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  • Terrestrial loads of dissolved organic matter drive inter-annual carbon flux in subtropical lakes during times of drought

    Chiu Chih-Yu , Jones John R. , Rusak James A. , Lin Hao-Chi , Nakayama Keisuke , Kratz Timothy K. , Liu Wen-Cheng , Tang Sen-Lin , Tsai Jeng-Wei

    … Lentic ecosystems are important agents of local and global carbon cycling, but their contribution varies along gradients of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and productivity. … We investigated how contrasting summer and autumn precipitation can shape annual and inter-annual variation in ecosystem carbon (C) flux (gross primary production (GPP), ecosystem respiration (ER), and CO2 efflux) in two subtropical lakes differing substantially in trophic state and water color. …

    Science of the Total Environment (717), 137052, 2020-05-15


  • Seasonal Patterns, and Ambient PM0.1 Emission Sources in the Hokuriku Region in Japan

    HONGTIEAB Surapa , YOSHIKAWA Fumie , MATSUKI Atsushi , ZHAO Tianren , AMIN Muhammad , HATA Mitsuhiko , TEKASAKUL Perapong , FURUUCHI Masami , ホンチィアブ スラパー , 吉川 文恵 , 松木 篤 , アミン ムハマド , 趙 天任 , 畑 光彦 , テカサクル ペラポン , 古内 正美

    … Possible local emission sources of PM0.1 and the influenceof long-range transportation are discussed in relation to mass concentration and diagnostic parametersdefined by particle-bound carbonaceous components such as organic and elemental carbon, and theirratios. … The concentration and influence ofsecondary organic carbon on the PM0.1 carbon content were largest at the Toyama site. …

    日本海域研究 = Japan sea research (51), 1-17, 2020-03-05

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  • Model Inter-Comparison for PM2.5 Components over urban Areas in Japan in the J-STREAM Framework

    Yamaji Kazuyo , Chatani Satoru , Itahashi Syuichi , Saito Masahiko , Takigawa Masayuki , Morikawa Tazuko , Kanda Isao , Miya Yukako , Komatsu Hiroaki , Sakurai Tatsuya , Morino Yu , Kitayama Kyo , Nagashima Tatsuya , Shimadera Hikari , Uranishi Katsushige , Fujiwara Yuzuru , Hashimoto Tomoaki , Sudo Kengo , Misaki Takeshi , Hayami Hiroshi

    … The other simulated PM2.5 components, i.e., nitrates (NO3−), elemental carbon (EC), and organic carbon (OC), often show clear deviations from the observations. … This model inter-comparison suggests that these deviations may be owing to a need for further improvements both in the emission inventories and additional formation pathways in chemical transport models, and meteorological conditions also require improvement to simulate elevated atmospheric pollutants. …

    Atmosphere 11(3), 222, 2020-03


  • Study on the Carbon Emission Evaluation in a Container Port Based on Energy Consumption Data

    Huzaifi Hanzalah Muhammad , Budiyanto Arif Muhammad , Sirait Juanda Simon

    … The emission factor used for fuel was based on the policy issued by the Ministry of Environment that has ratified IPCC 2006, and, as for the electricity, the emission factor of the Java Madura Bali power plant was used, i.e. 0.844 kg of CO_2/KWH. …

    Evergreen 7(1), 97-103, 2020-03

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  • Evaluation and uncertainty investigation of the NO2, CO and NH3 modeling over China under the framework of MICS-Asia III

    Kong Lei , Tang Xiao , Zhu Jiang , Wang Zifa , Fu Joshua S. , Wang Xuemei , Itahashi Syuichi , Yamaji Kazuyo , Nagashima Tatsuya , Lee Hyo-Jung , Kim Cheol-Hee , Lin Chuan-Yao , Chen Lei , Zhang Meigen , Tao Zhining , Li Jie , Kajino Mizuo , Liao Hong , Wang Zhe , Sudo Kengo , Wang Yuesi , Pan Yuepeng , Tang Guiqian , Li Meng , Wu Qizhong , Ge Baozhu , Carmichael Gregory R.

    … In this study, we have evaluated the multi-model simulations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ammonia (NH3) over China under the framework of MICS-Asia III. … Most of these models used the same modeling domain with a horizontal resolution of 45 km and were driven by common emission inventories and meteorological inputs. …

    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20(1), 181-202, 2020-01-06


  • Effects of Strain Rate and Temperature Dependency on Damage Initiation Behavior of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic  [in Japanese]

    坂井 建宣 , 安部 聡 , 蔭山 健介

    日本複合材料学会誌 46(2), 54-61, 2020

  • Microscopic Damage Characterization on L-shaped CFRP Laminates for Lower Limb Orthosis with Acoustic Emission Measurement  [in Japanese]

    小林 訓史 , 中村 省吾 , 長田 稔子

    日本複合材料学会誌 46(2), 46-53, 2020

  • Characterization of Splitting Growth Behavior in Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Laminates with a Notch Subjected to Fatigue Load  [in Japanese]

    工藤 暉大 , 小林 訓史 , 長田 稔子

    日本複合材料学会誌 46(2), 39-45, 2020

  • Surface-Modified Layer Formed by Plasma Nitriding Using Chromium Screen

    Toshioka Naoya , Nishimoto Akio

    … <p>Low carbon steel sample S15C was nitrided by active screen plasma nitriding (ASPN) and direct current plasma nitriding with screen (S-DCPN) using a chromium screen to form simultaneously chromium nitride coating/nitrogen-diffusion layer on the sample surface. … After nitriding, the nitrided microstructure was examined with a scanning electron microscope, glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction studies. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 61(6), 1115-1121, 2020


