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  • Mutations found in cell‐free DNAs of patients with malignant lymphoma at remission can derive from clonal hematopoiesis

    坂田(柳元) 麻実子 , 野口 雅之 , 千葉 滋 , Yasuhito Suehara , Mamiko SAKATA-YANAGIMOTO , Keiichiro Hattori , Manabu Kusakabe , Toru Nanmoku , Taiki Sato , Masayuki NOGUCHI , Shigeru CHIBA

    … Cell‐free DNA (cfDNA) analysis to detect circulating tumor DNA has been focused on monitoring malignant lymphomas. … However, clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP)‐associated mutations can also be detected by cfDNA analysis. … MYD88/CD79B, DNMT3A, and TP53 were chosen as genes of interest, representing each of the following categories: lymphoma driver genes, CHIP‐related genes, and genes shared between lymphoma and CHIP. …

    Cancer Science 110(10), 3375-3381, 2019-10


  • Real-time monitoring of DNA immobilization and detection of DNA polymerase activity by a microfluidic nanoplasmonic platform

    Johanna Roether , Kang-Yu Chu , Norbert Willenbacher , Amy Q. Shen , Nikhil Bhalla

    DNA polymerase catalyzes the replication of DNA, one of the key steps in cell division. … The control and understanding of this reaction owns great potential for the fundamental study of DNA-enzyme interactions. … In this context, we developed a label-free microfluidic biosensor platform based on the principle of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) to detect the DNA-polymerase reaction in real-time. …

    Biosensors and Bioelectronics (142), 111528, 2019-07-23


  • Development of Differential Diagnostic Chip for Diseases Accompanying DNA Methylation Abnormality : Prader-Willi / Angelman Syndrome Discrimination chip  [in Japanese]

    鴻海 俊太郎 , 永田 伊智郎 , 山根 衣寿美 , 井上 頼江 , 大場 光芳 , 山野 博文

    東洋鋼鈑 40, 45-49, 2019-04

  • Development of Genetic Analyzer "BIOSHOT HT-32"  [in Japanese]

    森弘 惇一 , 津田 稔也 , 山野 博文

    東洋鋼鈑 40, 35-43, 2019-04

  • Method 研究手法 エピゲノミクス研究  [in Japanese]

    秦 健一郎

    遺伝子医学 = Gene & medicine 9(2), 116-120, 2019-04

    Ichushi Web 

  • Regulation of Cathepsin E gene expression by the transcription factor Kaiso in MRL/lpr mice derived CD4+T cells

    Hiramatsu Sumie , Watanabe Katsue S. , Zeggar Sonia , Asano Yosuke , Miyawaki Yoshia , Yamamura Yuriko , Katsuyama Eri , Katsuyama Takayuki , Watanabe Haruki , Takano-Narazaki Mariko , Matsumoto Yoshinori , Kawabata Tomoko , Sada Ken-Ei , Wada Jun

    … Global DNA hypomethylation in CD4+ cells in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) was suggested to play a key role in the pathogenesis. … To identify new methylation-sensitive genes, we integrated genome-wide DNA methylation and mRNA profiling data in CD4+ cells of MRL/lpr (MRL) and C57BL6/J (B6) mice. … The binding of Kaiso to mCGCG site in B6 mice was reduced in MRL mice revealed by ChIP-PCR. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 3054, 2019-02-28


  • Endothelin-1 stimulates transcription of cyclin D1 and Skp2 through activation of Stat3 in cultured rat astrocytes  [in Japanese]

    Koyama Yutaka , Sumie Satoshi , Nakano Yasutaka , Nagao Tomoya , Tokumaru Shiho , Michinaga Shotaro

