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  • Bioluminescence Microplate Assay of Cyanide with <i>Escherichia coli</i> Harboring a Plasmid Responsible for Cyanide-dependent Light Emission in Alginate Microenvironment

    KARATANI Hajime , FUSE Yasuro , MIZUGUCHI Hirotaka , MONJI Shogo , OYAMA Hiroshi , WAKU Tomonori , IWASAKI Masashi

    … gene cluster, responsible for the generation of photons closely associated with respiratory inhibition, with the aim of applying it for cyanide sensing. … construct was favorably utilized for the microplate assay of cyanide by leveraging the microenvironment of the biocompatible alginate. … The brightness of the bioluminescence, induced by cyanide stimulation of the respiration causative of the production of hydrogen peroxide, positively correlates with its concentration. …

    Analytical Sciences 35(7), 821-825, 2019


  • Multifunctional Material: Bistable Metal–Cyanide Polymer of Rubidium Manganese Hexacyanoferrate

    Tokoro Hiroko , Ohkoshi Shin-ichi

    … Moreover, second harmonic generation (SHG) and magnetization-induced second harmonic generation (MSHG) are provided as correlation effects between the optical and dielectrical properties. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 88(2), 227-239, 2015


  • Direct Synthesis of Nitriles from Hydrocarbons  [in Japanese]

    Kita Yusuke

    … The development of synthetic method of nitrile without metal cyanide is attracting much attention in synthetic organic chemistry because classical cyanation normally requires toxic metal cyanides and careful handling to prevent the generation of HCN gas. … Recently, direct nitrogenation of hydrocarbons has been accomplished as a new approach to synthesize nitriles without metal cyanide. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 72(8), 940-941, 2014


  • Bacterial Cyanide Generation in the Presence of Metal Ions (Na^+, Mg^<2+>, Fe^<2+>, Pb^<2+>) and Gold Bioleaching from Waste PCBs

    TRAN Chi Dac , LEE Jae-Chun , PANDEY Banshi Dhar , JEONG Jinki , YOO Kyoungkeun , HUYNH Trung Hai

    Journal of chemical engineering of Japan 45(8), 692-700, 2012-12-01

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  • Fermentation drives goitrin formation upon glucosinolate degradation  [in Japanese]

    PARK Hanul , LEE Youngsun , KIM Minjeong , KWON Hoonjeong

    … Progoitrin is reported to be degraded to either one of the two cyanide compounds or an isothiocyanate. … The generation of cyanide compounds was relatively favored in boiling temperature, pH 4, and pH 6.5 groups reflecting typical non-enzymatic degradation. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 39.2(0), AP-95, 2012


  • Factors which determine the duration of follower potentials in longitudinal smooth muscle isolated from the guinea-pig stomach antrum

    SHIGEMASA Yuhsuke , KITO Yoshihiko , HASHITANI Hikaru , SUZUKI Hikaru

    … In isolated longitudinal muscle tissues of the guinea-pig stomach antrum, recording electrical responses from smooth muscle cells revealed a periodical generation of follower potentials with variable durations. …

    Journal of Smooth Muscle Research 47(3), 89-110, 2011-08-01

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  • Bacterial Cyanide Generation in the Presence of Metal Ions (Na+, Mg2+, Fe2+, Pb2+) and Gold Bioleaching from Waste PCBs

    Tran Chi Dac , Lee Jae-Chun , Pandey Banshi Dhar , Jeong Jinki , Yoo Kyoungkeun , Huynh Trung Hai

    … As an alternative using cyanide chemicals for gold extraction, the application of a cyanogenic bacterium <i>viz.</i> … nutrient addition on the cyanide generation efficiency of the bacterium in this medium have been elucidated. … added to the medium were equally effective for cyanide generation, improved efficiency was obtained in the presence of Na<sub>2</sub>HPO<sub>4</sub> …



  • The Concentration of Ethyl Carbamate in Commercial Ume (Prunus mume) Liqueur Products and a Method of Reducing It

