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  • A Study on Hydrodynamic Mutual Interaction between Two Ships with Rudder in Close Proximity  [in Japanese]

    SANO Masaaki , YASUKAWA Hironori , YOSHIDA Seiko

    … Nowadays the larger tanker ships sometimes face the difficulty to access the port inside since the infrastructure such as water depth, berth length and port area is not suitable for the ship size. … In the stage of berthing, the larger ship maintains the steerage on a constant heading, and the smaller ship maneuvers alongside. … On completion of mooring, a cargo transfer starts while two ships are underway, anchored or drifting. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (16), 59-67, 2012-12-01

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  • Evaluation of Difficulties of Ship Handling at Port of Hanshin Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process and Expert System  [in Japanese]

    HORI Tomohiro , TAKEMA Mikoto , HAYASHI Yuji , MURAI Koji

    … The education and training of the third grade pilot have been started on October, 2008 in Japan. … In 2012, some of them started to command ships by themselves, but the others were continued same training, who did not get good results of the evaluation at each pilot association. …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 127(0), 11-18, 2012

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  • New Concept of Harbour Tranquility at Seas with Strong Tidal Currents  [in Japanese]

    SASA Kenji , KIM Kyunghoi

    … The working ratio of ports has been discussed in detail, if the influence of waves is remarkable. … The difficulty of ferry berthing is finally estimated by revised numerical simulations. … In the ferry terminal of the Seto Inland Sea, the working ratio due to tidal current is lower than the standard of harbour tranquility. …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 124(0), 319-328, 2011

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  • Port Planning Considering Ship Operation under Strong Tidal Currents at Isolated Islands in the Seto Inland Sea

    SASA Kenji , HIBINO Tadashi , KIM Kyunghoi , MIZUI Shinji

    … Many of those isolated islands still depend on the maritime transportation. … In this study, the difficulty of berthing due to strong currents is researched from viewpoint of port planning. … Then, tidal currents and some other parameters have observed around the ferry port which the ferry berthing is difficult. …



  • Development and evaluation test of the speedometer for berthing of ship using CCD camera and laser radar  [in Japanese]

    HOSHINO Kunihiro , HARA Shoich , KURODA Takako , KANO Toshiyuki , KAWASHIMA Hideki

    … In the domestic transportation, the reduction of the labor burden becomes an urgent problem due to aging of the crew and difficulty of the securing the manpower. … The ship operator becomes most nervous during the berthing operation. …

    Journal of the Visualization Society of Japan 26(Supplement1), 341-344, 2006



    NAKANURA Takayuki , SATO Shigeki , KOBAYASHI Akio , ONOZUKA Takashi , KUBOTA Jiro

    … In harbors, the sheltered water basin from wave actions is usually required for berthing ships safely to piers. …



  • A Study on Numerical Simulation of Ship Motions from the Viewpoint of Evaluation of Difficulties at Entering and Departing Harbours Facing Open Seas

    SASA Kenji , KUBO Masayoshi , NAGAI Toshihiko , YONEYAMA Haruo

    … Ship motions were successfully observed in swells in a previous study, and difficulties were shown to occur during the berthing operation inside the harbour as well as at the harbour entrance. … In this study, numerical simulations of ship motions in swells during entrance and departure are recreated for the first time. … Moreover, it will be necessary to define the evaluation parameters of the berthing operation. …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 111(0), 71-80, 2004

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  • Basic Research on Safety at Entering and Departing Harbours Subjected to Wave Induced Ship Motions

    SASA Kenji , KUBO Masayoshi , SHIRAISHI Satoru , CHO Ik-Soon

    … Many studies related to port planning focus on the difficulty of steering ships using simulators in winds or currents. … On the other hand, the safety of the entering harbour is researched on ship motions of small ships under wind waves. … In this study, the focus is on an operational problem of a 12, 000 DWT class ferry as it enters and departs a southern Japanese harbour facing the Pacific Ocean. …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 109(0), 179-189, 2003

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  • Study on Automatic Stopping System for Minimum Time Control  [in Japanese]

    OKAZAKI Tadatsugi , OHTSU Kohei , FUKUDA Hitoi

    … Recently, some minimum time berthing problems have been numerically solved. … However, there are some problems to realize the minimum time berthing maneuvering for actual ship applying these solutions. …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 106(0), 105-112, 2002

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  • On the Standard Decelerating Maneuver by Human Characteristics  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Hiroaki , SENDA Shoichi

    … It is said that berthing maneuver is one of the most difficult handling in various ship-handling situations. … The difficulty is composed of factors that are the topographic environment such as the shape of harbor and the route to berth, the natural environment such as current and wind, traffic environment, the ship maneuverability and the characteristics of ship operator. …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 102(0), 347-354, 2000

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  • The Design for the Remedial Works to the Port of Kuantan in Malaysia

    Kurihara Yasuo , Ito Kenji , Inoue Kenichi

    … The Port of Kuantan had been completed in 1978 by European contractor, immediately after which the steel sheet pile cofferdam type of quaywall began to suffer the excessive sliding and settlement. …



  • Simulator Study on an Allowable Limit of Directional Instability of Ships from the View-Point of Marine Pilots  [in Japanese]

    KOSE Kuniji , NAKATANI Tatsugoro , NOBUKAWA Takashi , NAKAMURA Yuzo

    … Association has listed out a significant number of ships with extremely poor maneuverability. … These show us an urgent necessity of the maneuverability standards which are the minimum requirements in maneuverability of ships. … To evaluate relations between the maneuverability and the operational safety from the viewpoints of marine pilots, simulation studies were carried out as a cooperated program between the Japanese Pilots' …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 83(0), 231-240, 1990

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  • Evaluation of the Difficulty of Berthing Maneuver by Fuzzy Regression Analysis  [in Japanese]

    NAKAMURA Shinya , FUKUO Yoshitaka , HARA Kiyoshi

    … One of important items there is to find such parameters as to express the difficulty of berthing maneuver of captain under given berth arrangement and external forces. … Authors proposed a way to find the parameters to evaluate the difficulty of berthing maneuver applying fuzzy regression analysis based on results of simulator experiments. …

    The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation 82(0), 25-31, 1990


  • Study on a Supporting Procedure for Berthing Maneuvers of Large Ships from the View-Point of Human Engineering

    Kose Kuniji , Teramoto Sadami , Une Shouji , Hinata Hiroyoshi , Yoshikawa Kenji , Nakagawa Yuki

    … In the present report, attempts are done to analyze problems of information processing and decision-making of human pilots in berthing maneuvers of large ships and to specify supporting procedures for them from the view-point of human engineering.<BR>At first, the procedures to supply the information on ship situations to a pilot are proposed for both maneuvers of approaching and berthing. …

    Journal of the Society of Naval Architects of Japan 1988(164), 231-239, 1988

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  • About the Difficulty in Maneuvering the Manmoth Ships in Port  [in Japanese]

    Shiobara R.

    … Recently, bulk carrier vessels of heavy tonnage, which are called the manmoth ships, has rapidly increased in their number, because of their economical excelence and remarkable technical development in shipbilding. … This paper is to report the noticeable gap between the inertia forces of ship's movement and the power of means to control them. …

    The Journal of the Nautical Society of Japan 34(0), 19-26, 1965


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