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    Li Tianyang , Shigeno Maiko

    … <p>The information diffusion game, which is a type of non-cooperative game, models the diffusion process of information in networks for several competitive firms that want to spread their information. …

    Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan 64(1), 1-11, 2021


  • Effect of chemical composition on mass transfer in Y<sub>2</sub>Ti<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub> under oxygen potential gradient at high temperatures

    TANAKA Makoto , MATSUDAIRA Tsuneaki , KAWAI Emi , KAWASHIMA Naoki , MATSUMOTO Ushio , OGAWA Takafumi , TAKEUCHI Miyuki , KITAOKA Satoshi

    … Oxygen permeation in the YT was controlled by the diffusion of oxide ions in the crystal. … The diffusion path for oxide ions in the crystal at high temperature was also investigated based on a spatial distribution map described by the bond valence sum method. … Finally, the mechanisms for the uptake of oxygen molecules on the YT surface exposed to a high oxygen partial pressure and the subsequent diffusion of oxide ions in the YT crystals were clarified.</p> …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 129(1), 22-31, 2021


  • Effective quantum kinetic theory for spin transport of fermions with collsional effects  [in Japanese]

    Yang Di-Lun , Hattori Koichi , Hidaka Yoshimasa

    … This specific power-counting scheme allows us to organize a reduced ħ expansion for the collision term and to formally identity the spin- diffusion effect and the spin-polarization effect at the same order. … As an application to the weakly coupled quark-gluon plasma at high temperature, we compute the spin-diffusion term for massive quarks within the leading-log approximation. …

    Journal of High Energy Physics 2020(7), 2020-07


  • Level-set based topology optimization considering milling directions via fictitious physical model

    HUR Doe YOUNG , SATO Yuki , YAMADA Takayuki , IZUI Kazuhiro , NISHIWAKI Shinji

    … For example, conventional manufacturing processes such as molding and casting, require fulfillment of specific geometric conditions due to the path of the tools. … To obtain the optimal structures satisfying such conditions, a new level set-based topology optimization method, based on the convection-diffusion equations with fictions fluxes, are utilized to impose the geometric constrains regarding manufacturability, has been developed. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(6), 20-00226-20-00226, 2020


  • Formation of a Diffusion Barrier Coating on Ni-Based Alloy and Thermal Cycle Oxidation Property

    Saito Shigeru , Hayashi Shigenari , Narita Takuro , Kato Yasumichi , Ohtsuka Motohiro , Ara Mayumi , Narita Toshio

    … <p>A diffusion-barrier coating layer (DBC) was formed on a Ni–22Cr–19Fe–9Mo alloy by Al-pack cementation at 1000°C followed by heat treatment at 1100°C. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 61(12), 2336-2341, 2020


  • Diffusion Mechanisms of Hydrogen in Metals Explored via Path-Integral Methods  [in Japanese]

    Kimizuka Hajime , Ogata Shigenobu , Shiga Motoyuki

    <p>水素は元素のうちで最も軽く量子性が強いため,金属中に導入された場合,他の不純物原子と比べて種々の特異な性質・挙動を示す.その中の一つに水素の拡散がある.通常,軽い同位体は重いものよりも速く物質内を拡散する.しかし,これは水素の場合には必ずしも当てはまらない.実際,面心立方構造を有するパラジウム,銅,ニッケル中の水素同位体(軽水素,重水素,三重水素)の拡散係数の測定値は特異な同位体 …

    Butsuri 75(8), 484-490, 2020


  • Design of a Sure Transition Scenario on Energy Mix and Consumption Structure for Japan to Reduce CO<sub>2</sub> Emission by more than 90% by Year 2050  [in Japanese]

    Utagawa Manabu , Horio Masayuki

    <p>温室効果ガス排出量を今世紀半ば以降にゼロにするという世界の課題に日本が応えていく確実な道筋を明らかにするために,人為起源CO<sub>2</sub>の削減について,これまでの政策および各種シナリオをレビューした.そのうえで,既存の優良技術を活用して省エネと再エネ導入を進めるだけでも,CO<sub>2</sub>排出の大幅削減と持続可 …

    KAGAKU KOGAKU RONBUNSHU 46(4), 91-107, 2020


  • Size Dependent Fast Li Ion Storage Based on Size Regulated TiO<sub>2</sub>(B) Nanosheet Electrodes with Vertical, Horizontal and Random Alignment

    YOSHIDA Tomohiro , TAKIMOTO Daisuke , MOCHIZUKI Dai , SUGIMOTO Wataru

    diffusion path by using nanostructured TiO<sub>2</sub>(B). …

    Electrochemistry 88(4), 305-309, 2020


  • Widely Impaired White Matter Integrity and Altered Structural Brain Networks in Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

    太田 深秀 , Daichi Sone , Noriko Sato , Miho OTA , Yukio Kimura , Hiroshi Matsuda

    … This study aimed to reveal details of white matter microstructure and alterations in brain structural networks in patients with PNES by using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and graph theoretical connectivity analysis.Methods: Seventeen patients with PNES and 26 age- and sex-matched healthy controls were enrolled. …

    Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment (15), 3549-3555, 2019-12


  • Carbon nanotube localization at interface in cocontinuous blends of polyethylene and polycarbonate

    Nishikawa Riho , Tamaki Kakeharu , Notoya Osamu , Yamaguchi Masayuki

    … However, CNTs require a long time to diffuse into the UHMWPE phase owing to a low diffusion constant. … When the blends have co-continuous structure, the localized CNTs at the phase boundary act as a conductive path, leading to a good electroconductivity. …

    Journal of Applied Polymer Science 137(19), 48676, 2019-11-08


  • Consideration of Overhead Reduction Method by Improvement of Processing for Detecting File Path in Function for Tracing Diffusion of Classified Information on KVM

    R. Araki , H. Moriyama

    … To prevent such leakages, we proposed and developed a function for tracing diffusion of classified information by using a virtual machine monitor (VMM). … The tracing function hooks a system call in guest OS and judges whether the hooked system call is related to the diffusion of classified information. … One of the overhead is the process for file path detection. …

    International Conference on Applied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 2019, 61-65, 2019-09


  • Fast diffusion path for water in silica glass

    Kuroda Minami , Tachibana Shogo , Sakamoto Naoya , Yurimoto Hisayoshi

    American mineralogist 104(3), 385-390, 2019-03


  • Inspection of Lighting Pole by Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers for Lamb Wave  [in Japanese]

    HIGUCHI Rikuo , YAMSAKI Tomohiro

    … Using electromagnetic acoustic transducers, which do not require surface treatment of the inspection object, flaw detection is performed on a sample prepared from a used lighting pole, and attenuation and diffusion of the Lamb wave are investigated. … It was found that total attenuation of the flaw echo is product of those in the forward path and the return path, which means that the drilled hole acts as a point source. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Evaluation and Diagnosis 2019.18(0), 216, 2019


  • Molecular analysis of water cluster structure and proton transport properties in polymer electrolyte membrane containing Ce<sup>3+</sup>  [in Japanese]

    ISHIKAWA Kyohei , MABUCHI Takuya , TOKUMASU Takashi

    … We have obtained proton diffusion coefficient, radial distribution function, coordinate number, number of cluster and cluster size. … As a result, we found that at low water content, diffusion coefficient of protons increases by adding cerium ions because cerium ions attract the surrounding water molecules and clusters are connected to make better diffusion path of protons. …

    The Proceedings of the National Symposium on Power and Energy Systems 2019.24(0), C144, 2019


  • A Non-steady State Model for the Austenite-to-ferrite Transformation Kinetics under the Non-partition Condition in Fe–C–Mn Alloys

    Seki Akira , Hayashi Kotarou , Amino Takafumi , Shigesato Genichi , Nozaki Takayuki , Azuma Masafumi , Suehiro Masayoshi

    … Combining a simple C diffusion model, the transition path from PE to NPLE on the C–Mn isothermal section of an Fe–C–Mn alloy is also presented.</p> …

    ISIJ International 59(12), 2311-2318, 2019


  • Thermoelectric Properties of Quasicrystalline Approximant in Al–Cu–Ir System

    Kitahara Koichi , Takagiwa Yoshiki , Kimura Kaoru

    … Theoretical calculations of the thermoelectric properties were performed under three different approximations, i.e., constant-relaxation-time, constant-mean-free-path and constant-diffusion-coefficient approximations, for the energy dependence of the relaxation time of electrons. … The experimental Seebeck coefficient was consistently reproduced, and a physically acceptable lattice thermal conductivity was estimated only under the constant-diffusion-coefficient approximation. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(12), 2490-2498, 2019


  • Diffusion constants of molecular flow in non-steady state.  [in Japanese]

    Matuda Namio


    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2019(0), 1Ep10, 2019


  • Hydrogen Distribution in a Duplex Stainless Steel Investigated by Means of Hydrogen Microprint Technique

    Ghorani Zoha , Yousefi Afshin , Itoh Goroh

    … The results obtained were discussed with respect to the trapping site and diffusion path. …

    ISIJ International 59(10), 1901-1907, 2019


  • Grain Size Effect on the Nitrogen Super-Saturation Process into AISI316 at 623 K

    Aizawa Tatsuhiko , Yoshino Tomoaki , Shiratori Tomomi , Yoshihara Sho-Ichiro

    … This difference in the inner nitriding behavior came from the synergetic relationship between the nitrogen diffusion and super-saturation processes.</p> …

    ISIJ International 59(10), 1886-1892, 2019


  • Formation of a Diffusion Barrier Coating on Ni-Based Alloy and Thermal Cycle Oxidation Property  [in Japanese]

    Saito Shigeru , Hayashi Shigenari , Narita Takuro , Kato Yasumichi , Ohtsuka Motohiro , Ara Mayumi , Narita Toshio

    … <p>A diffusion-barrier coating layer (DBC) was formed on a Ni-22Cr-19Fe-9Mo alloy by Al-pack cementation at 1000℃ followed by heat treatment at 1100℃.The thermal cyclic oxidation behavior of the DBC system was then investigated. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials 83(10), 372-377, 2019


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