    … astrocytes, although Tyr705 phosphorylation was not affected. ET-1 stimulated the binding of Stat3 protein to its consensus DNA fragments. ET-induced BrdU incorporation was reduced by Stat3 inhibitors and Stat3 siRNA. ET-1 increased the expression of cyclin D1 and Skp2 in cultured astrocytes. The effects of ET-1 on cyclin D1 and Skp2 expression were reduced by stattic, 5,15-DPP and Stat3 siRNA. ChIP-PCR analysis showed that ET-1 promoted the binding of Stat3 to 5'-flanking regions of rat cyclin D1 and Skp2 …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 2-O-01, 2019


  • Development of Parallelized Microfluidic Device for Multiplex Genetic Diagnosis(2nd Report):Optimization of Device Design for Isothermal DNA Amplification  [in Japanese]

    Takishita Keisuke , Natsuhara Daigo , Tanaka Kisuke , Kage Azusa , Nagai Moeto , Mizukami Yuko , Saka Norikuni , Shibata Takayuki

    <p>本研究では,農作物の病害などの早期発見・予防を目的とし,植物・土壌サンプルからの遺伝子検査を迅速かつ簡便に実施するための高感度なオンチップ感染症診断デバイスの開発を目標としている.本報では,遺伝子増幅の可否判断(蛍光観察)に必要となる反応試薬量を確保するために,半球ビーズを用いたソフトリソグラフィ技術を開発した.さらに,加温の際にデバイス内の溶液が蒸発する原因を調査し,デザインの …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019A(0), 274-275, 2019


  • Breeding and Clone Development for Eucalyptus Plantation Forest in Northern Brazil  [in Japanese]

    Hayashi Kazunori , Iwata Eiji , Negishi Naoki

    … </p><p>本稿では,継続的に実施しているAMCEL社のユーカリ育種の現況とともに,近年,植林分野でも急速に普及しつつあるゲノミックセレクション(DNAマーカーを用いて有用形質を持つ個体を選抜する最新の育種手法)への取組みを含め,今後の展望について報告する。 …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 73(11), 1076-1079, 2019


  • Isothermal Gene Amplification in Chip-Type Microbeads Dielectrophoresis-Based DNA Detection Device  [in Japanese]

    福島 光彦 , 寺野 裕貴 , 稲葉 優文 , 中野 道彦 , 末廣 純也

    … <p>筆者らは、増幅したDNAの迅速・簡便な検出法としてDNAの結合で微粒子の誘電泳動特性が変化することを利用した微粒子誘電泳動DNA検出法を考案した。 … 本研究では、DNAの増幅と検出をワンチップ化するため、RPA(Recombinase Polymerase Amplification)による等温DNA増幅を検討した。 …

    Record of Joint Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Kyushu 2019(0), 209-209, 2019


  • Determination of optimal voltage by theoretical model for DNA concentration using nanoslit  [in Japanese]

    AZUMA Naoki , FUKUZAWA Kenji , ITOH Shintaro , ZHANG Hedong

    … On-chip concentration is a method of concentrating biomolecules using a nanometer-sized structure created into a microchannel, which is effective for improving detection sensitivity for microfluidic devices. … As an on -chip concentration method for DNA molecules, we proposed a concentration method using nanoslit, which was a gap smaller than a diameter of a single molecule. …

    The Proceedings of the Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP 2019(0), 2C01, 2019


  • Development of Parallelized Microfluidic Device for Multiplex Genetic Diagnosis:Application to Plant Virus Testing Based on Isothermal DNA Amplification  [in Japanese]

    Takishita Keisuke , Natsuhara Daigo , Kage Azusa , Nagai Moeto , Mizukami Yuko , Saka Norikuni , Shibata Takayuki


    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019S(0), 304-305, 2019


  • Biochemical Analyses of Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation of Genome Functions Using the Locus-specific Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Technologies  [in Japanese]

