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  • Short-term effects of grassland renovation on CO<SUB>2</SUB> exchange of grasslands in a temperate humid region

    MATSUURA Shoji , NAKAO Seiji , HOJITO Masayuki

    … flux measurements during the renovation process by using the eddy covariance and closed chamber methods in 2007, 2012, and 2013. … Chamber measurements revealed flushes of CO<SUB>2</SUB> …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 73(4), 174-186, 2017


  • CO2 efflux from leaf litter focused on spatial and temporal heterogeneity of moisture

    Ataka Mioko , Kominami Yuji , Jomura Mayuko , Yoshimura Kenichi , Uematsu Chiyomi

    … To do so, we developed a small, closed static chamber system using an infrared gas analyzer, which can measure instantaneous R [LL]. … This study focuses on the measurement of CO2 effluxes from leaf litter using the chamber system in the field and examines the relationship between R [LL] and WC among seven broadleaf species in a temperate forest. …

    Journal of Forest Research 19(2), 295-300, 2013-10-26


  • Gas Emission Control by Remediation of a Mountain of Inappropriate Waste Disposal  [in Japanese]

    NAGAMORI Masanao , ISOBE Yugo , WATANABE Yoichi

    産業廃棄物の不適正処理でできた廃棄物の山において,廃棄物の一部撤去,ならびに覆土や通気管の設置等の対策を実施し,その前後6年間の調査からメタンガス放出量の削減効果を概算した。地表面からのガスフラックス計測には静置式閉鎖型チャンバー法を用いたが,改善後に設置した通気管はその周辺の砕石部を含めて直径30cm以上となったため,既存の計測方法では対応できなかった。そこで,現地で大型のチャンバーを組み立て, …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 24(3), 29-39, 2013-05-31

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  • Methane flux of leaves in a tropical rainforest and a temperate conifer forest

    KAMAKURA Mai , KOSUGI Yoshiko , NAKAGAWA Ryoji , ITOH Masayuki

    … We measured methane (CH<sub>4</sub>) fluxes of leaves growing in a tropical rainforest and a temperate conifer forest using the closed static chamber method. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 68(1), 25-33, 2012

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  • The possibility of the evaporation measurement from a forest floor with a static closed chamber method  [in Japanese]

    Tamai Koji

    The Japanese Forest Society Congress 123(0), Pa007-Pa007, 2011


  • Evaluation of a portable chamber system for soil CO2 efflux measurement and the potential errors caused by internal compensation and water vapor dilution

    MATSUURA Shoji , MORI Akinori , HOJITO Masayuki , KANNO Tsutomu , SASAKI Hiroyuki

    … A portable, easy-to-install chamber system for rapid measurement of soil CO<sub>2</sub> … We conducted field measurements and simple simulations to validate the effectiveness of a portable chamber system with an infrared CO<sub>2</sub> … We confirmed that a measurement period of 60-180 s after the closure of the chamber was sufficient for the calculation of soil CO<sub>2</sub> …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 67(3), 127-137, 2011


  • 2A1-G29 Hydraulic Amplification Mechanism for Large Displacement Actuators Systems

    AROUETTE Xavier , MATSUMOTO Yasuaki , OKAYAMA Yoshiyuki , MIKI Norihisa

    … HDAM consists of a set of two largely deformable polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) that are sharing a closed fluid chamber filled with glycerin, an incompressible fluid. … Chamber's geometry with input and output surfaces having different cross-sectional areas creates amplification. … By varying and studying influence of geometry on amplification performance, we achieved a mechanism offering displacement amplification up to 18-fold for static actuation. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2010(0), _2A1-G29_1-_2A1-G29_3, 2010


  • Proposal of Convenient Estimation Method for Methane Emission from Closed System Disposal Facilities  [in Japanese]

