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  • <b>Evaluation of Organic Gas Adsorption during Collection of </b><b>Atmospheric Ultrafine Particles Using an Inertial Filter Sampler </b>  [in Japanese]

    SAKURAI Kenji , SEKIGUCHI Kazuhiko , WANG Qingyue , FURUUCHI Masami , HATA Mitsuhiko

    … The artifacts for each OC fraction showed that OC1 and OC4 were almost not adsorbed onto the filter but OC2 and OC3 were adsorbed about 40%, indicating that high boiling point components were adsorbed onto the filter at the high flow rate condition. …

    Earozoru Kenkyu 29(2), 119-123, 2014


  • Air Quality Monitoring at Seoul, Korea, May 1986-March 1989

    HASHIMOTO Yoshikazu , KIM Hui-Kang , OTOSHI Tsunehiko , SEKINE Yoshika

    … Total Suspended Particles (TSP) and their carboneous, anion and metal components were analyzed for Hi-Vol samples, while multi-elemental neutron activation analysis was made for 31 elements in Lo-Vol samples. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Air Pollution 26(1), 51-58, 1991


  • Raman microprobe analysis on environmental particulates.  [in Japanese]

    FURUYA Keiichi , KIKUCHI Tadashi , N'GUYEN A. T. , OSWALT M.

    … Molecular microprobe optics laser examiner (MOLE) was applied for the identification of components in environmental particulates. … were identified, and diaspore and carboneous components were suggested their existence. … were identified together with the original components. … These components were dispersed finely smaller than 1μm on particles through the observation of an imagemode pictures. …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 30(1), 7-11, 1981

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