    Fujii Hodaka

    … ecipitation( ChIP) 法)」を開発してきた.遺伝子座特異的ChIP 法は,細胞から分子間相互作用を保持したまま解析対象ゲノム領域を特異的に単離する生化学的技術であり,質量分析法 (mass spectrometry: MS) や次世代シークエンス法 (next-generation sequencing: NGS) などの手法と組み合わせることにより,当該ゲノム領域結合分子の網羅的同定が可能である.遺伝子座特異的ChIP

    Hirosaki Medical Journal 69(1-4), 10-18, 2019

    IR  J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Sensitive and Selective Detection of Mercury Ions in Aqueous Media Using an Oligonucleotide-functionalized Nanosensor and SERS Chip

    ZOU Qiang , LI Xin , XUE Tao , MO Shentong , SU Qi , ZHENG Jia

    … ions was reported, based on poly-thymine (T) aptamer/2-naphthalenethiol (2-NT)-modified gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), which was an oligonucleotide-functionalized nanosensor and SERS chip. … ions making an SERS nanosensor absorbed to the SERS chip. … The optimum concentrations of DNA and 2-NT were obtained. … An average of 960 DNA molecules attached to each AuNP were measured. …

    Analytical Sciences 35(5), 493-498, 2019


  • Specific Binding of DNA Origami on a Nanoscale Pattern Formed by AFM Lithography  [in Japanese]

    Yamashita Naoki , Park Seongsu , Ma Zhipeng , Kawai Kentaro , Hirai Yoshikazu , Tsuchiya Toshiyuki , Tabata Osamu

    … <p>For functionalization of Nano/Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (N/MEMS) by integrating nanomaterials, DNA origami which can arrange nanomaterials precisely on its structure is capable of being used as a scaffold. … To realize this integration, single-stranded (ssDNA) was formed on the nanoscale pattern created by AFM lithography on a chip, so as to assemble DNA origami labeled with complementary ssDNA. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 139(5), 95-102, 2019


  • Recent Advances in Liquid Biopsy in Precision Oncology Research

    Sato Yoshiharu , Matoba Ryo , Kato Kikuya

    … <p>Liquid biopsy is a minimally invasive test for cancer genetic status based on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), circulating tumor cells, or other tumor-derived materials in blood plasma. … In particular, molecular barcoding technology in NGS-based methods, <i>i.e.</i>, tagging of molecular barcodes to cell-free DNA before amplification, reduces technical errors by validating the consensus of sequences originating from a single molecule, leading to marked improvement of the accuracy and detection limit. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 42(3), 337-342, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Accurate diagnosis of mismatch repair deficiency in colorectal cancer using high-quality DNA samples from cultured stem cells

    Yamaura Tadayoshi , Miyoshi Hiroyuki , Maekawa Hisatsugu , Morimoto Tomonori , Yamamoto Takehito , Kakizaki Fumihiko , Higasa Koichiro , Kawada Kenji , Matsuda Fumihiko , Sakai Yoshiharu , Taketo M. Mark

    … Although such patients respond very well to immune checkpoint therapy, their diagnosis can be confused by low quality DNA samples owing to formalin fixation and/or low cancer cell content. … Here we prepared high-quality DNA samples from in vitro-cultured cancer spheroids that consisted of the pure cell population. … We evaluated their diagnostic power by on-chip electrophoresis, mutational burden assessment, and direct sequencing. …

    Oncotarget 9(101), 37534-37548, 2018-12-25


  • Rapid multiplex nucleic acid amplification test developed using paper chromatography chip and azobenzene-modified oligonucleotides

    Sano Sotaro , Miyamoto Shigehiko , Kawamoto Seiji

    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 126(3), 397-403, 2018-09

    DOI  Ichushi Web 

  • Direct on-chip DNA synthesis using electrochemically modified gold electrodes as solid support

    Levrie Karen , Jans Karolien , Schepers Guy , Vos Rita , Van Dorpe Pol , Lagae Liesbet , Van Hoof Chris , Van Aerschot Arthur , Stakenborg Tim

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57(4S), 04FM01-04FM01, 2018-02-22


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