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  • DNA damage detection in nucleosomes involves DNA register shifting

    Matsumoto Syota , Cavadini Simone , Bunker Richard D. , Grand Ralph S. , Potenza Alessandro , Rabl Julius , Yamamoto Junpei , Schenk Andreas D. , Schübeler Dirk , Iwai Shigenori , Sugasawa Kaoru , Kurumizaka Hitoshi , Thomä Nicolas H.

    … Here we report cryo-electron microscopy structures of UV-DDB bound to nucleosomes bearing a 6–4 pyrimidine–pyrimidone dimer or a DNA-damage mimic in various positions. …

    Nature, 2019-05-29


  • A Novel Diagnostic Method for Thyroid Follicular Tumors Based on Immunofluorescence Analysis of p53-Binding Protein 1 Expression: Detection of Genomic Instability

    Otsubo Ryota , Matsuda Katsuya , Mussazhanova Zhanna , Sato Ayako , Matsumoto Megumi , Yano Hiroshi , Oikawa Masahiro , Kondo Hisayoshi , Ito Masahiro , Miyauchi Akira , Hirokawa Mitsuyoshi , Nagayasu Takeshi , Nakashima Masahiro

    … 53BP1 belongs to a class of DNA damage response molecules that rapidly localize to the site of DNA double-strand breaks,forming nuclear foci (NF). …

    Thyroid 29(5), 657-665, 2019-05-13


  • Defect Detection Method for Rolling Bearing Including Micro Defect by Feature Selection and Two Step Outlier Detection Method  [in Japanese]

    北井 正嗣 , 赤松 良信 , 福井 健一

    転がり軸受の欠陥検出は機械メンテナンスにおいて重要な課題である.本研究では,はじめに各種サイズの人工欠陥を設けた転がり軸受に対して,欠陥検出に適した外れ値検出手法を選定した.次に各欠陥サイズの検出において重要度の高い特徴量を選択し,各欠陥サイズの欠陥検出に適した特徴ベクトルを作成した.最後に各欠陥サイズに対してそれぞれ特徴選択後の特徴ベクトルを基に計算した異常度を新たな入力ベクトルとし,再度外れ値 …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 12(1), 32-42, 2019-03-15


  • Feasibility study about detection of relatively mild damages on bridges by using Spatial Singular Mode Angle  [in Japanese]

    高橋 悠太 , 山本 亨輔 , 岡田 幸彦

    構造工学論文集. A A 65, 283-292, 2019-03

  • Development of a transient damping feature extracting method based on monitoring data and application  [in Japanese]

    矢部 明人 , 宮本 文穂

    構造工学論文集. A A 65, 275-282, 2019-03

  • Visualization of dynamic behavior in a structural component based on reciprocity and flaw detection using a selective wave propagation mode  [in Japanese]

    高橋 栞太 , 中畑 和之

    構造工学論文集. A A 65, 264-274, 2019-03

  • The early detection of the damage caused by Rice brown planthopper using the aerial images taken with drone  [in Japanese]

    八田 聡 , 重富 修

    佐賀県農業試験研究センター研究報告 = Bulletin of the Saga Prefectural Agriculture Research Center (40), 1-11, 2019-03


    OHTSUKA Akiko , IMAMOTO Kei-ichi , KIYOHARA Chizuru

    … On the other hand, wet condition is the strongest factor to promote degradation of wood, and it may cause corrosion and damage to termite and so on. … It is desirable to reinforce the original part as it is to restore the strength, but it has not been put into practical use yet.<br> In this study, a basic experiment was carried out with the aim of proposing a member that was internally deteriorated due to termite's damage. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (757), 321-329, 2019-03


  • Proposal of a Method for Damage Detection by Using Dynamic Characteristics of a Re-reinforced Steel Reinforced Concrete Building Based on Seismic Observation  [in Japanese]

    太田 俊成 , 渡部 洋

    … The objective of this research is to monitoring structural change over time in buildings predominant in higher modes, especially structural changes by experiencing earthquake motion of various levels and to study the method of detecting the damage of the structure. …

    関東学院大学工学総合研究所報 (47), 27-34, 2019-03


  • Intrusion Detection Method Using Enhanced Whitelist Based on Cooperation of System Development, System Deployment and Device Development Domains in CPS  [in Japanese]

    小林 信博 , 清水 孝一 , 中井 綱人 , 山口 晃由 , 西垣 正勝

    近年,仮想世界と実世界が融合したCPS(Cyber Physical System)が注目を集めている.CPSは,実世界から得たデータを仮想世界に収集し,情報を分析・解析し,再び実世界に働きかけを行うことで,様々な分野の合理化・最適化を実現する.その一方,CPSへの攻撃は,実世界への悪影響に直結する恐れがある.そこで,本論文ではNISTのCPSフレームワークを参考に,システムにおける相互作用を意識 …

    情報処理学会論文誌 60(2), 618-632, 2019-02-15


  • Mechanism and regulation of DNA damage recognition in nucleotide excision repair

    Kusakabe Masayuki , Onishi Yuki , Tada Haruto , Kurihara Fumika , Kusao Kanako , Furukawa Mari , Iwai Shigenori , Yokoi Masayuki , Sakai Wataru , Sugasawa Kaoru

    … In mammalian global genomic NER, the XPC protein complex initiates the repair reaction by recognizing sites of DNA damage, and this depends on detection of disrupted/destabilized base pairs within the DNA duplex. … Such multi-step strategy for damage recognition would contribute to achieve both versatility and accuracy of the NER system at substantially high levels. …

