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  • evelopment of "SDGs Shiny Mudball (dorodango)" for teaching "Sustainable and contribution" and achievement of SDGs 4.7

    Omine Kiyoshi , Mizuno Katsumi , Inui Toru , Watanabe Yasutaka , Iwasaki Yoshinori , Kamon Masashi

    … There are few learning materials that can read the history (archive) carved in the soil and mud, look over disaster prevention education and geo-environmental problems in a single relationship diagram, and feel the feeling of the palm. … Recognizing geo-environmental problems, experiencing soil and mud, revering soil and mud, and cultivating a "heart that cherishes the earth" means a skill necessary to achieve sustainable development involving SDGs. …

    長崎大学大学院工学研究科研究報告 50(94), 1-8, 2020-01


  • Research and Development toward Achievement of Hard-to-recycle Plastic Recycling  [in Japanese]

    KUMAGAI Shogo , SAITO Yuko , YOSHIOKA Toshiaki

    <p>近年,海洋プラスチック問題や中国を始めとするアジア諸国における廃プラスチック受入制限等を契機に,世界中でプラスチック利用やリサイクルの在り方について大きな関心が寄せられている。今後,リユース・リサイクルが容易なデザインの製品設計や使用済み品の回収方法が検討されていくであろうが,現状,既存のリサイクル技術では再資源化が難しい廃プラスチック(本稿では"難リサイクル性プラスチック"と呼 …

    Nihon Enerugii Gakkai Kikanshi Enermix 99(1), 17-21, 2020


  • Infectious Disease Emergency Specialist (IDES) Training Program in Japan: an innovative governmental challenge to respond to global public health emergencies

    Saito Hiroki , Kodama Chiori , Sugihara Jun , Tsuzuki Shinya , Ujiie Mugen , Noda Hiroyuki , Asanuma Kazunari , Funaki Takanori , Kamata Kazuhiro , Ide Kazuhiko , Nakamura Sachiko , Ichimura Yasunori , Jindai Kazuaki , Nishijima Takeshi , Takahashi McLellan Rieko

    … This is a concept paper to set out the goal and structure of the program, and to describe the achievement and the way forward to further contribute to global health security. … The IDES program background, mission, structure, achievement, and future directions were reviewed and discussed by the IDES trainees, graduates, and program coordinators/supervisors. …

    Global Health & Medicine, 2020


  • Development and Achievement of Cervical Laminoplasty and Related Studies on Cervical Myelopathy

    Hirabayashi Shigeru , Kitagawa Tomoaki , Yamamoto Iwao , Yamada Kazuaki , Kawano Hirotaka

    … <p>Cervical laminoplasty (CL) is one of the surgical methods via the posterior approach for treating patients with multilevel affected cervical myelopathy (CM). … The main purpose of CL is to decompress the cervical spinal cord by widening the narrowed spinal canal, combined with preserving the posterior anatomical structures to the degree possible and preserving the widened space stably. …

    Spine Surgery and Related Research 4(1), 8-17, 2020


  • Number of Players with Different Training Environments in J-Club Youth and High Schools and Universities in Relation to the J-league Home-Grown System  [in Japanese]

    NOCHI Daisuke , KODAMA Yuko , HIRATA Takeo

    … In this study we clarified the number of people enrolled in HGP, the time of participation, the training environment, and the area where participants grew up, to provide basic data for the J-League from the viewpoint of training young players in Japan. … We calculated the contrast value of the HGP Ratio Value (HRV) as an indicator of the achievement of training. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Sports Industry 30(1), 1_1-1_11, 2020


  • An attempt at the development of math curriculum-based measurement : Progressive monitoring of learning in Japan.  [in Japanese]

    干川 隆 , ホシカワ タカシ , Hoshikawa Takashi

    … The purpose of this study was to standardize Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) in Japan. … AlthoughCBM has become useful for monitoring the progress of studentsʼ learning with the Response-to-Intervention(RTI)movement in the U.S., CBM is not familiar with Japanese educators due to the differences of educational evaluationsystem between the U.S. and Japan. …

    熊本大学教育学部紀要 (68), 69-77, 2019-12-16


  • Recent achievement for the development of medicine and functional food using silkworm  [in Japanese]

    浜本 洋 , 関水 和久

    JATAFFジャーナル = JATAFF journal : 農林水産技術 7(12), 32-37, 2019-12

  • Achievement and Development of Socio-Statistical Research(1)  [in Japanese]

    岩崎 俊夫 , イワサキ トシオ , Toshio Iwasaki

    立教経済学研究 73(2), 153-193, 2019-10

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  • A Study of the Relationship between Tested English Proficiency and Academic Writing Performance

    Aizawa Parita , Tromovitch Philip

    本研究は、ある日本の私立大学において提供された[Academic English for Science]と題した授業の開発の一環として行われたもので、アカデミック・ライティングの習熟度に影響を及ぼすと考えられる要因についての予備的な調査である。外国語として英語を学ぶ学習者向けに、効果的なアカデミック・ライティングのカリキュラムを開発するにあたり、考慮すべき多くの要因があげられるが、本研究において …

