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  • Colonize, radiate, decline: Unraveling the dynamics of island community assembly with Fijian trap‐jaw ants

    Cong Liu , Eli M. Sarnat , Nicholas R. Friedman , Francisco Hita Garcia , Clive Darwell , Douglas Booher , Yasuhiro Kubota , Alexander S. Mikheyev , Evan P. Economo

    … The study of island community assembly has been fertile ground for developing and testing theoretical ideas in ecology and evolution. … The ecoevolutionary trajectory of lineages after colonization has been a particular interest, as this is a key component of understanding community assembly. …

    Evolution 74(6), 1082-1097, 2020-04-27


  • Career development and problem behavior in career resilience, goal-directedness, and career planning ability  [in Japanese]

    藤原 実樹 , 栗原 慎二 , 石田 弓

    … Juvenile delinquents are considered to experience problems in their career development because of their low awareness of careers and roles due to their lack of school education. … In this study, "career resilience," "goal-directedness," and "career-planning ability" were considered as index factors for career development. …

    広島大学心理学研究 (19), 65-75, 2020-03-31

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  • What is Kant's Enlightenment? Rethinking the Enlightenment of Kant  [in Japanese]

    高田 明宜

    … The purpose of this paper is to address Immanuel Kant's notion of enlightenment and to analyze whether his thought remains relevant. … As we know, understandings of the word "enlightenment" have differed through time. … The controversy surrounded the concept of enlightenment exists since the 18th century (also known as the century of enlightenment). …

    社会科学ジャーナル = The Journal of Social Science (87), 91-108, 2020-03-31


  • Effects of habitat loss on the genetic diversity of Embiratermes neotenicus (Isoptera) in a fragmented landscape of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

    Alane Ayana Vieira de Oliveira Couto , Simon Hellemans , Yves Roisin , Martín Alejandro Montes , Alexandre Vasconcellos

    … The effects of this process depend on factors such as the dispersal ability and breeding systems of each species, the type of land use surrounding the habitat remnants and the position of fragments in the landscape.2. …

    Insect Conservation and Diversity, 2020-03-10


  • Does "Third Route" in Continuing Education System Promote Social Movement? : The Case of Singapore's SkillsFuture Initiatives  [in Japanese]

    佐藤 幸代 , SATO Yukiyo

    … This paper examines whether "Skills-based Modular Courses," which were newly introduced under Singapore's SkillsFuture initiative in higher education institutions, enable social movement of non-degree holders in their initial education in Singapore. …

    名古屋高等教育研究 (20), 131-150, 2020-03

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  • Determination of competition and adhesion abilities of lactic acid bacteria against gut pathogens in a whole-tissue model

    ALP Duygu , KULEAŞAN Hakan

    … <p>In an intestinal system with a balanced microbial diversity, lactic acid bacteria are the key element which prevents the colonization and invasion of gut pathogens. … Adhesion ability is important for the colonization and competition abilities of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). … The aim of this study was to determine the adhesion and competition abilities of lactic acid bacteria by using a whole-tissue model. …

    Bioscience of Microbiota, Food and Health, 2020


  • Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models: characteristics and points to consider for the process of establishment

    Fujii Etsuko , Kato Atsuhiko , Suzuki Masami

    … Tumor research has largely relied on xenograft models created by the engraftment of cultured cell lines derived from tumor tissues into immunodeficient mice for <i>in vivo</i> … models, such models retain the ability of tumor cells to continuously proliferate, so they have been used to predict the clinical relevance of studies on proliferating cells. …

    Journal of Toxicologic Pathology 33(3), 153-160, 2020


  • Relationship between prolonged media usage and lifestyle habits among junior and senior high school students  [in Japanese]

    SANO Midori , IWASA Hajime , NAKAYAMA Chihiro , MORIYAMA Nobuaki , KATSUYAMA Kuniko , YASUMURA Seiji

    … In recent years, the long-term use of media (including the Internet, video games, and social networking services) at a young age has been regarded as a problem. … It has been pointed out that prolonged media usage may have an undesirable effect on the growth of adolescents from the physical, mental, and social perspectives. … Junior and senior high school students are in a particularly important period of self-management of the basic lifestyle habits acquired thus far. …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH) 67(6), 380-389, 2020

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  • <i>Combining Local and Global Exploration via Intrinsic Rewards</i>  [in Japanese]

    BOUGIE Nicolas , ICHISE Ryutaro

    … However, rewards are often sparse in the real world, which entails that exploration remains one of the key challenges of reinforcement learning. … While prior work on intrinsic motivation hold promise of better local exploration, discovering global exploration strategies is beyond the reach of current methods. … We formulate curiosity as the error in an agent's ability to reconstruct the observations given their contexts. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 2K6ES205-2K6ES205, 2020


  • Data-driven modeling of trajectory in human chase and escape behaviors  [in Japanese]

    TSUTSUI Kazushi , FUJII Keisuke , TAKEDA Kazuya

    … <p>Chase and escape behaviors are fundamental skills in many sports and are crucial for the survival of many animals in the wild. … The prediction of the locomotion trajectory of the opponent is important for achieving the purpose (i.e., escape or interception) but is difficult because a number of factors, such as strategy, kinematic ability, and surroundings, are involved in making the decisions on locomotion trajectory. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 2C6OS7c01-2C6OS7c01, 2020


  • The acceleration of language evolution process based on a shift from material to information aspects of shared resources by communication  [in Japanese]

