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  • CxxC-ZF Domain Is Needed for KDM2A to Demethylate Histone in rDNA Promoter in Response to Starvation

    Tanaka Yuji , Umata Toshiyuki , Okamoto Kengo , Obuse Chikashi , Tsuneoka Makoto

    … Here, we characterized the functions of two domains of KDM2A, JmjC and CxxC-ZF domains. … The exogenous KDM2A with a mutation in the CxxC-ZF domain retained the demethylase activity but did not reduce rDNA transcription on starvation. … It was found that the CxxC-ZF domain of KDM2A bound to the rDNA promoter with unmethylated CpG dinucleotides <i>in vitro</i> …

    Cell Structure and Function 39(1), 79-92, 2014

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