    Genes and Environment (41), 2, 2019-01-25


  • A scrutiny of circulating microRNA biomarkers for tubular and glomerular injury in rats  [in Japanese]

    KAGAWA Takumi , ZÁRYBNICKÝ Tomáš , OMI Takanao , SHIRAI Yuji , TOYOKUNI Shinya , ODA Shingo , YOKOI Tsuyoshi

    … The present study aimed to identify plasma miRNAs that may enable early and specific detection of drug-induced tubular and glomerular injury through next-generation sequencing analysis. … To create glomerular injury models, puromycin and doxorubicin were administered, and these models were always accompanied by tubular damage. … These data indicated that changes in the specific miRNAs in plasma may enable the early and sensitive detection of tubular and glomerular injuries. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 46.1(0), P-233, 2019


  • Study at the Kool Lab in Stanford University —Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acid—  [in Japanese]

    Tahara Yuki

    … This article describes the chemical biology tool with fluorescent DNA probe for detection of 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase activity, and the structure-activity relationships of the inhibitors by synthesizing a broad range of analogues. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 77(7), 724-731, 2019


  • Protection of paeonol against epirubicin-induced hepatotoxicity: A metabolomic study

    Jing Xu , Sun Chao , Chen Huigang , Sun Jing , Zhang Ying , Wu Jing

    … <p>Paeonol extracted from the Moutan Cortex, possesses hepatoprotective activity against epirubicin (EPI)-induced liver damage. … Hematoxylin-eosin (HE) staining and biochemical detection were used to determine the degree of damage. … HE staining and biochemical detection results showed that EPI caused serious liver damage while paeonol ameliorated it. …

    BioScience Trends, 2019


  • Molecular evidence of hemotropic mycoplasmas in goats from Cebu, Philippines

    GALON Eloiza May S. , GUO Huanping , LI Jixu , TUMWEBAZE Maria Agnes , BYAMUKAMA Benedicto , LI Yongchang , YBAÑEZ Adrian P. , XUAN Xuenan , ADJOU MOUMOUNI Paul Franck , YBAÑEZ Rochelle Haidee D. , MACALANDA Adrian Miki C. , LIU Mingming , EFSTRATIOU Artemis , RINGO Aaron E. , LEE Seung-Hun , GAO Yang

    … <p>Hemotropic mycoplasma (hemoplasma), a neglected vector-borne pathogen in goats, causes extensive economic damage to farmers due to production losses. … This is the first report of molecular detection and genetic characterization of hemoplasmas in goats in the Philippines.</p> …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81(6), 869-873, 2019


  • Detection of Mold Wear by Press Processing Sound  [in Japanese]

    SHIMMURA Satoru , HAMA Tsutomu

    <p>プレス加工では金型摩耗は必ず発生するものであり、それが検出できれば大きなメリットがある。 金型摩耗が進展すると、不良品の製造や金型の損傷につながり、生産ラインが停止する。 そこで、本研究ではこれらを未然に防ぐために、金型摩耗の検知手法を提案する。センサーとしてマイクロホンを採用し、異常検知手法にMT法とIsolation Forestを用いた。 プレス機を用いた実験を行い、金型摩 …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 4Q2J1302-4Q2J1302, 2019


  • Sparse Damage Per-pixel Prognosis Indices via Semantic Segmentation  [in Japanese]

    YASUNO Takato

    … If we can detect damaged photos automatically per-pixels from the record of the inspection record and countermeasure classification of drone inspection vision, then it is possible that countermeasure information can be provided more flexibly, whether we need to repair and how large the expose of damage interest. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 3B3E205-3B3E205, 2019


  • Predictive Analysis on Cyber-predators Using Various Social Network Structures  [in Japanese]


    <p>本研究では,様々なソーシャルネットワーク構造を利用して,ソーシャルネットワークサービスにおけるcyber-predatorの検知を行うことで,各ネットワーク構造の説明力を比較分析する.我々はまず,プロフィールの閲覧やコメントに対する反応などから、8つのソーシャルネットワークを定義する.次に,Large-scale Information Network Embedding (LI …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 1I2J502-1I2J502, 2019


  • Eye-inspection Image-based Transfer Learning Rebar Expose using Semantic Segmentation  [in Japanese]

    NAKAJIMA Michihiro , YASUNO Takato , NAGATOMI Daisuke , NODA Kazuhiro , AOYANAGI Kiyoshi , SEKIGUCHI Seiji

    <p>土木構造物が老朽化するなかで,効率よい点検と的確な診断が求められている.特に,市町村では,技術職員の不足と維持管理費の予算制約が問題となる.従来の近接目視の5段階判定と対策区分に加え,損傷写真からピクセル単位で損傷検出を自動化できれば,損傷の規模がどの程度か,より柔軟に対策情報を提示しうる.損傷のなかでも,剥離・鉄筋露出は発生頻度が多く,修繕措置の判断を行う機会が多い.本稿では, …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 1H3J1303-1H3J1303, 2019


  • Research on Utilization of LCD Monitors Substitute for Light Box about Hard-copy Diagnosis in an Emergency by Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis  [in Japanese]

    Takeuchi Kazuhiro , Matsumura Yoshitaka , Akane Hiroki , Miki Akihiro

    … The creation of BCP must take countermeasures assuming damage at all levels. … Ten radiological technologists participated in the observer tests for detection of nodules, respectively. … The detection performance of radiological technologists was evaluated by receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 75(5), 438-445, 2019


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