  • High-heat Effects on the Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil Organic Matter and Its Water-soluble Components in Japan's Forests: A Comprehensive Approach Using Multiple Analytical Methods

    SAZAWA Kazuto , SUGANO Tomohiro , KURAMITZ Hideki

    … Various evaluation methods were used to characterize and quantify the effects of high heat levels on SOM and WSOM, including ion chromatography, thermogravimetry–differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA), colorimetry, elemental analysis, pyrolysis–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry using tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH-py-GC/MS), total organic carbon (TOC) analysis, three-dimensional excitation-emission matrix (3DEEM) spectroscopy, and high-performance size-exclusion chromatography. …

    Analytical Sciences 36(5), 601-609, 2020


  • Prediction of pulmonary function after major lung resection using lung perfusion scintigraphy with single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography

    MD Kawai Hiroshi , MD PhD Tochii Sachiko , MD PhD Suda Takashi , MD PhD Toyama Hiroshi , MD PhD Hoshikawa Yasushi , MD PhD Kawakami Toru , MSc Tsujimoto Masakazu , RT Fukushima Ayami , MT Isogai Satomi , MD Ishizawa Hisato , MD Nagano Hiromitsu , MD Negi Takahiro , MD PhD Tochii Daisuke

    … This study aimed to compare the accuracy of a single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT) method that we recently developed for predicting postoperative pulmonary function versus the accuracy of both the conventional simplified calculating (SC) method and the method using planar images of lung perfusion scintigraphy.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> …

    Fujita Medical Journal 6(2), 37-48, 2020

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    SUGIYAMA Minami , SHIMODA Yoshiyuki , YAMAGUCHI Yohei

    emission to zero. … The most feasible zero-emissions scenario is the scenario that minimizes the energy demand to the lowest amount and not depends on the negative emission technology like Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). … In this paper, considering these points, we analyzed the possibility of zero emission in the Japanese residential sector in 2050 through energy-saving measures and residential solar power generation, using a bottom-up simulation model. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 85(770), 289-298, 2020


  • Life Cycle Assessment of Wooden Building Material  [in Japanese]

    Katsuyuki NAKANO

    <p>木材は建材として古くから用いられてきた一般的な素材である。これまで木造建築物は主に低層建築物に用いられてきたが、近年は中高層木造建築物のプロジェクトが世界各国で広がっている。これらは直交集成板(CLT)など様々なエンジニアードウッドの活用によって実現されている。エンジニアードウッドは一般的な製材に比べて機械的特性、品質の安定性が良い。しかし、その製造工程はより複雑であるだけなく、 …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 16(2), 72-78, 2020


  • Life Cycle Assessment of Wooden Civil Engineering Structures  [in Japanese]

    Chihiro KAYO

    <p>木材は、持続的な森林管理のもとで再生可能な資源であり、持続可能な社会へ向けた有効活用が期待されている。かつて日本や世界の各地で土木構造物へ木材が利用されてきたが、経済発展に伴い、日本の主要な資材はコンクリートや鋼に置き換えられてきた。しかし、近年、気候変動問題への対応、伐採適齢期を迎えた国内人工林の利用や林業振興、持続可能な建設産業などの観点から、土木構造物への木材利用が再び注目 …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 16(2), 86-93, 2020


  • Raman Spectroscopy and TEM of Long Linear Carbon Chain Formed in CNT Field Emission Cathode

    Asaka Koji , Toma Satoshi , Saito Yahachi

    … <p>Long linear carbon chains (LCCs) encapsulated in carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were produced on a film scale by field emission discharge of CNT films. … The length of LCCs is longer than 30 nm (i.e., more than 230 carbon atoms). …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 18(0), 159-163, 2020


  • Processing of Recycled AA6111 Aluminium Alloy from Two Different Feedstock of Aluminium Metal Scraps  [in Japanese]

    Chang Isaac , Luo Dan , Al-Helal Kawther , Patel Jayesh B , Huang Yan , Scamans Geoff , Fan Zhongyun

    emission as compared to the production of primary Al. … Hence, there is an increasing demand to exploit the use of recycled Al alloys to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing processes. …

    Journal of Light Metal Welding 58(Supplement), 29s-32s, 2020


  • Syntheses and Characterizations of Functional Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Graphene Nanoribbons

    Xu Xiushang , Müllen Klaus , Narita Akimitsu

    … For example, we have developed new PAHs having zigzag edges, such as dibenzo[<i>hi</i>,<i>st</i>]ovalene derivatives with strong red luminescence and stimulated emission, which are promising for light-emitting devices and bioimaging applications. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 93(4), 490-506, 2020


  • Development of co-firing technology of pulverized coal and ammonia for suppressing the NOx generation  [in Japanese]

    ISHII Hiroki , OHNO Emi , KOZAKI Takahiro , ITO Takamasa , FUJIMORI Toshiro

    … <p>In order to reduce CO2 emission from coal-fired boiler, it is expected that ammonia is used as a fuel which has no carbon content. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(883), 19-00363-19-00363, 2020


  • Effect of Copper Collector Form on Recovery of Suspended Platinum and Palladium Metals in the Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>-CaO-SiO<sub>2</sub> Slag at 1723 K  [in Japanese]

    Murata Takashi , Yamaguchi Katsunori

    … <p>PGMs (Platinum group metals) used as catalyst which reduces toxic substances in emission gas exhausted from an automobile should be recycled because they are precious metals produced only at the limited regions and scarcity. … The collector material of Cu or Cu<sub>2</sub>O was added to the suspended PGM particles in the slag, the time dependence of platinum and palladium concentrations in the slag was investigated at 1723 K under carbon saturation. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials 84(4), 115-120, 2020


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