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  • Depairing current density in superconductors

    Matsushita Teruo , Kiuchi Masaru

    … The depairing current density in superconductors is theoretically investigated for magnetization and transport currents. … One of the reasons for the higher current densities is that those are obtained at the transition point to the normal state, while Tinkham obtained in the superconducting state far from the transition boundary. …

    Applied Physics Express 12(6), 063003-1-063003-5, 2019-05-20

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  • Macroalgal Community at Floristic Boundary Area between South and West Sea in Korea

    JUNG Seung Wook , OH Yoon Sik , SHIMASAKI Yohei , KANG Ik Joon , CHOI Chang Geun

    … This study was conducted to provide marine algal community and floristic boundary of Gageo–do and nearby islands in the southwest coast of Korea from August 2013 to March 2015. … Therefore, marine ecological research and monitoring of the change in water temperature and marine organisms at Gageo–do are urgently needed, as the island is important not only for its geography but also in relation to its surrounding ocean currents, water temperature, and marine biodiversity. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 64(1), 87-94, 2019-02-28


  • Radio-frequency wave interactions with a plasma sheath in oblique-angle magnetic fields using a sheath impedance model

    Kohno H. , Myra J. R.

    … The calculation based on this model employs the generalized sheath boundary condition (sheath BC), which surpasses the previously used capacitive sheath BC in reliability by taking into account the contributions of the ion and electron currents in the sheath and the displacement current. … A series of numerical simulations is carried out in two-dimensional slab geometry with a flat or curved sheath surface as part of the boundary. …

    Physics of Plasmas 26(2), 022507-1-022507-15, 2019-02-08


  • Observation and Modeling of Seawater Exchange in a Strait-Basin System in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan

    Kobayashi Shiho , Nakada Satoshi , Futamura Akira , Nagamoto Kazuhisa , Fujiwara Tateki

    … In this study, flows along the boundary between Bisan Seto which is located at the center of the Seto Inland Sea and the adjacent basin called Harima Nada were measured using a ship-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler and residual flows were obtained by removing tidal currents. …

    Journal of Water and Environment Technology 17(3), 141-152, 2019


  • Bathymetric, Subsurface, and Gravity Survey off the Sada-misaki Peninsula, the Seto Inland Sea  [in Japanese]

    Fujiwara Toshiya , Kanamatsu Toshiya , Kasaya Takafumi

    <p>新青丸KS-16-E01航海で,瀬戸内海の海域にある中央構造線断層帯西端の詳細マッピング,基礎地質情報取得を目的として,佐田岬半島沖において,海底地形,浅層構造,重力調査を行った.調査域東側の詳細海底地形には,強い潮流により形成されたと考えられるサンドウェーブ構造が見られた.調査域の西側はサンドウェーブが発達せず,比較的滑らかな海底地形である.中央構造線断層帯に対応するような段差 …

    JAMSTEC Report of Research and Development 27(0), 13-25, 2018


  • TSC Simulation of Transient CHI in New Electrode Configuration on QUEST

    KURODA Kengoh , RAMAN Roger , JARDIN Stephen C. , ONO Masayuki , HANADA Kazuaki

    … Coaxial Helicity Injection (CHI) has now been implemented using a new electrode configuration in which the CHI insulator is not part of the vacuum boundary. … The simulation results show that the configuration in which the biased electrode is located farther away from the injector flux coil requires higher currents in the injector coil to generate the required injector flux. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 13(0), 3402059-3402059, 2018


  • JRA-55CHS: An Atmospheric Reanalysis Produced with High-Resolution SST

    Masunaga Ryusuke , Nakamura Hisashi , Kamahori Hirotaka , Onogi Kazutoshi , Okajima Satoru

    … It utilizes quarter-degree sea-surface temperature (SST) as lower-boundary condition with the same data assimilation system as the JRA-55 Conventional (JRA-55C), into which no satellite data is assimilated. … The SST data can resolve steep SST gradients along the western boundary currents (WBCs), which are not necessarily well represented in many of the other atmospheric reanalysis products, including the JRA-55C. …

    SOLA 14(0), 6-13, 2018


  • The vertical structure and variability of the western boundary currents east of the Philippines : case study from in situ observations from December 2010 to August 2014

    Wang Fujun , Zhang Linlin , Hu Dunxin , Wang Qingye , Zhai Fangguo , Hu Shijian

    Journal of oceanography 73(6), 743-758, 2017-12

  • Eddy-driven nutrient transport and associated upper-ocean primary production along the Kuroshio

    Uchiyama Yusuke , Suzue Yota , Yamazaki Hidekatsu

    … The Kuroshio is one of the most energetic western boundary currents accompanied by vigorous eddy activity both on mesoscale and submesoscale, which affects biogeochemical processes in the upper ocean. …

    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 122(6), 5046-5062, 2017-06


  • Marginal deformations of 3d supersymmetric U(N) model and broken higher spin symmetry

    Hikida Yasuaki , Wada Taiki

    … We compute the anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents to the 1/N order but to all orders in the deformation parameters by mainly applying the conformal perturbation theory. … The 3d field theory is supposed to be dual to 4d supersymmetric Vasiliev theory, and the marginal deformations are argued to correspond to modifying boundary conditions for bulk scalars and fermions. …

    Journal of High Energy Physics (2017), 2017-03


  • Anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents in large N CFTs

    Hikida Yasuaki , Wada Taiki

    … We examine anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents in the critical O(N) scalar model and the Gross-Neveu model in arbitrary d dimensions. … This work can be regarded as an extension of previous work on the critical O(N) scalars in 3 dimensions, where it was shown that the bulk computation for the masses of higher spin fields on AdS4 can be mapped to the boundary one in conformal perturbation theory. …