    HASHIGUCHI Tomokazu , HORII Sachie , IZU Hanae , SUDO Shigetoshi

    … When potassium metabisulfite was added to a concentration of 0–1,000 ppm during production, the generation of ethyl carbamate was reduced in a concentration-dependent manner, but when the amount of potassium metabisulfite added was below the maximum level allowed under the Japanese Food Sanitation Act, the reduction was only 27%. …

    Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 74(10), 2060-2066, 2010-10-23

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  • Palmitate induces insulin resistance in H4IIEC3 hepatocytes through reactive oxygen species produced by mitochondria

    Nakamura Seiji , Takamura Toshinari , Matsuzawa-Nagata Naoto , Takayama Hiroaki , Misu Hirofumi , Noda Hiroyo , Nabemoto Satoko , Kurita Seiichiro , Ota Tsuguhito , Ando Hitoshi , Miyamoto Kenichi , Kaneko Shuichi

    … In addition, etomoxir, an inhibitor of carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1, which is the rate-limiting enzyme in mitochondrial fatty acid β-oxidation, as well as inhibitors of the mitochondrial respiratory chain complex (thenoyltrifluoroacetone and carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone) decreased palmitate-induced ROS production. …

    The Journal of biological chemistry 284(22), 14809-14818, 2009-05-29

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  • Generation of Cyanide Ion by the Reaction of Hexamine and Losartan Potassium with Sodium Hypochlorite

    ADACHI Atsuko , OKANO Toshio

    … The generation of cyanide ions by the reaction of pharmaceuticals containing nitrogen with sodium hypochlorite was examined using 20 different compounds. … The generation of cyanide ions was observed in hexamine (hexamethylenetetramine), losartan potassium, metronidazole, and allopurinol. … The largest generation was observed in hexamine. …

    Journal of Health Science 54(5), 581-583, 2008-10-01

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  • Mitochondrial Transmembrane Potential and Reactive Oxygen Species Generation Regulate the Enhanced Effect of CCCP on TRAIL-Induced SNU-638 Cell Apoptosis

    CHAUDHARI Atul A. , SEOL Jae-Won , KANG Seog-Jin , PARK Sang-Youel

    TRAILは腫瘍壊死因子ファミリーに属するサイトカインであり、カスパーゼ-8の活性化を介して細胞をアポトーシスに導く。本研究では、ヒト胃ガン由来細胞株SNU-638を用い、TRAILが誘発するアポトーシスに対する酸化的リン酸化の古典的脱共役剤CCCPの影響を検討した。細胞をCCCP処理後にTRAILとインキュベーションすると、そのアポトーシスは、TRAIL単独でインキュベーションした場合の2倍に増 …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 70(6), 537-542, 2008-06-25

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  • Oxidation Decomposition of Cyanide Ion Using TiO_2 and N-doped TiO_2 Photocatalysts  [in Japanese]

    SANUKI Sumiko , KATADA Yumi , MOTTATE Masateru

    … and CO<SUB>3</SUB><SUP>2-</SUP>, the generation of CNO<SUP>-</SUP> …

    Journal of MMIJ 124(3), 190-195, 2008-03-25

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  • Effect of Tartaric Acid on the Determination of Cyanogens Chloride in Tap Water  [in Japanese]

    KIKKAWA Yukie , TANAKA Reiko , ARAI Keiko , ISODA Shin-ichi

    … Therefore, a tartaric acid buffer solution seemed to cause the generation of CNCl.<br> …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 56(7), 593-599, 2007-07-05

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  • Potentiating Effect of an Endocrine Disruptor, Para-Nonylphenol, on the Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Human Venous Blood – Association with the Activation of Signal Transduction Pathway

    OKAI Yasuji , SATO Eisuke F , HIGASHI-OKAI Kiyoka , INOUE Masayasu

    著書らは以前に環境ホルモンのノニルフェノール(NP)が単離されたヒト好中球の活性酸素(ROS)産生を高め, さらにその作用がいわゆるシグナルトランスダクション経路の活性化を介して起こる事を報告した. 本研究では, ヒト末梢血に直接NPを添加した場合のROS産生の様子について分析した結果, 末梢血のROS産生に対するNPの有効濃度は単離された好中球の場合に比べて10倍以上高濃度であったが, そのRO …