    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告 = The Harris science review of Doshisha University 60(3), 148-153, 2019-10

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  • Challenges for the Development of Safe Vegetables in Vietnam: An Insight into the Supply Chains in Hanoi City

    NGO Minh Hai , VU Quynh Hoa , LIU Ran , MORITAKA Masahiro , FUKUDA Susumu

    … The development of vegetable sector plays an important role in improving living standards of farmers as well as more contribution to the export of Vietnam agriculture industry. … However, the unsafety of vegetables has still received much concern from public and Vietnamese government. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 64(2), 355-365, 2019-09-02


  • Contribution of Dairy Sector for SDGs Achievement  [in Japanese]

    木村 純子

    農村計画学会誌 = Journal of rural planning 38(2), 90-94, 2019-09

  • Achievement and Effects of Career Development Support for Graduates of Gifu College of Nursing  [in Japanese]

    田辺 満子 , 小森 春佳 , 茂本 咲子 , 橋本 麻由里 , 黒江 ゆり子

    本学の卒業者支援・キャリア形成支援におけるオリジナリティは、第一に、4 年間の体系的な就職進路ガイダンスにより、専門職としての自分の将来の在り方を考える機会を在学時から各学年に合わせて配していることである。第二に、卒業者と在学生が意見交流できる機会が多様に設けられていることであり、在学生は専門職者として活動している先輩の体験談を直接的に聞くことで、卒業後の自己の成長をイメージする機会となっている。 …

    岐阜県立看護大学紀要 = Journal of Gifu College of Nursing 20(特別号), 105-112, 2019-09

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  • アジャイルソフトウェア開発PBLにおける形成的アセスメントの効果測定  [in Japanese]

    日戸 直紘 , 伊藤 恵 , 大場 みち子

    … In PBL that develops software, there are an increasing number of universities that adopt the Agile development methodology represented by Scrum. … Although Scrum requires the practice of transparency, inspection, and adaptation, it is highly difficult for students with a little development and management experience to establish transparency and inspect and adapt projects. …

    日本ソフトウェア科学会第36回大会講演論文集, 35-44, 2019-08-27


  • Chiba Medical Society Award Review : Development of noninvasive diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and education of cardiac imaging technology

    TAKAOKA Hiroyuki

    … [SUMMARY] Since the introduction of electrocardiography-gating scan technology and multislice detectors in the field of computed tomography(CT), significant improvements in the noninvasive diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery disease, have been achieved using CT in daily clinical practice. … After the introduction of new-generation CT, we have been using cardiac CT not only in our daily clinical practice but also in several clinical studies. …

    Chiba medical journal = 千葉医学 95(4), 63-69, 2019-08

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    MIYAUCHI Takashi , SETOGUCHI Tsuyoshi , ITO Takumi

    … Therefore, the construction of a sustainable compact city is an urgent issue in local cities. … With the amendment of the Urban Renaissance Special Measure Law, which came into effect in 2014, it was possible to formulate the location adequacy plan that integrates urban planning and private facility induction. … In formulating the plan, the setting of the city function instruction area and the residence instruction area is required. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (761), 1601-1611, 2019-07


  • 〈PAPERS and REPORTS〉Development of educational program to improve basic ability to work in society for basic and liberal arts subject "Information systems in local communities"  [in Japanese]

    勝瀬 郁代

    … 〈Abstract〉In this paper, for a basic and liberal arts subject "Information systems in local communities", we developed an educational program to improve the basic ability to work in society through activities to find out the problems of the local community and propose projects to be solved by ICT. … Next, they find out the problems of their own community, and propose a business to solve by ICT. …

    かやのもり:近畿大学産業理工学部研究報告 = Reports of Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering, Kindai University (30), 53-61, 2019-06-30


  • Sovereign education provided by Kure City election administration commission  [in Japanese]

    二階堂 年惠 , 矢口 正和

    … Kure City election administration commission (EAC) has been conducting visiting-lectures since 2011 and yearly increasing the number of lectures. … The significance of visiting-lectures includes making students familiar with elections through experiencing mock voting, among others. … This is expected to increase the voter turnout and facilitate the expression of opinions by more people. …

    子ども学論集 (5), 1-14, 2019-03-31


  • Assessment rubrics development in exercises  [in Japanese]

    笠木 秀樹 , 榮 久美子 , 榊原 勝己 , 岩満 賢次

    中央教育審議会答申( 2012 )「新たな未来を築くための大学教育の質的転換に向けて」では ,学生の主体的な学びの促進とともに,個々の授業における学修成果の公平で客観的な評価の導入等が喫緊の課題として提示されている 。しかしながら, 高等教育分野において広く活用されているルーブリック評価は,本学では,導入・活用実績は少ない。そこで,本稿では,2017年度から,副専攻「岡山創生学」において,コモンル …

    岡山県立大学教育研究紀要 = Bulletin of Higher Education and Liberal Arts and Sciences Research,Okayama Prefectural University 3(1), 14-1-14-10, 2019-03-31

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