8(5), 198-204, 2019


  • Dependence of acoustic source structures on the flow condition in a turbulent boundary layer  [in Japanese]

    SATAKE Shunya , OHTA Takashi

    … <p>In order to investigate the dependence of the characteristics of noise source structures on flow conditions in turbulent boundary layers, turbulent boundary layers of compressible flow at different Mach numbers were simulated by using the direct numerical simulation technique. … The results showed that the size of large scale pressure structures changed depending on the Mach number, but the generation cycle did not change. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch 2019.56(0), G013, 2019


  • Numerical Analysis of Flow in Ultra Micro Centrifugal Compressor:-Influence of Outlet Boundary Location-  [in Japanese]

    NAGAMINE Kenta , TSUJITA Hoshio , KANEKO Masanao

    … The main components of UMGT are a compressor, a combustor and a turbine, and the compressor is the most important among them to establish the gas turbine cycle and to generate the output. … However, numerical analysis often gives unrealistic results by inadequate settings of the boundary condition or the boundary location. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2019.25(0), 19H05, 2019


  • Control of grain boundary microstructure based on fractal for improvement of fatigue property in SUS316L stainless steel  [in Japanese]

    SHI Yan , KOBAYASHI Shigeaki

    … <p>Grain boundary engineering (GBE) process of SUS316L austenitic stainless steel for improving high-cycle fatigue property was investigated. … It was found that the random boundary spatial distribution (RBSD) was in fractal nature. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2019.25(0), 19C09, 2019


  • Estimation Method of Micropitting Life from <i>S</i>-<i>N</i> Curve Established by Residual Stress Measurements and Numerical Contact Analysis

    Hasegawa Naoya , Fujita Takumi , Uchidate Michimasa , Abo Masayoshi , Kinoshita Hiroshi

    … curve and the estimated stress history up to a finite cycle. …

    Tribology Online 14(3), 131-142, 2019


  • Boundary Node Identification in Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks for Surface Coverage

    WEI Linna , SONG Xiaoxiao , ZHENG Xiao , WU Xuangou , GUI Guan

    … In order to recover the holes, one can locate them by identifying the boundary nodes on their edges. … Little effort has been made to distinguish the boundary nodes in a model where wireless sensors are randomly deployed on a three-dimensional surface. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(6), 1126-1135, 2019


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