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  • Evaluation of the measurement precision and accuracy in the dental CAD/CAM system

    OKAWA Toshinori , ABE Susumu , NAKANO Masanori , OKA Kenji , HORIKAWA Eriko , MATSUKA Yoshizo , KAWANO Fumiaki

    … <p>The purpose of this study is to investigate the precision and trueness of the occlusal contact record obtained with a dental CAD/CAM device (ARCTICA). … Sandblasted spherical steel balls with diameters of 10–20 mm were measured using ARCTICA and a three-dimensional measurement device (FN503). … The radius of each steel ball was calculated from the measured value and the difference between the measured and nominal values was obtained. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2020


  • Development of an automatic ball trajectory acquisition system for volleyball serves using a convolutional neural network  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Yuta , MURATA Munenori , MASUMURA Masanao

    … To improve the accuracy of serve reception and serve effectiveness in volleyball, it is important to provide players with feedback about ball trajectories for effective serves. … However, manual acquisition of the threedimensional coordinates of the served ball is extremely time-consuming (about 30 minutes per serve). … Because this hinders the provision of immediate feedback, an automatic and time-efficient system is required. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 65(0), 273-279, 2020


  • Measurement of dental crown wear —<i>In vitro</i> study


    … <p>The purpose of the study was to test new method for <i>in vitro</i> … evaluation of dental material wear with 3D digitization procedure. … Thirty dental crowns, made of polyetheretherketone and veneered with composite material, were subjected to wear test. … Mesh 3D models were reconstructed and average and maximum depth of lost material and volume loss was calculated (GOM Inspect 2016 software). …

    Dental Materials Journal 39(1), 126-134, 2020


  • Efforts of Local Support Project for Digitization of Education  [in Japanese]

    森下 孟 , 村松 浩幸 , 東原 義訓

    教育実践研究 = Studies on educational practices : 信州大学教育学部附属次世代型学び研究開発センター紀要 (18), 89-98, 2019-12


  • Challenge for Digitization of Ski Sports : Scientific Approach of the Relationship between Physical Education Instruction and Engineering Approach  [in Japanese]

    飯塚 浩二郎

    ファインケミカル : 調査・資料・報道・抄録 48(8), 44-52, 2019-08

  • Efforts to Develop a Curriculum for Programming Education in Public Elementary School as Part of a Project to Aid the Digitization of Education in Mizuho City, Gifu Prefecture.

    HATTORI Tetsuaki , Yamashita Rentaro , Kameda Ken , Ogawa Nobuyuki , Fujita Akihiro , Izumo Takashi , Hayashi Kiyoshi , KAMEGAI Miyuki , Mushiga Fumihito , ADACHI Atsushi

    … As of October 2018, the Center for Teaching Profession, Asahi University is in the process of developing a programming curriculum outlined in the educational guidelines for the next course of study in elementary schools. …

    朝日大学教職課程センター研究報告 = Journal of Center for Teaching Profession Asahi University (21), 89-100, 2019-03


  • Enhancement of Competitiveness in Terms of Management in Horticulture by Optimizing of Agricultural Value Chain  [in Japanese]

    ASAI Yuichiro , NANSEKI Teruaki

    … <p>Asai Nursery, Inc. has introduced a management development process based on constructing and optimizing a unique agricultural value chain that has lead to the strengthening of its competitive power in greenhouse vegetable management. … In addition, vertical integration is used for the stable integration of agricultural product development through differentiation strategies. …

    Japanese Journal of Farm Management 57(1), 36-44, 2019


  • Prediction-Based Scale Adaptive Correlation Filter Tracker

    ZHAO Zuopeng , ZHANG Hongda , LIU Yi , ZHOU Nana , ZHENG Han , SUN Shanyi , LI Xiaoman , XIA Sili

    … Traditional trackers face difficulty in accurately adapting to changes in the scale of the target when the target moves quickly. … Experiments with samples from the OTB100 and KITTI datasets demonstrate that our method outperforms existing state-of-the-art tracking algorithms in fast motion scenes.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(11), 2267-2271, 2019


  • Reliability Analysis of Power and Communication Network in Drone Monitoring System

    MA Fengying , YIN Yankai , CHEN Wei

    … <p>The distinctive characteristics of unmanned aerial vehicle networks (UAVNs), including highly dynamic network topology, high mobility, and open-air wireless environments, may make UAVNs vulnerable to attacks and threats. … Due to the special security requirements, researching in the high reliability of the power and communication network in drone monitoring system become special important. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E102.B(10), 1991-1997, 2019


  • Adaptive Multi-Scale Tracking Target Algorithm through Drone

    HE Qiusheng , SHAO Xiuyan , CHEN Wei , LI Xiaoyun , YANG Xiao , SUN Tongfeng

    … <p>In order to solve the influence of scale change on target tracking using the drone, a multi-scale target tracking algorithm is proposed which based on the color feature tracking algorithm. … It can first obtain the target center position of next frame by computing the maximum of the response, where the position correlation filter is learned by the least squares classifier and the dimensionality reduction for color features is analyzed by principal component analysis. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E102.B(10), 1998-2005, 2019


  • Exploratory Survey on the Subjective Meaningfulness of Digitization among Nurses at two Hospitals in Japan

