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  • Self-energy matrices for electron transport calculations within the real-space finite-difference formalism

    Tsukamoto Shigeru , Ono Tomoya , Hirose Kikuji , Blügel Stefan

    … In this paper, we present a mathematical formula for reducing the computational expenses further without using any approximation and without losing accuracy. … So far, the self-energy term has been handled as a matrix with the same dimension as the Hamiltonian submatrix representing the interaction between an electrode and a transition region. …

    Physical review E 95(3), 033309, 2017-03

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  • AIGIF: Adaptively Integrated Gradient and Intensity Feature for Robust and Low-Dimensional Description of Local Keypoint

    DU Songlin , IKENAGA Takeshi

    … Compared with SIFT, the proposed AIGIF achieves 75% reduction of feature dimension (from 128 bytes to 32 bytes); … compared with SURF, the proposed AIGIF achieves 87.5% reduction of feature dimension (from 256 bytes to 32 bytes); … compared with the state-of-the-art ORB descriptor which has the same feature dimension with AIGIF, AIGIF achieves higher accuracy and robustness. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E100.A(11), 2275-2284, 2017


  • 海岸線の複雑度を考慮した高潮偏差の誤差補正とd4PDFを用いた高潮偏差の長期評価~韓国東南沿岸に対するケーススタディ~

    梁 靖雅 , 間瀬 肇 , 森 信人

     本研究では複雑な地形を持つ韓国東南沿岸を対象に,歴史台風による高潮の追算を行い,数値モデル結果の精度を評価し,地形複雑度を考慮したバイアス補正手法を提案した.高潮偏差の計算誤差は台風と観測所の距離と地形の複雑度と関係があり,地形複雑度を考慮したバイアス補正手法は,系統的なモデルの誤差を約14%~23%軽減させることが明らかになった.ついで,大規模アンサンブル予測実験に基づく高潮の大規模計算を行い …

    土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学) 73(2), I_223-I_228, 2017


  • Complex fractionated atrial electrogramアブレーション前後の全心房伝導時間PA-TDI durationと心房細動再発との関連

    前之園 隆一 , 水上 尚子 , 桶谷 直也 , 入來 泰久 , 湯之上 真吾 , 小林 沙織 , 中村 幸美 , 大園 七瀬 , 髙崎 州亜 , 湯浅 敏典 , 木佐貫 彰 , 大石 充 , 橋口 照人

    <p><b>目的</b>:発作性心房細動のアブレーション治療では,肺静脈隔離術(PVI)が一般的であり,PVI後の再発予測因子として,組織ドプラ法を用いた全心房伝導時間(PA-TDI duration)が左房容積係数(LAVI)より有用であることが報告されている.我々の施設では,発作性心房細動の治療としてComplex fractionated atrial e …

    超音波検査技術 42(4), 399-409, 2017

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  • A new approach to tolerance analysis based on tracking local coordinate systems

    ZHAI Xiaochen , DU Qungui , WANG Wenxi , WEN Qi , LIU Baoshan , ZHU Dongwen

    … However, this method ignores the impact a tolerance feature (TF) may get from the variations of TFs before it, therefore showing its demerits when applied to long and complex dimension chains. … Then the variations of all TFs along the dimension chain are accumulated. … Compared with the Matrix method, the new approach generates results with more accuracy and higher efficiency.</p> …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 11(2), JAMDSM0021-JAMDSM0021, 2017


  • Evaluation of 3D Printer Accuracy in Producing Fractal Structure

    Kikegawa Kana , Takamatsu Kyuuichirou , Kawakami Masaru , Furukawa Hidemitsu , Mayama Hiroyuki , Nonomura Yoshimune

    … In this study, we confirmed the accuracy of geometrical structures when Koch curve-like fractal structures with zero to three generations were printed using a 3D printer. … The fractal dimension was analyzed using a box-counting method. … This analysis indicated that the fractal dimension of the third generation hierarchical structure was approximately the same as that of the ideal Koch curve. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 66(4), 383-389, 2017


  • 特性曲線法に基づく高次精度移流輸送計算手法の開発

    坪郷 浩一

     本論文では,特性曲線法に基づく高次精度計算スキームの開発を行い,5次精度6-point schemeと名付ける.また,Taylor級数展開による打ち切り誤差は5次精度を満足する.さらに,この計算スキームを保存形式へ変換してflux limiterとdiscriminatorを適用してTVD条件を満足させる.この変換した計算スキームを5次精度保存形式6-point schemeと名付ける.< …

    土木学会論文集A2(応用力学) 73(1), 1-10, 2017


  • 教師なしデータを利用した単語の分散表現と事前学習を用いた Web ニュースデータのカテゴリ分類

    加藤 諒磨

    … The accuracy by supervised learnings is high if a large amount of training data are available. … Since preparing a large amount of training data is cost-ineffective, we propose to reduce the necessary amount of training data to achieve high accuracy. … Moreover, we propose utilize Word2Vec to quantify texts because the dimension of resulting data produced by bag-of-words, often used for quantifying texts, is too high to calculate with a neural network. …

    法政大学大学院紀要 理工学・工学研究科編 57, 1-4, 2016-03-24


  • テキストマイニングを用いた新聞メディアの報道傾向検出への試み

    市川 祐太

    … News provided by mass media is required its accuracy, fairness and objectiveness. …

    法政大学大学院紀要 理工学・工学研究科編 57, 1-5, 2016-03-24


  • A Ranking Fuzzy Cluster Algorithm for Multidimensional Data

    Guo Jia

    … To get higher classification accuracy, the Ranking Fuzzy Cluster (RFC) algorithm which uses the method Dimension Ranking (DR) and a new center moving formula is proposed in this paper. … The method DR is used to calculate the weight of each instance among all the data set in each dimension. … In the experiment, five benchmark data sets are used to test the classification accuracy of RFC. …

