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  • Growth and Photosynthetic Efficiency of Two Lettuce Cultivars Under Light–Emitting Diode Monochromatic Light

    TSAI Chun–Yu , YEN Yung–Fu , AY Chyung , MIYAJIMA Ikuo , HUANG Kuang–Liang

    … The experiments were conducted in a plant factory under a 120 μmole・m–2・s–1 photosynthetic photon flux density, CO2 concentration of 1000 ppm, and daytime and nighttime temperature of 25°C/18 h and 17°C/6 h, respectively. …

    Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 66(1), 11-20, 2021-03-01

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  • Retraction:Development of a New Recycling Process for Neodymium Permanent Magnet Using B<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> Flux  [in Japanese]

    SEKIMOTO Hidehiro , KUBO Takahiro , YAMAGUCHI Katsunori

    Journal of MMIJ 137(4), 45-45, 2021


  • New LTT Welding Material and All-Position Repair Welding with Elongated Bead for Super-Long Fatigue Life of Boxing Fillet Joints  [in Japanese]

    Matsuzaki Takuya , Yajima Hiroshi , Hiraoka Kazuo , Zhongyuan Feng , Ma Ninshu , Murakawa Hidekazu , Kano Satoru , Okada Koichi , Kimura Shunsuke , Shiga Chiaki

    … Then, a low transformation temperature (LTT) welding wire having optimal phase transformation characteristics for generation of large compressive residual stresses was designed and manufactured, which is capable to all position welding using the low cost CO2 shield gas. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers 32(0), 153-161, 2021


  • Superconductor Processor Architecture  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Koji , TANAKA Masamitsu , ISHIDA Koki

    … Our approach is based on device/circuit/architecture-level co-designs by targeting an emerging device called the single-flux quantum (SFQ). …

    TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan) 56(2), 87-93, 2021


  • Effects of Substituting SiO<sub>2</sub> with Oxidisers on the Reaction Performance and Physical Properties of Mould Flux for High Ti-bearing Steel

    Chen Zhuo , Du Weitong , Zhang Min , Wang Qian , He Shengping

    … <p>In order to eliminate the TiN inclusion emerging from the molten steel and maintain the stable performance of mould flux during continuous casting of high Ti-bearing steel, the influence of extra oxidisers, such as Mn<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>, Mn<sub>3</sub>O<sub>4</sub>, and Fe<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> … type mould flux was investigated in this study. …

    ISIJ International 61(3), 814-823, 2021


  • Prototype Evaluation of High-Speed SR Motor Made of NANOMET® Laminated Core  [in Japanese]

    Nagai A. , Mitsuya K. , Hiramoto S. , Nakamura K.

    … It has almost the same saturation flux density as conventional non-oriented Si steel and remarkably low core loss. …

    Transaction of the Magnetics Society of Japan Special Issues, 2021


  • Nitrous Oxide Emissions from a Sugarcane Field with Green Manure and Chemical Fertilizer Applications in Okinawa, Japan

    MAEDA Tabito , SUGIHARA Soh , NISHIGAKI Tomohiro , MIYAMARU Naoko , YOSHIDA Koichi , YAMAMOTO Akinori , TOYOTA Koki , TANAKA Haruo

    … We regularly measured N<sub>2</sub>O flux and soil inorganic N (NH<sub>4</sub><sup>+</sup>-N and NO₃<sup>−</sup>-N), and also recorded environmental data. …

    Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly: JARQ 55(1), 17-27, 2021


  • A New Approximate Solution for Diffusional Growth and Dissolution of Spherical Precipitates

    Seki Akira , Hayashi Kotarou

    … The exact analytical solutions of the time-dependent diffusion equation with the flux balance at the interface is often difficult to obtain. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(2), 161-166, 2021


  • Soil carbon flux research in the Asian region: Review and future perspectives

    Liqing SHA , TERAMOTO Munemasa , Nam Jin NOH , HASHIMOTO Shoji , Meng YANG , Montri SANWANGSRI , Naishen LIANG

    … Soil respiration (<I>R</I><SUB>s</SUB>) is the largest flux of carbon dioxide (CO<SUB>2</SUB>) next to photosynthesis in terrestrial ecosystems. … With the absorption of atmospheric methane (CH<SUB>4</SUB>), upland soils become a large CO<SUB>2</SUB> … This review focuses on five important aspects: 1) the historical methodology for soil C flux measurement; …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 77(1), 24-51, 2021


  • Recent advances in the understanding of ecosystem processes at eddy covariance CO<SUB>2</SUB> flux sites in East Asian forest ecosystems: a review

    Shih-Chieh CHANG , Taku M. SAITOH , SHIBATA Hideaki , Satoshi N. SUZUKI

    … Here, we reviewed the existing literature and conducted meta-analyses using available datasets from eddy covariance CO<SUB>2</SUB> … flux sites in East Asia to clarify these ecosystem processes and attributes. … Since the establishment of AsiaFlux in 1999, the number of flux tower sites has grown to 110 sites, spanning a large geographic extent in East Asia and covering diverse ecosystems embedded in large climatic gradients. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 77(1), 52-65, 2021