    Suzaki Makoto , Ishikawa Takemasa , Fukuroku Keiko , Düsch Elke , Narita Yugo , Hirohata Shizu , Koseko Takashi , Takeuchi Sachie , Miyata Chiharu , Mizutani Mayumi , Okita Mayumi , Takeda Yoshiko , Funao Hiroki

    … <p>This survey aimed to evaluate the subjective meaningfulness of digitization using electronic medical records among Japanese nurses at two hospitals. … This was based on a suggestion by students from the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg, Germany. … Participants showed similar and positive perceptions of digitization (i.e., "To me digitization in my daily work is a good fit"). …

    International Symposium on Affective Science and Engineering ISASE2019(0), 1-5, 2019


  • How the BYOD-based College English Program Affects Students' ICT Skills  [in Japanese]

    Kimura Syuhei

    <p> 本研究では,BYOD体制で実施されているプロジェクト型大学英語プログラムが学生のITスキルの伸長にどのように影響しているかを,約200名の自己評価調査にもとづいて報告する。プログラムに含まれる授業タスクをリサーチ,オーサリング,コラボレーションの3種に大別し,各タスクに対応するITスキルの具体的な関係性を考察した結果,高頻度に経験したタスクに紐づくスキルほど自己評価が高くなる傾 …

    Computer & Education 45(0), 127-132, 2018


  • AI and Human Freedom with Dignity::-How to Avoid the Digitization of Mankind?-  [in Japanese]

    NISHIGAKI Toru , KANOH Hiroko


    Journal of Informatics Education 1(1), 37-44, 2018


  • Digital Collection and Database of Osaka Labor Archive  [in Japanese]

    Taniai Kayoko

    <p> エル・ライブラリーは私立の労働専門図書館であり,博物資料や文書資料も所蔵する資料館である。『大阪社会労働運動史』編纂のために収集した労働組合や社会運動団体の一次資料を所蔵する西日本随一の労働図書館であるが,2008年に大阪府・市の補助金を全廃されて以来,財政は極めて厳しく,収入の8割を寄付に頼っている。そのような状況にあっても,資料を活用して次世代に残すため,研究者とのプロジェ …

    Computer & Education 44(0), 22-30, 2018


  • Storage and Utilization of Digital Images in Museums:-A Case Report from Tokyo National Museum-  [in Japanese]

    Tarashima Satoshi

    <p> 博物館では,内部業務としても外部へのサービスとしても所蔵資料の画像情報の蓄積と利用とを欠くことができない。小論ではまず,明治時代の写真撮影に始まる東京国立博物館の画像の利用と,1990年代以降のデジタル化の過程について概観する。次に蓄積された画像情報のデータベース化とウェブ公開の成果を紹介するとともに,昨今の公的なオープンデータ政策の進展に伴う画像情報活用の課題について,提起を …

    Computer & Education 44(0), 12-16, 2018


  • On comparison analysis of lessons using ICT in affiliate school and that in Happo Junior High School and the programming education  [in Japanese]

    高橋 猛 , 島田 勝美 , 阿部 圭但 , 林 良雄 , TAKAHASHI Takeshi , SHIMADA Katumi , ABE Yoshitada , HAYASHI Yoshio

    … And programming education is made compulsory at elementary schools and junior high schools. …

    秋田大学教育文化学部教育実践研究紀要 Bulletin of the Center for Educational Research and Practice, Faculty of Education and Human Studies, Akita University (40), 237-248, 2018

    IR  DOI 

  • Publishing and Media Education for Digital Natives  [in Japanese]

    Shibano Kyoko


    Journal of the Japan Society of Publishing Studies 47(0), 85-89, 2017


  • Examination of a New Trend in the History of Education from the Eyes of a Chinese Observer  [in Japanese]

    SHIMBO Atsuko

    … The purpose of this paper is to examine a new trend in the history of education. … My research field is Chinese educational history, so this paper is an introduction to trends in the history of education from the eyes of a Chinese observer.</p><p> … First, I participated in the International Congress of Historical Sciences, which was held in China Shangdong in 2015. …

    STUDIES IN THE HISTORY OF EDUCATION 60(0), 130-137, 2017


  • Development and Evaluation of a Learning Model by Making and Browsing "Spot the Different Videos" to Improve Teaching Skills Using ICT  [in Japanese]

    OGAWA Minae , MORIMOTO Yasuhiko , KITAZAWA Takeshi , MIYADERA Youzou

    <p>本研究の目的は,ICT活用指導力の向上のための学習モデルを開発することである.教育の情報化の進展に伴い,求められているICT活用指導力の向上のために,多様なICT活用について気づきを与えられる「間違い探し」動画教材の作成と閲覧による学習モデルを開発し,その効果を明らかにするために,教員養成課程に在籍する学生と,教職大学院の現職教員に対して実践,評価を行った.評価の結果,「間違い探 …

    Japan Journal of Educational Technology 40(4), 265-275, 2017


  • School Management for Education in Information Age and the Role of Library  [in Japanese]

    川瀬 綾子 , 西尾 純子 , 村上 泰子 , 北 克一

    情報学 14(2), 33-57, 2017


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