    Journal of High Energy Physics (2017), 2017-01


  • On the Thermal Boundary Condition around Thin Platinum Wire under the Current Supply  [in Japanese]

    YAMAGUCHI Kanta , TOHMYOH Hironori

    … <p>In this work, thermal boundary conditions around thin platinum wire under the current supply were investigated. … Thin Pt wires having various diameters were prepared and the currents required to cut the wires with Joule heating were investigated under the various intervals for current supply. … An index describing the thermal boundary conditions around the wire quantitatively was introduced and the values of the index determined from the current to cut the wires were compared. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2017(0), GS0105, 2017


  • Spatio-temporal structure of the jellyfish community in the transition zone of cold and warm currents in the northwest Pacific

    Morita Hiroxi , Toyokawa Masaya , Hidaka Kiyotaka , Nishimoto Atsushi , Sugisaki Hiroya , Kikuchi Tomohiko

    … Species composition and abundance differed remarkably between the shallower layer and the deeper layer at the boundary of 300–500 m depth, where water density was within the range of the North Pacific Intermediate Water. …

    Plankton and Benthos Research 12(4), 266-284, 2017


  • Upper-ocean Dynamic Water-exchange at the Entrance of a Semi-enclose Bay under Stratified and unstratified Conditions  [in Japanese]

    内山 雄介 , 吉木 智軌 , 多田 拓晃 , 馬場 康之 , 水谷 , 久保 輝広 , 森 信人 , 猿渡 亜由未 , 大塚 淳一 , 二宮 順一 , 渡部 靖憲 , 山田 朋人 , Uchiyama Yusuke , Yoshiki Tomomichi , Tada Hiroaki , Baba Yasuyuki , Mizutani Hideaki , Kubo Teruhiro , Mori Nobuhito , Saruwatari Ayumi , Otsuka Junichi , Ninomiya Junichi , Watanabe Yasunori , Yamada Tomohito

    金沢大学理工研究域環境デザイン学系半閉鎖性内湾である和歌山県田辺湾湾口部において,ADCP,塩分水温計などを用いた長期連続観測を行い,主に流動構造と海水交換特性に関する解析を行った.クロススペクトル解析結果から,流速鉛直構造と外力との対応については,表層付近の日周期変動には海上風が,成層期の混合層下部の半日周期変動には内部潮汐が,成層崩壊期の混合層全層では半日周期潮汐がそれぞれ寄与していることが分 …

    土木学会論文集B4(海岸工学) = Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B2 (Coastal Engineering) 72(2), I_493-I_498, 2016-11-15

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  • Vibrational Convection inside a Cube in Weightlessness  [in Japanese]

    平田 勝哉 , 立元 惠祐 , 延原 正起 , 谷川 博哉 , Katsuya Hirata , Keisuke Tatsumoto , Masaki Nobuhara , Hirochika Tanigawa , ヒラタ カツヤ , タツモト ケイスケ , ノブハラ マサキ , タニガワ ヒロチカ

    … The Sα consists of a pair of trident currents. … In addition, the authors show the occurrence condition for convection as a function of Ra[η] and ω, and the boundary for the quasi-steady approximation which is permissible at ω ≲ 10[0].抄録中の[2][0] は上付き文字、[η]は下付き文字、[Pr]は斜体文字 …

    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告 = The Harris science review of Doshisha University 57(3), 159-172, 2016-10

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  • Drag and Bulk Transfer Coefficients Over Water Surfaces in Light Winds

    Wei Zhongwang , Miyano Aiko , Sugita Michiaki , 杉田 倫明

    … Based on our analysis, suggested causes including (i) measurement errors, (ii) lake currents, (iii) capillary waves, (iv) the possibility of a measurement height within the interfacial/transition sublayer, and (v) a possible mismatch in the representative time scale used for mean and covariance averaging, are not considered major factors. …

    Boundary-layer meteorology 160(2), 319-346, 2016-08


  • Numerical Analysis by BEM with Loop and Surface Magnetic Currents by Utilizing Characteristic of Eddy Current  [in Japanese]

    石橋 一久 , Andjeric Zoran

    電気学会研究会資料. RM 2016(1-17), 37-42, 2016-01-20

  • Numerical Analysis by BEM with Loop and Surface Magnetic Currents by Utilizing Characteristic of Eddy Current  [in Japanese]

    石橋 一久 , Andjeric Zoran

    電気学会研究会資料. SA 2016(1-17), 37-42, 2016-01-20

  • Governing factors of diversity of submarine channels : examination from the theoretical model of the equilibrium profile of submarine channels  [in Japanese]

    成瀬 元

    … The equilibrium profile is here defined as profiles where turbidity currents are bypassing or depositing uniformly. … As a result, depending on boundary condition at upstream end of channels, two possible cases were recognized: (i) submarine channels in which levee-forming muddy sediments are run out at the end of channel, (ii) submarine channels in which sandy sediments are run out. …

    石油技術協会誌 = Journal of the Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology 81(1), 22-32, 2016-01


  • Theoretical and analytical study for western boundary currents and their extensions  [in Japanese]

    佐々木 克徳 , Yoshi N. Sasaki , 北海道大学大学院理学研究院 , Graduate School of Science Hokkaido University

    … Western boundary currents and their extensions play important roles in the climate system, such as by transporting a large amount of heat poleward and releasing it to the atmosphere. …

    海の研究 25(1), 1-16, 2016-01

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