    Kamio Hidetoshi , Furuichi Toru , Tanikawa Noboru , Ishii Kazuei

    人間活動の拡大に伴いメタンや二酸化炭素などの温室効果ガスが増大し、地球規模での環境問題である温暖化が進行している。その温室効果ガスの発生源の1つとして最終処分場から発生するメタンが挙げられる。そこで地球温暖化防止のための最終処分場から排出されるメタン発生抑制対策を講じる第一ステップとして、処分場から発生するメタン量の推定が必要であるが、メタン発生量についての研究報告例は少ない。従来のメタン発生量の …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 20(0), 241-241, 2009


  • Analysis of Platelet Thrombus Formation in Congenital Platelet Adhesion/Aggregation Disorders under Physiologic Blood Flow Conditions  [in Japanese]

    SUGIMOTO Mitsuhiko

    血小板粘着・凝集反応は生理的止血機構の基盤であるとともに, 病的血管内血栓症のトリガーでもある.従来から, 静止系の粘着能や閉鎖撹拌系の血小板凝集計で血小板機能が評価されてきた.しかじながら, 血小板は生体内では赤血球, 白血球とともによどみなく血流にのつており, 血管壁の状態の微妙な変化を読みとって迅速に反応 (初期粘着) する.したがって, 血小板機能の評価には血流環境を考慮する必要があると考 …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology 19(2), 59-66, 2005-04-28

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  • Uncertainties in static closed chamber measurements of the carbon isotopic ratio of soil-respired CO_2

    OHLSSON K. E. A.

    Soil Biology & Biochemistry 37, 2273-2276, 2005

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  • PWM Position Control of a Pneumatic Cylinder.  [in Japanese]

    YANG Qing-hai , KAWAKAMI Yukio , KAWAI Sunao

    … In the system, the rod chamber pressure of the cylinder remains constant, and the head chamber pressure is controlled by two solenoid valves. … In synthesizing the PWM servomechanism, the solenoid valves are characterized by a static characteristic equation incorporating the nonlinear elements caused by the switching time of the valve. … Also, a threshold near the desired position is set up so that the valves are closed at steady state. …

    Hydraulics & Pneumatics 27(6), 803-809, 1996


  • Origin of andesitic magma in Yufu-Tsurumi volcano group. A binary mixing model.:A binary mixing model  [in Japanese]

    Ohta Takehiro , Aoki Ken-ichiro

    … Magma mixing of Yufu-Tsurumi volcano group did not occur under static condition within a closed magma chamber but under dynamic condition during magma's ascent from a deeper chamber. … Our proposed mixing model in Yufu-Tsurumi volcano group is that the basaltic and dacitic magmas commingled during ascent from a deeper magma chamber, and hybridized in a shallow chamber, then the hybrid magma erupted. …



  • A Calibrator of Miniaturized Hydrophone  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Kenji , Yasuda Tsutomu

    … The present apparatus is composed of two parts to calibrate in a vibrating column of water shown in Fig. 2 and in a closed water-filled chamber shown in Fig. 8. … The secondary calibration of a miniaturized hydrophone is performed by comparing the unknown output with that of the monitor hydrophone in a closed water filled chamber shown in Fig. 8. …



  • Study on Inside Heat-Transfer of the Combustion Chambers of Internal Combustion Engines  [in Japanese]

    Isshiki Naotsugu , Nishiwaki Nobuhiko

    本研究は, 内燃機関の燃焼室の内壁での熱伝達に関する基礎研究と考察である.<BR>そもそも, 内燃機関の熱伝達の研究については, 有名なEicherbergの実験式をはじめとして, 多数の研究がある.しかし, その大部分は, 純粋に実験的であるか, もしくは単に内部流動による強制対流熱伝達として取り扱おうとしたものが多く, 圧力が変動し, かつ壁面でも熱発生があるという内燃機関の内部熱 …



  • New Differential Gages for Hydraulic Measurements

    OGATA Hiroyuki

    … One is for measuring the slope of the water surface in an open channel and the other is for measuring the difference of the dynamic and static water pressures of a Pitot tube.<BR>Both gages use a null method and the pressure equilibrium is detected by a new device, which is formed of a transparent cross tube and a closed circuit for Indian ink. …

    Transactions of The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering 1970(34), 59-65, 1970


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