    YONENOH Hiroto , SUZUKI Reiji , ARITA Takaya

    … <p>We aimed to understand how a shift from material to informational aspects of shared resources, which corresponds to a shift from ancestral to modern human societies, can accelerate the coevolutionary process of cognitive and communicative linguistic abilities of human-kind. … For this aim, we extended our integrated model of gene-culture coevolution of language by incorporating the resource finiteness (e.g., high: limited food resources; …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 2G5ES301-2G5ES301, 2020


  • Evolutionary History and Diversity of Unionoid Mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in the Japanese Archipelago

    Sano Isao , Saito Takumi , Miyazaki Jun-Ichi , Shirai Akihisa , Uechi Takeru , Kondo Takaki , Chiba Satoshi

    … <p>The evolutionary history and diversity of unionoid mussels in East Asia need to be clarified and would shed light on the formation process of the unique fauna of Japan. … Unionoid mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia) are unique models for understanding the process by which organisms have diversified before and after the formation of the Japanese archipelago. …

    Plankton and Benthos Research 15(2), 97-111, 2020


  • Influence of fermented soy protein consumption on hypertension and gut microbial modulation in spontaneous hypertensive rats

    DALIRI Eric Banan-Mwine , OFOSU Fred Kwame , CHELLIAH Ramachandran , LEE Byong H. , AN Hongyan , ELAHI Fazle , BARATHIKANNAN Kaliyan , KIM Joong-Hark , OH Deog-Hwan

    … In this study, we studied the ability of a single dose of a fermented soy protein product (P-SPI) to reduce high blood pressure in spontaneous hypertensive rats (SHR) and how it modulates the gut microbiota after six weeks of feeding. … Consumption of P-SPI significantly reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressures up to the sixth hour by 25 ± 4 mmHg and 40 ± 5 mmHg respectively. …

    Bioscience of Microbiota, Food and Health, 2020


  • The Characterization of Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic HLA-B27 Protein


    … Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is characterized by chronic inflammation of the axial and peripheral joints and ligamentous attachments. … Among these subtypes of HLA-B27, B*2702, B*2703, B*2704, B*2705 and B*2710 are reported to significantly increase risk, whereas B*2706 and B*2709 are not associated with disease. …

    Juntendo Medical Journal 66(2), 129-129, 2020


  • Molecular evolution and amino acid characteristics of newly isolated H9N2 avian influenza viruses from Liaoning Province, China

    SHI Lin , WANG Xiurong , PING Jihui , GE Ye , YAO Qiucheng , GAO Yuan , YU Benliang , YANG Benyong , YAO Wei , HE Likun , LI Qingzhu , LIANG Qiao

    … Nucleotide sequence comparisons indicate that the internal genes of one of these strains are highly similar to those of human H7N9 viruses. … Amino acid substitutions and deletions occurred in the HA and NA proteins separately, indicating that all 10 of these isolates may have an enhanced ability to infect mammals. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 82(1), 101-108, 2020

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  • A Study on the Correspondence between Learning Outcomes and Occupational Competencies in Tertiary Education : In the Business Field of University and Professional Training College  [in Japanese]

    吉本 圭一 , 亀野 淳 , 江藤 智佐子

    … The purpose of this study was to explore how the structure of learning outcomes consistent with various types of school and multi-level education programmes can be developed toward the visualisation of qualifications framework and international recognition indispensable for making "the grand design" of tertiary education. …

    大学院教育学研究紀要 (22), 11-42, 2020


  • A Consideration on the Necessary Capabilities in the Modern Age that Requires Diversity : Possibility of Negative Capability to Adapt to Ambiguous Situations  [in Japanese]

    越川 陽介 , 山根 倫也

    … Present day societies are moving towards prioritising diversity and ambiguity over convenience and efficiency. … The authors point to the importance of 'negative capabilities' as attitudes and abilities necessary to adapt to this paradigm shift. … In this paper, we overviewed the concept of 'negative capability' and examined its relationship to ambiguity and to the act of 'waiting'. …

    Psychologist : bulletin of the Graduate School of Professional Clinical Psychology, Kansai University = サイコロジスト : 関西大学臨床心理専門職大学院紀要 (10), 39-49, 2020


  • Do Reproductive Modes and Swimming Ability Influence Occurrence of Non-Marine Ostracod (Crustacea) Species Among Aquatic Habitats?

    Kulkoyluoglu Okan , Akdemir Derya , Yavuzatmaca Mehmet , Celen Ebru , Dere Sukran , Dalkiran Nurhayat

    Zoological science 36(6), 511-520, 2019-12

  • Children's healthy growth and development as supported by early childhood education curriculum in Sweden  [in Japanese]

    渡部 かなえ

    … Through an analysis of the Swedish early-childhood education(ECE) curriculum and a comparison with the Japanese curriculum, we clarified the commonalities and differences between the Swedish and Japanese approaches and obtained useful knowledge for preschools facing issues of globalization. … Swedish ECE's basic principles are understanding democratic values and respecting independence and diversity. …

    人文研究 = Studies in humanities (198), 25-36, 2019-09-25


  • On educational assessment/evaluation theory in mathematics education : focusing on assessment/evaluation of thinking ability, judgment ability, and expression ability  [in Japanese]

    島田 功

    … The educational assessment/evaluation theory syllabus in this Graduate School of Education contains the following three content areas: first, to gather representative assessment methods; … second, to analyze the ingenuity of those assessment methods; … thirdly, how we can evaluate thinking ability, judgment ability, and expressive ability; …

    日本体育大学大学院教育学研究科紀要 2(2), 249-264, 2019-03-31


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