    Journal of UOEH 29(3), 221-233, 2007

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  • Suppressive Effect of Constituents Isolated from Kernel of Prunus armeniaca on 5 .ALPHA.-Androst-16-en-3-one Generated by Microbial Metabolism

    SOMEYA Keita , MIKOSHIBA Shigeo , OKUMURA Takashi , TAKENAKA Hiroki , OHDERA Motoyasu , SHIROTA Osamu , KUROYANAGI Masanori

    … In this study, AKE was fractionated according to its suppressive activity on androstenone generation in <i>C. … However, amygdalin was not included in the active fraction and it did not have any effect on suppressing androstenone generation. … In addition, the generation of hydrogen cyanide was not detected from either of them during incubation with <i>C. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 55(7), 353-364, 2006


  • Synthesis and Reactivity of Chloranil Dimer and Trimers

    Sugiyama Yuko , Hayashi Naoto , Higuchi Hiroyuki

    キノン誘導体は、特異な酸化反応のための有機試剤として重要である。代表的なものにDDQやクロラニルがあるが、前者は後者に比べ高い反応性を示す一方で、加水分解によりシアン化水素を発生するという欠点がある。この点を改善すべく、DDQ同様の高い電子受容能が期待される、2_から_3個のクロラニルを結合した新規なキノン化合物を合成し、それらの基礎的性質(還元電位等)を調べた。また水素引き抜き反応の反応性につい …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 55(0), 49-49, 2005


  • Receptor mechanisms mediating cyanide generation in PC12 cells and rat brain


    Neuroscience research : the official journal of the Japan Neuroscience Society 49(1), 13-18, 2004-05-01

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  • Catabolism of Cytoplasmic and Intramitochondrial Adenine Nucleotides in C_2C_<12> Skeletal Myotube under Chemical Hypoxia

    MATSUKI Naoaki , INABA Mutsumi , ONO Kenichiro

    低酸素条件下の骨格筋では,アデノシン三リン酸(ATP)の分解とイノシン一リン酸(IMP)の蓄積が生じることが知られている.この変化を試験管内モデルで再現するため,マウス由来C_2C_<12>筋管細胞を代謝阻害剤で処置し,プリン代謝の変動を観察した.ミトコンドリアの呼吸鎖を阻害する2mMのシアン化ナトリウム(CN)処置では,細胞内アデニンヌクレオチドの変化はほとんど生じなかったが,解糖系 …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 64(4), 341-347, 2002-04-25

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  • 102(P-59) The First Total Synthesis of (±)-Scopadulin  [in Japanese]

    Rahman S. M. Abdur , Tanaka Tetsuaki , Ohno Hiroaki , Murata Takashi , Yoshino Hitoshi , Satoh Norifumi , Murakami Kazuo , Patra Debasis , Iwata Chuzo , Maezaki Naoyoshi

    … So, the cyanation was performed on the C-4 nonsubstituted enone to give stereoselectively a trans-fused A/B ring system with a β-cyanide at C-4. … The stereoselectivity observed in the MeTi(Oi-Pr)_3-mediated methylation for the generation of a tertiary axial alcohol at C-16 was extremely high. …

    Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, symposium papers 43(0), 605-610, 2001


  • NADPH Oxidase-like Activity in Hemocytes of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas

    TAKAHASHI Keisuke G. , MORI Katsuyoshi

    マガキ血球におけるNADPH酸化酵素様酵素の活性について検討した。ホルボールエステル(PMA)で刺激された血球にはシアン耐性呼吸による急激な酵素消費とスーパーオキシド(O2-)の生成が認められた。この酵素消費とO2-の生成は, 哺乳類NADPH酸化酵素の活性阻害剤であるdiphenyleneiodoniumの添加により顕著に阻害された。また, PMA刺激血球を界面活性剤で溶解し, O2-の生成を停 …

    Fish Pathology 35(1), 15-19, 2000-03-15

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