  • Review and future perspective of AsiaFlux

    Guirui YU , HIRANO Takashi

    … AsiaFlux ( was established in 1999 as the Asian arm of FLUXNET, the worldwide flux network, to develop collaborative research and data sets on the cycles of carbon and water in key ecosystems in Asia, to organize workshops and training on current and related global change themes, and to cultivate next generation scientists to be informed leaders with skills and perspectives. … More than 100 flux observation towers were built in Asia, covering diverse terrestrial ecosystems. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 77(1), 1-1, 2021


  • Review: Exchanges of volatile organic compounds between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere

    TANI Akira , MOCHIZUKI Tomoki

    … To validate the accuracy and precision of the models, the collection of additional in-situ ground truth data, such as long-term flux measurement data, at various sites is required. … Otherwise, these models may still leave large uncertainties compared with CO<SUB>2</SUB> … flux models that can be validated with a large number of ground truth flux data. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 77(1), 66-80, 2021


  • Study of Ablative Thermal Protection System with Density Gradient

    SUZUKI Toshiyuki , KUBOTA Yuki , ISHIDA Yuichi , AOKI Takuya , FUJITA Kazuhisa , YAMADA Kazuhiko , HIRAI Kenichi

    … The heating tests were carried out in the arcjet wind tunnel facility in the Chofu Aerospace Center in JAXA for heat flux of 0.9~4.5 MW/m<sup>2</sup> … and impact pressure of 8.6~31 kPa, and in the Sagamihara campus in JAXA for heat flux of 3.6~14.3 MW/m<sup>2</sup> …



  • An immersed boundary method for practical simulations of high-Reynolds number flows by <i>k-ε</i> RANS models

    YAO Hiroki , NAMBU Taisuke , MIZOBUCHI Yasuhiro

    … One major aspect of the method is that different IB cell information is employed for inviscid and viscous flux evaluations at fluid-IB cell interfaces. … that is, different image point information is immersed on IB cell centers for evaluating the inviscid flux on each cell interface. …

    Journal of Fluid Science and Technology 16(1), JFST0007-JFST0007, 2021


  • A New Ultra-Thin High Voltage Power Supply Using FPC with Low Expansion Coefficient  [in Japanese]

    Sashida Kazuyuki , Takehara Natsuki , Onuki Jin

    <p>本研究では高圧電源を装置内に実装可能にするため,極性反転機能を有するメンテナンスフリー超薄型高圧電源を開発した。すなわち,スイッチングデバイスとしての極薄ベアチップおよび低線膨張係数フレキシブルプリンテッドサーキット(FPC)を高信頼性はんだ接合するための新接合プロセスを開発した。高揮発性フラックスの使用条件の最適化およびFPC上のSn-3.0Ag-0.5Cuはんだ表面の酸化膜除 …

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 24(1), 121-129, 2021


  • Development of Mold Flux for Continuous Casting of High-Carbon Steel Bloom  [in Japanese]

    Ohba Yasuhide , Yoshioka Takanori , Matsui Ryusuke , Hamaya Daisuke

    … <p>Continuous casting of high-carbon steel containing 1% carbon tends to be operated with low mold flux consumption, resulting in insufficient lubricity. … In this study, a mold flux was developed by increasing the viscosity to form a glassy film easily and improve the lubricity between the mold and the solidified shell. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 107(1), 64-72, 2021


  • GOSAT衛星観測とTCCON地上観測によるCO₂カラム濃度データの差異に関する検証  [in Japanese]

    井口 敬雄

    … The result shows that bias-corrected version of GOSAT XCO₂ data still contains bias at each TCCON observation station which is large enough to cause a serious error to the estimate of carbon flux when the data is used in the synthesis inversion method. …

    京都大学防災研究所年報. B = Disaster Prevention Research Institute Annuals. B 63(B), 165-172, 2020-12


  • Project 5 Establishment of Integrated System for Dose Estimation in BNCT (31P5)

    Sakurai Y.

    … Okazaki et al.(31P5-12) [52]PR5-12 Development of Fiber-reading radiation monitoring system with a red/infrared-emitting scintillator at 60Co radiation facilities /S. … Uno et al.(31P5-18) [58]PR5-18 Development of Epi-thermal Neutron Flux Intensity Detector for BNCT /I. …

    KURNS Progress Report (2019), 40-60, 2020-08


  • 7. Neutron Capture Therapy

    … Watanabe et al.(31014) [222]CO7-2 Boron nitride (10BN) a prospective material for boron neutron capture therapy /M. … Kaur et al.(31017) [223]CO7-3 A Fundamental Investigation on Contents of Important Elements for Activation in Various Concrete /K. … Kimura et al.(31021) [224]CO7-4 Evaluation of the abscopal effect observed by mouse head irradiation following thermal neutron irradiation /Y. …

    KURNS Progress Report (2019), 222-237, 2020-08


  • Sodium Glucose Co-Transporter 2 Inhibitor Ameliorates Autophagic Flux Impairment on Renal Proximal Tubular Cells in Obesity Mice

    Fukushima Kazuhiko , Kitamura Shinji , Tsuji Kenji , Sang Yizhen , Wada Jun

    … Recently, sodium glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors (SGLT2i) were reported to protect renal injury. … These data suggest that SGLT2i has renal protective effects against obesity via improving autophagy flux impairment in PTCs on a HFSD. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(11), 4054, 2020-06-05


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