    法政大学大学院紀要 情報科学研究科編 11, 1-4, 2016-03-24


  • 熱溶解積層法の寸法精度および幾何学的精度

    山下 正英 , 鈴木 智大 , 宮下 実怜

    東京都立産業技術高等専門学校研究紀要 (10), 10-15, 2016-03


  • 多重解像度処理を導入したCoHOGに基づく物体検出

    岩田 壮平 , 榎田 修一

    近年,物体検出においては局所領域における要素間の関係性に着目した特徴が有効であると報告されている.Co-occurence Histograms of Oriented Gradients(CoHOG)もそのうちの一つで,この特徴は複数画素間における勾配分布の関係性を考慮することで複雑な形状を捉えることができる.しかし,単一の要素に着目した特徴に比べて計算コストが指数関数的に激増し,特徴次元が非常 …

    画像電子学会誌 45(1), 42-52, 2016


  • Inter-laboratory Variability of Current Immunoassay Methods for Tacrolimus among Japanese Hospitals

    Miura Masatomo , Masuda Satohiro , Egawa Hiroto , Yuzawa Kenji , Matsubara Kazuo

    … Each spiked sample was analyzed according to the manufacturer's instructions using an affinity column-mediated immunoassay (ACMIA) on a Dimension<sup>®</sup> … Appropriate assessment of tacrolimus concentration by an assay having higher sensitivity, precision, and accuracy is necessary to ensure long-term survival of transplant recipients receiving tacrolimus.</p> …

    Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 39(8), 1331-1337, 2016


  • 頭部PET/CT 検査におけるCT とPET との位置ずれが再構成画像に及ぼす影響についての検討

    清水 彰英 , 寺川 裕介 , 森田 奈緒美 , 越野 一博 , 飯田 秀博

    … <i>Methods</i>: CT and PET scans were performed on a 3-dimension (3D) brain phantom, in which the grey matter region was filled with <sup>18</sup>F-fluorodeoxyglucose (<sup>18</sup>F-FDG), and the skull region was filled with/without the bone-equivalent solution. … The accuracy of the radioactivity concentration in the temporal lobe was very sensitive to misalignment in the right directions. …

    日本放射線技術学会雑誌 72(12), 1216-1221, 2016


  • Inter-laboratory Variability of Current Immunoassay Methods for Tacrolimus Among Japanese Hospitals

    Miura Masatomo , Masuda Satohiro , Egawa Hiroto , Yuzawa Kenji , Matsubara Kazuo

    … Each spiked sample was analyzed according to the manufacturer's instructions using an affinity column-mediated immunoassay (ACMIA) on a Dimension® analyzer, the enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT) on a Viva-E® analyzer, a chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay (CLIA) on the Architect® system, and the electro-chemi luminescence immunoassay (ECLIA) on a cobas® analyzer. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin advpub(0), 1331-1337, 2016


  • Characteristics and Utility of 3D Scandata for the Development of Survey Drawings in Wooden Architectural Heritage: A Comparison of the Raw Survey Data Used in Survey Drawings

    An Dai Whan

    … Among those three items, 3D scandata most notably convey the overall shape, location, and dimension of the heritage, while also providing accurate measurements allowing for more accurate survey drawings. … In essence, surveyors are required to perform 3D scanning, as 3D scandata can enhance the accuracy of survey drawings and are utilizable in other valuable ways. …

    Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 15(2), 161-167, 2016


  • 728 金型を用いたアルミニウム合金板の摩擦撹拌インクリメンタルフォーミング法

    大津 雅亮 , 姜 偉 , 村中 貴幸 , 松本 良 , 岡田 将人

    … The dimension of the sheet was 100 mm x 100 mm x 0.5 mm. …

    機械材料・材料加工技術講演会講演論文集 2015(23), "728-1"-"728-4", 2015-11-14

  • Improving Estimation Accuracy of Dimension Values for Speech Emotion in Bilingual Cases Using a Three-layered Model

    LI Xingfeng , AKAGI Masato

    聴覚研究会資料 = Proceedings of the auditory research meeting 45(7), 577-581, 2015-10-23

  • G1300204 縦軸正面研削の研削抵抗分布と寸法生成過程に関する研究

    藤原 貴典 , 平松 弘大 , 大橋 一仁 , 大西 孝 , 塚本 真也

    … In vertical grinding method, largest grinding force, namely normal grinding force is induced along grinding wheel axis, so that high grinding system stiffness is effective for machining accuracy, then the face grinding method is widely used in the production field. … In this study, the grinding force distribution which has a pressure dimension, is both theoretically and experimentally analyzed with cup type electroplated diamond grinding wheel. …

    年次大会 : Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2015, "G1300204-1"-"G1300204-4", 2015-09-13


    Li Zheng Yuan , Ihn Yong Seok , Lee Kyeong Ha , Kim Jae Hyeon , Choi Jae Young , Lee Hae Jin , Yoon Hyun Sok , Lee Hyo Ju , Lee Hyuk Jin , Koo Ja Choon

    … Moreover, since the optical heads have uncommon aspect ratio and are installed in very limited spatial dimension, the manipulator should also be packaged in a very compact form factor. … Optical head alignment process requires high accuracy, but in the practical production process usually manually handle alignment task, consequently increase the cost and reduce the speed of production. …

    Proceedings of ... JSME-IIP/ASME-ISPS Joint Conference on Micromechatronics for Information and Precision Equipment : IIP/ISPS joint MIPE 2015, "WeD-1-3-1"-"WeD-1-3-3", 2015-06-14